"Hammer of the Gods"

Height: 5'-11"

Weight: 215 Stones

Hometown: Midgaurd

Finisher: Overdrive

Career Highlights: OSPW JR TV Champion


Wrestler, Metal Head, Athlete, are all words to describe this human with God-like qualities. Striving to be the very best by defending the weak and helpless have always been his goals. Lexx has clear motives and dedication to do what he loves. As long as The Hammer stays at his side, he is unstoppable. It appears as though it possesses some supernatural powers that strengthen the Anvil and gives him enough confidence to accomplish anything. I truly believe this OSPW Superstar is on the rise and it wont end anytime soon. As a member of The Family of The Fallen Lexx has grown "larger than life" in a very short time and with the teachings of his manager Thunder he will be great!

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