Report: By David James

Commissioners Corner

Before the action was under way, things heated up in the commissioners corner while Big Jay was interviewing his guests Glamorous Glenn Dillion and his team the Kadillacs, well at least one half of the newly crowned Tag Champs. Johnny Kadillac along with fellow stable mate Al Jihad. The Commish was interrupted by Thunder and OSPW General Manager Reverend Dave with the Prodigal Son Rebellion watching their back. Thunder speaking on behalf of the OSPW Championship Committee, Suspended Commissioner Big Jay for over stepping his authority, but he was not finished yet. He also stripped the Kadillacs of the Tag titles and announced starting on this night,

we will have an eight team single elimination tournament for the

OSPW World Tag Team Championship.

Match One

McGee and Atkins vs The Samoan Bone Crushers

In the show opener, we saw the Highrollers Society face the Samoan BoneCrushers with Manager Big Jay. In a first round tag tournament match the bell sounded after a lot of jaw jacking. No matter how hard the team of Rex Atkins and Mike McGee tried to out wrestle the Samoans, they could not out power them, and that was what made the difference. Not to mention the fact that Rex left McGee to fight most of the match by himself.

The winners and the first team to advance

The Samoan Bone Crushers

After the match, Rex dropped his partner McGee with a DVD, and was chased

off by the World Champion, but McGee refused to accept the offer of

Assistance by the Champ.

Match Two

Ashleigh Vayda vs Krystal Banks

Match two of the night was a re-match between former champion Ashleigh Vayda and current Champion Krystal Banks for the title. The bell sounded and neither lady wasted any time taking it to the other. Surprisingly, this match became a Chop Fest as both women held nothing back in or out of the ring. This one ends when Krystal was warned not to use her Woman's World Title as a weapon, only to try it anyway. The ref then felt the need to DQ OSPW's Woman Champion Krystal Banks for total disregard of his authority as a ref and the intended use of a weapon.

Winner by DQ, Ashleigh Vayda

Banks remains Champion as the title cannot change hands on a DQ.


Match Three

Johnny Kadillac and Al Jihad vs Primal Warpath and Nick Paradise

In this match, we saw Primal Warpath team up with Nick Paradise against the team of Johnny Kadillac and filling in for Terry Kadillac, Al Jihad. They were lead to the ring by Big Jay who filled in for manager Glenn Dillion (we were told he was called away on important business). The match started when Kadillac locked up against Warpath who totally dominated his smaller foe. Warpath then tagged in his partner who continued the beating only after a few dirty tactics by Kadillac to Paradise, was he able to gain the upper hand and tag in Jihad. The team of Johnny Kadillac and Jihad, both members of Glenn Dillion's Power Trip worked well together keeping Paradise in the ring and Warpath out at all costs. The Primal one finally tagged in only to have his head knocked off by Kadillac with two steel chair shots followed by the box cutter from Al Jihad for the victory.

The Winners

Members of Power Trip, Johnny Kadillac and Al Jihad

Match Four

Rico Cruz vs Greg Karma vs Chris Knieval vs Doberman vs TSK

This match was for the OSPW Hardcore title featuring 5 OSPW stars. The rules were as follows: a twelve minute time limit with the champion being the only man that could be pinned for a victory, but also the match would not end until the time ran out and the title could keep changing hands within the time limit. This had to be the most action packed OSPW Hardcore match ever! Filled with everything from chair shots and belt whippings to 450 splashes and body slams. The belt changed hands several times, first to score a victory was Rico Cruz over TSK with the Arabian face buster off the top rope. Next Greg Karma would win the gold after slamming Cruz through a card table. TSK took back the belt after Doberman hit Karma in the head with a baseball bat! Nearing the time limit with only seconds to spare, Rebellion hit the ring stopping TSK from finishing Doberman off with a steel garbage can as he booted the current title holder followed by a shot to the head with the can. Then adding insult to injury, Rebellion dropped him on the can with a full nelson slam, and then pulled Doberman over for the one two three, just in time.

Your Winner

and New

OSPW Hardcore Champion


Joey The Bruiser Tenebruso


Punk Princess Raena

Joey the Bruiser interviewed The Princess about turning her back on Trip at Civil War III. All she had to say was he deserved it, he is in the past and I am the future, now get out of my ring Bruiser. Trip's mommy who was sitting ring side jumpped up and began to tell the Princess off, as the two woman exchanged words Trip entered the ring and threatened to do bodily harm to the punk princess if she talked to his mom like that again. Then he put her up on his back in a fireman's carry, ready to hurt the defenceless girl.

This writer has to

ask the question, Just what kind of man is Trip?

 Luckily for Raena, Trip's Mother

yelled something about I raised you better than that and Trip put The Princess

down and left the ring.

The Interview Was Over

On with the Wrestling.

Match Five

Kriptic and Danny Christopher vs Spot Monkeys, Inc

This match was the third of four tag tournament matches and they wasted no time getting started. Trip and Kriptic began brawling back and forth, then the Spot Monkeys abused Kriptic with a series of quick tags and double teams and only after a low blow by Kriptic to Emanon, were the tables turned. Danny Christopher and Kriptic began taking charge. Just as it looked like the Monkeys were making a comeback, Punk Princess Raena joined Danny Christopher and Kriptic at ring side. Her distraction however did not work as the team of Brian Emanon and Trip managed to get the job done with a

beautiful double team to pin Kriptic.

Your Winners

Spot Monkeys Inc.

After the match we found out the Monkeys would face the Samoans in Round Two.

Match Six

Ryot vs Billy Foxx

In this match we saw newest member of the Fallen, Billy Foxx against the monster Ryot. Ryot almost lost early on as Foxx not only out wrestled him but seemed to be just a bit too fast for the big man as well. Once Ryot caught Foxx, he easily out powered him and began to take control. It looked as if Ryot went to the well one too many times as Foxx caught him with a quick reversal. This match continued to go back and forth until both men ended up on the outside of the ring a bit too long.

The Match Ended in a Double Count Out Draw.

Match Seven

Chris West and Johnny Seven vs The Sons of Thunder

This was the fourth and final first round tag tournament match, in which we saw Mr. Wrestling Chris West teaming up with Johnny Seven, who made his debut in this match. Neither West nor Seven were too happy when they found out their opponents would be the Sons of Thunder. (The championship committee added a special stipulation to this match,it would be Bishop's TV title up for grabs as well.) The SOT systematically dissected the team of West and Seven, that's not to say the two didn't put up a decent fight. The match went on for a good 20 minutes and the crowd seemed to love every minute of it. Deacon and Bishop used fast, crisp tags cutting off the ring most of the match methodically wearing down their opponents with strength and Technical ability. By the crowds reaction this very well could have been the match of the night. In the end, after hitting West with a double suplex, the Son's finished Seven with a double impaler DDT. A move I am told they like to

call "The Beast Slayer".

Your Winners

Deacon and Bishop

The Sons of Thunder

After the match, while being interviewed at ring side by Joey the Bruiser,The Son's exchanged a few words with long time rivals The Davidson's, who were at the commentators table all night. I was told the two teams would love for the opportunity to wrestle each other again!

Match Eight

Kazz vs Black Jack Phoenix

This was the main event for the OSPW World Heavyweight Title between # 1 contender Kazz (who I've been told would like to be called Chance Taylor from now on), against champion Black Jack Phoenix. These heavy weights locked horns like two bulls back and forth, neither man seeming to gain any real advantage over the other. Matching each other hold for hold, power for power. It was only after the challenger appeared to suffer a back injury that the champion seeing this window of opportunity delivered a devastating clothesline from Hell to capture a pin fall victory.

Your Winner

and still

OSPW World Heavyweight Champion

Black Jack Phoenix

After the match, the champ was attacked by Rex Atkins.

Until Next Time

this has been the Official OSPW Show Report

by David James

See you all at Wrestlefest 2007 on August 11th.