Report: By David James

The Commissioners Corner

Before the first bell sounded, the Commissioner, Big Jay welcomed everyone with yet another segment of the "The Commissioner's Corner" with his guests, the group known as ME (Maximum Enforcement). This stable was put together by Jaz Miles when he joined forces with the leaders of PowerTrip (Glenn Dillion) and High Rollers Society (Black Jack Phoenix). Well, by the end of this little pow wow Me, would never be the same as the OSPW World Champion Black Jack Phoenix would end his time with the group and took with him all the members of the High Rollers. Phoenix was not happy that Jaz Miles had members of ME interfere in the Bullrope match that he had against Deacon. He feels that they tainted his victory.

Now onto the first match

Match One

  Danny Christopher vs Nick Paradise

 In a Round Two number one contender's tournament match we saw Nick Paradise face Danny Christopher. Before the action started, The Commissioner fired Danny Christopher as GM and named Rev. Dave as the new GM. The match was underway and Paradise seemed to take charge early showing everyone why he is still in the running, only to have the former GM pull some underhanded tactics to take control and eventually win the match to advance to the finals.

The Winner

 Danny Christopher

Match Two

 Ryot vs Karma

In the next semifinal match of the round two tournament we saw Ryot against Greg Karma. Both these men tried to take each other apart matching one another power for power, and move for move. This match may have ended differently if it wasn't for outside interference by Ruthless. In the end the next semifinalist

Your Winner

Greg Karma

Match Three

Kwan Chang, TSK, Magik the Freak


William Foxx, Doberman, Rebellion

This was a six man tag match featuring Kwan Chang, Magik the Freak and OSPW Hard Core Champion TSK on one side against Doberman, William Foxx and making his OSPW in ring debut, the third Son of Thunder, Rebellion. We saw everything from moon salts and arm drags to suplexes and wrist locks. At one point Doberman showed shades of the late great JYD as he head butted Kwan Chang in the same fashion as the legend. It all ended when Rebellion was tagged in and landed a full nelson slam on TSK to score the pin fall victory for his team.

The Winners of the match

William Foxx, Doberman and Rebellion

Match Four

Chris Laplante vs Kazz

In this, the third and last of the round two semifinal tournament matches, we saw Kazz and due to injury and circumstances his opponent was new comer to OSPW Chris Laplante, who had a chance of a lifetime to make his debut as an alternate in the tournament. I was truly impressed with both men as this was a fine example of scientific wrestling back and forth with both men battling it out. At one point it looked as if Laplante was going to win but in the end it was Kazz with a sidewalk bomb.

The winner of the match


Match Five

Chris West and Ruthless


Rico Cruz and Purple Rain

In this match, we saw the team of Chris West and Ruthless against Rico Cruz partnered with Purple Rain. All four contestants made an impressive showing with the match ending in a double DQ as two masked men that have been showing up for the past few months hit the ring and laid waste to all four men in the match. The masked invaders turned out to be Glenn Dillion and Mike McGee. Only after being joined by Jaz Miles, Dillion began to tell the world they were not done destroying Deacon and the family of The Fallen. Then he pulled from his pocket two letters, one from the mommy of Deacon stating "please don't hurt my baby, Mr. Dillion", and the other from the wife of Deacon, a "love letter". Deacon's wife and mother both in turn called the Glamorous one a liar and Dillion approached the wife of Deacon telling her "you know you want me!!". Her answer was a slap to his face that was enjoyed by all the crowd erupting in a deafening Cheer. Dillion would then make his challenge for Deacon and Bishop to find two partners to take on Dillion, McGee and two partners of their own on May 5th in a 15 foot high Steel Cage. A four on four, what he called "it was a War Games Match!" Dillion then made his way to the stage that goes to the locker room only to be met by Deacon and Bishop who excepted his challenge by sending Dillion off the stage through an announcers table!

with a double choke slam

Match Six

William Foxx vs Glenn Dillion

This match was to be for the OSPW New York Title. William Foxx waited for the current champ to come to the ring, but was met by members of Maximum Enforcement. Jaz Miles then insisted that there would be no way for Glenn Dillion to defend after the Sons of Thunder choked slammed him off the stage through the announcers table. The referee however made it clear that Glenn Dillion had a ten count to get into the ring or he would lose the match and Fox was declared the winner. But the title can not change hands on a count out. Jaz and his body guard then tried to take William Foxx out, Only to be stopped by the Sons of Thunder! After the save, Deacon asked Foxx if he would join the Fallen, but not only that, would he be a member of team SOT in the War Games Match on May 5th at

Civil War III

He Said Yes!

Match Seven

OSPW TV Title Match

Kriptic vs Bishop

For the OSPW TV title, Bishop put it all on the line against Kriptic in one of the most intense, fast paced, high impact matches yet in OSPW! Kriptic came at Bishop with such quickness he was just, I would say a half of a step faster, then the TV Champion. But in no way could the challenger match Bishop's superior strength. It looked as if Bishop had the match in the bag, after he landed his titanium roundhouse kick, only to have the pin fall interrupted by the 7 foot, 300+ pound German Giant, who choke slammed Bishop getting Kriptic DQ'd. Deacon and Doberman hit the ring to save Bishop and the Big German wanted no part of the Fallen.

Your Winner

and still OSPW TV Champion


Match Eight

Spot Monkeys vs The Davidson Brothers

The Spot Monkeys versus the Davidsons, whoever won this match would win the right to challenge the current OSPW Tag team Champions whenever they wanted to. The action was under way even before the bell sounded, neither team wasting any time taking it to the other. We saw an energetic back and forth match. I think the Davidsons under estimated the Spot Monkeys just a bit. But in the end we saw the Davidsons with the pinfall victory. Now the former champs had the chance to fight for the tag titles whenever they choose. After the match, the Davidsons threatened to hurt the Spot Monkeys valet if Big Jay did not keep his word about giving them the shot at the tag titles.

Big Jay answered with a huge surprise he sent

2! 300 Pound Monsters to the ring, known only as the Samoan Bone Crushers,

who annihilated the Davidsons and laid out the Spot Monkeys as well.

Match Nine

Main Event

Deacon vs Rex Atkins, Mike McGee and

Black Jack Phoenix

In the main event we saw Deacon run the gauntlet as he overpowered and out wrestled Rex Atkins one maneuver after the next. Atkins could only get the upper hand for a brief moment after his partner Mike McGee interfered. Deacon would make Rex Atkins submit to his Daddy's Discipline submission hold, to advance and face Mike McGee. Before Deacon released Atkins from his hold, McGee struck Deacon twice in the face with his tag belt to gain the advantage. McGee however could not keep the former champ down. McGee was getting frustrated that he could not seem to beat the challenger, once again and then resorted to cheating with a blatant choke hold. The ref had no choice to DQ him and send Deacon onto the final round in the gauntlet to face the current Heavy Weight Champion BlackJack Phoenix. Before he could face Black Jack, the Giant German came to ring side, only be stopped by Bishop who knocked him out with a steel chair. After that, the two men, Deacon and Phoenix, battled it out. Deacon seemed to be unstoppable at times and almost pinned Black Jack, to once again become Champion. But in the end it would be 2 Clotheslines from Hell to defeat Deacon. Your winner and still OSPW's

World Heavy Weight Champion

BlackJack Phoenix

After the match

Mike McGee and Rex Atkins of the High Rollers turned on their leader, Black Jack Phoenix.

Also at this event, OSPW was honored by a visit from Smith Hart

The Brother to Brett and the late Owen Hart of the Legendary Hart Family.

See you all May 5th when OSPW Presents

"Civil War III War Games"