Report By: David James

Black and Blue Review

First up at the 39th annual grease poll festival before all the action we had a very special Black & Blue Interview, As Host Joey the Bruiser gave out wrestle-blast TV awards for the year of 2007. Rookie winners were the Bone Crushers, and they vowed to become OSPW tag team champions soon! Other awards given out were the family  award to Cheto Olivencia for service in the community. Also a life time achievement award was given to 35 year luchador Frank Rayez. Jaz Miles and his goon squad interrupted with a whole lot of whining and crying about, well you name it he had issues with it. Then he had his goons attack every one in the ring! After this display of power he introduced a new member for the night to his group,his name was Adam Revolver brought into OSPW from OVW no sooner than he climbed into the ring hometown boy Jayman Olivencia hit the ring like a house of fire clearing the ring to save his father from harm. We found out that later in the day that Jayman would take on Revolver but that would have to wait, Now we would be subjected to a Ninja challenge match. onto the action.

Pre Show Ninja Challenge

This match started when the body guard of Jaz Miles the Dark Ninja stole the microphone and ran his mouth. Lucky for us all, ring announcer BuffaloTom shut him up, When he announced Doberman to take the challenge. the bell sounded and the Big Dawg as he is called laid out the Ninja with a big for-arm smash to the head followed by a huge shoulder tackle and a hip toss. The Ninja just would not stay down with Jaz miles interfering just enough and Doberman found himself looking up at the lights so to speak. He wouldn't stay there long as this one ends with a off the 2nd rope splash from Doberman to the Ninja for the victory.

 Your Winner

The Doberman Scottie Roberts

Match # 1

 Next Tyger Smith came to the ring to take on rookie Curtis Lee Walker,Smith was not alone he brought the UWC with him. The action began in true old school style with one collar and elbow tie up after the next, with both men fighting for the upper hand. Curtis Lee walker looked great surprising us all as he quickly took charge. For a moment he was man-handling Tyger Smith and the crowed loved it. This did not go on for long as Big Country Curtis Lee Walker found himself distracted by the members of the UWC,just enough for Tyger to mount a comeback and lock Walker in a submission hold that he calls The Deacon Killer! The winner by submission

Tyger Smith

After the match the UWC beat Walker down and Tyger vowed that Deacon would not be World Champion by the end of this event!

Match # 2

3 on 2 Handicap match

Next we saw Shadokat team with Primal Warpath and match up against Manager Damien Lucas along with The UnHoly Ryot and Super Beast members of his group called Diablo's Horde. Lucas asked for a stipulation to be added to this match, it was if neither of his men got pinned he would earn a title shot of his choice for the horde. So the bell sounded and all five men began to fight outside the ring with hard hitting action that carried on into the ring,now we had ShadoKat fighting his heart out with fast strikes high flying attacks. But for the most part we saw Ryot and Super Beast just toss Shadokat around like a child. Shadokat showed he had heart but just couldn't do enough damage to his larger foes even with his attacks of flying dropkicks, plancha's and suicide dives. It took the power of his partner Primal Warpath to swing things their way, but every time Warpath would get the advantage Damien Lucas would sneak in and nail him from behind. The Ref lost all control of this match as all five men just seemed to show no concern for the rules. Manager Damien Lucas found himself on the top rope only to crash down hard with a super plex into a submission hold delivered to him by Shadokat. it looked as if Lucas may have passed out, one things for sure he stopped moving long enough for the Ref to call the fight.

Your Winners by Submission

The Team of 

Shadokat and Primal Warpath

Match # 3

8-Man tag Match

  Up Next was a 8-man tag match featuring the Teams of Danny Magick- Rex Atkins -The New Synsational team of David Evans and Tony Zucco against OSPW NY Champion Chance Taylor with OSPW Tag Champs Spot Monkeys Inc. and New Monkey Eric Emanon. Before the bell Danny Magick took the Mic. and found the need to insult the crowd. The Monkeys shut his mouth quick and the match was under way with a bunch of plancha's-spinning head scissors-flying elbows and body slams, Back and forth by both teams. All eight men truly amazed the OSPW crowd with a display of fast pace action 2nd to none. Neither team seemed to gain any real advantage with so many men in the match each time a pin attempt was made someone would brake it up. Finally Chance Taylor would clean house with several hard shots that sent all four members of the other team to the outside. All three Monkeys followed them out of the ring with a few well placed baseball slide kicks, now with everyone but Chance on the out side he took a chance and dove over the tope rope with a splash taking everyone down! This one ended when Rex Atkins pinned Chance Taylor with a roll up and his feet on the ropes after a chair shot from Danny Magick. The winners of the match  the Team of Magick Atkins Zucco and Evans. As soon as the match ended Danny Magick wasted no time to Announce he was cashing in his NY Title shot right NOW! Magick however  came up short when Chance Taylor dug down deep and turned Magick inside out with two well placed moves to score the victory and retain his NY Title

The Winner and Still



Match # 4

Hard Core Gauntlet Match

Up next we saw three time OSPW Hard core champion TSK put his title on the Line in a Gauntlet match ( Interesting fact the Ref. for this match was none other than OSPW Commissioner Big Jay and manager of (The Hard Core Champ TSK ) Now onto the Action. The first man out to take TSK on was Horace White who did a great job out wrestling the hard core champion he was not only technically better but about a half step faster. TSK out fought white and pinned him after a powerbomb off a ladder! Next man to challenge was Kriptic Keegan both men pulled out all the stops fighting in and out of the ring, it looked like at any moment the match could end with a new champ, in Keegan. But NO! TSK would end it with a rolling fire-mans carry crashing into a wood door and taking Keegan out. Next up in the gauntlet making his return to OSPW after some time off was Robert Ezekyo who hit the ring with a steel chair in hand, and He waisted no time taking it to TSK. We saw some great action out of both these men with chair shots,suplexes,clotheslines,choke holds and a Lou-thez press. TSK finally made Ezekyo tap out in a cobra clutch locked in with a steel chair, Leaving just one more man for him to take on it was Papa Terry Kadillac. who took his sweet time getting to the ring and before he did Robert Ezekyo hit TSK nearly knocking him out! Papa K then climbed into the ring and locked the champ, in a figure-4 cylinder leg lock. Commissioner Big Jay did all he could do to save his man`s title as he hesitated more than once to count TSK out. TSK finally passed out and had his shoulders counted 1,2,3 for the pinfall victory,

The Winner and New

 OSPW Hard Core Champion 

Papa Terry Kadillac

Match # 5  

After intermission Jayman Olivencia took on Adam Revolver neither man a stranger to the other as they have met each other before in the ring at OVW and now here in OSPW to continue their fight for us. The action went from hard hitting closed fists to swinging neck-breakers. It looked as if revolver`s intention was to Knock Jayman out as he delivered blows to the head and neck of Jayman over and over, and then came the rain as the two men fought, the sky opened up and dropped a light rain on us all. Adam Revolver locked on a sleeper hold in the center of the ring, it looked as if he had the match won but NO! Jayman some how found a way to brake free and fought his way back into this fight. The action went back and forth with one reversal after the next with both men trying to find a way to keep the other down for that 3 seconds it takes to win a match. Finally it was Jayman who hit Revolver with his version of the GTS to score the victory!

Your Winner

Jayman Olivencia

who took the MIC. once more to thank the fans and stated that OSPW and OSPW fans are among the BEST in the WORLD Today!

Match # 6

       This next match was a first of its kind. As we had three teams of three take each other on in a 9-man tag 3-way dance, Lucha tag rules in affect for this one. The first team to the ring was the team of Lites out member Chris Laplante teaming with Brett Mednick and Patrick O`Malley with both men making their Debut in OSPW against the team of Titus Smith, Sway and Mandingo who are all members of the UWC and finally the third team of The Davidson Brothers and The Misguided Misfit. "Now to the Action", For some reason the match started with only two men in the ring as all three members of the UWC stayed on the apron. The two men that started were Brett Mednick and Misfit who locked up and exchanged a blow or two before all hell broke loose so to speak. All nine men came in and then all nine men went out to the floor, in and out the action went on. I was told this match was designed to have one man from each team in at all times, but that's not what we saw. The team of the Davidsons and Misfit fought with the team of Laplante,Mednick, and O'Malley for a good deal of the match as the UWC laid in wait and picked their spots to attack. Then the rain fell again on this match with all nine men now getting wet, but all nine men proved to be top notch pros. fighting in the elements. I was kind of surprised at the end of the match to see Scott Davidson get himself caught in the ring alone with all the members of the UWC, he suffered a 3-way attack and was pinned by Titus Smith.

The Winners Of This Match

The Under World Cartel

Match # 7

OSPW Woman's Title Match

 The Rain slowed down but left every thing very slippery, as we all prepared to see OSPW Woman's Champion NYX and Member of The Fallen make her way to the ring with Manager Thunder, to put the gold on the line against Challenger the Anti Diva Kaitlin Diamond. The Bell sounded and Diamond attacked fast only to find herself on her back. The Challenger regained her feet quickly  and retaliated with a chop block to the leg of the Champ, (taking her off her feet)! NYX did not care for the shot to her knees and after the surprise of being taken off her feet wore off, she waisted no time letting Diamond know all about it, with a huge chock-slam that sent water spraying everyone in the front row as Kaitlin Diamond crashed down into a puddle that had now formed in the center of the ring.

Your Winner

 and still

 OSPW Woman's Champion


Match # 8

The Main Event

Tornado Tag Match for The OSPW World & Television Titles

Al Jihad & Kwan Chang 


Bishop & Deacon

The Main Event, and what a main event it was a Tornado Tag Match with a twist! See we had four men,Two teams and two singles championships on the line. Deacon put his OSPW World Heavy Weight Title up while Bishop put his OSPW Television Title. They were challenged by Kwan Chang and Al Jihad and this match could only end by pin-fall or submission and both championships had to be decided for the match to end. there was also a stipulation made for the TV Title it was ( if Bishop was pinned by Al Jihad he could not fight for the TV Title again no re-match) We found out that this is because if Jihad won the title it was going to have a JR Heavy Weight Class put on it, and no one over the weight of 212 lbs could fight for it. On to the match Kwan and Jihad went to the ring first, then the Champions made an entrance as The Sons of Thunder came out of the entrance way the sky lit up with a flash of lightning and a boom of thunder rang out! Deacon and Bishop hit the ring still in full entrance gear. The fight was on between four of the best wrestlers in OSPW and They were taking it to each other hard. It was nothing more than a pier six brawl at first, back and forth heated action in and out of the ring, all the while splashing around at times in puddles and increasing rain fall. It seemed that Deacon and Kwan focused on each other and Jihad and Bishop spent most of the match taking it to each other. Thunder who was holding a ball bat chased off Jaz miles a few times and I believe he may have landed a few blows with that bat on Jaz and his goons. See Jaz Miles kept on getting involved, at times Deacon was fighting Kwan and Jaz While Bishop and Jihad waged war on each other in the ring, out of the ring and yes even under the ring. All four men gave it everything they had to walk away as champion. We saw moves ranging from hard hitting savant kicks and heart stopping clotheslines to breath taking high-cross body and flying round house kicks, to the likes of a neck-breaker and body slams. We even saw a submission attempt or two. At one point the Sons of Thunder went for a double pin, BUT only managed a two count. Then feeling victory was at hand Deacon and Bishop placed Kwan and Jihad in a double learning tree and delivered the pain! Then as they set Jihad and Kwan up for what looked to be a double DDT attempt they shouted out to the fans that this was it! The UWC then hit the ring, and it quickly became a eight on two situation that not even the sons could survive. After the hit by the Cartel Kwan and Jihad covered for the double pin, and since this was a no DQ match all Ref Bruce Davis could do is make the count 1-2-3!

The Winners of the match and




Kwan Chang and Al Jihad 

After the pin The cartel and M.E. began to celebrate what they had done and it was Tyger Smith's birth-day to boot, and yes they had a  cake, but just as they were going to inflict more damage to the Sons, The Fallen with a few friends saved the day. Now Tyger found himself all alone in the ring with the Fallen, and Deacon planted him face first into his own Birthday cake! ( Happy Birth Day Tyger) This has been the Official OSPW Event Report By David James.

Thank You and see you all September 6th at Wrestlefest Six.