The Commissioner's Corner

    Hosted By Big Jay

Before the action, we were greeted by the first commissioner's corner interview segment of 2008,  with guests Tyger Smith and Mr. Perez.  As we listened to the Underworld Cartel run off at the mouth and proclaim Tyger Smith the Champ, the real OSPW World Champion had something to say.  Deacon hit the ring and began to tell Smith how he would give him a shot right here, right now. The Champion then stated that every time he climbed to the top of the mountain, someone crawls out of the woodwork to lay claim to the throne!  On that note, Ryot and manager Damien Lucas interrupted, challenging the Champion followed by Primal Warpath and then Jaz Miles brought the Asian Nightmare Kwan Chang to throw his hat in as well.  As this interview heated up with five top stars, Big Jay had this to say. The Main Event for tonight will be a six man tag, Kwan, Tyger, and Ryot on one side against Deacon, Warpath, and a partner of their choice.  Whoever scored a pin to win the match would get the next Title Shot. 

If the Champion should pin someone, he could choose his next opponent.  

Now onto the first match.

Match # 1

Fatal Fourway

Johnny Seven vs SuperBeast vs Steve Davidson vs Doberman

The opening match began and we all welcomed back to action Steve Davidson !  The bell sounded and it was Doberman and Johnny Seven that locked up, with fast and furious action back and forth, Superbeast tagged in and began to take Seven apart.  If that was not bad enough for this rookie, Steve Davidson tagged in and began to direct traffic so to speak as Superbeast and Steve delivered more than a few double team maneuvers to Johnny Seven. However that friendship ended quickly when Superbeast tried to win the match.  Steve Davidson would not allow that, but this debate opened the way for Doberman to try and take over the match, only to get rolled up by Johnny Seven with a handful of tights and his feet on the ropes  for the victory

Your Winner


Match # 2

Handicap Match

Loose Screw vs TSK & The Misguided Misfit

The second match of the night was a handicap match featuring six foot six inch, three hundred plus pound Loose Screw. He was lead to the ring by manager Damien Lucas, against three time OSPW Hardcore Champion TSK and partner the Misguided Misfit.  The bell sounded, and TSK along with Misfit seemed to have everything going their way as they double teamed the Giant Monster.  The Double Teaming would not be long lived as the larger man would over power both TSK and then Misfit, Pinning the Misguided One after a big, Huge  Powerbomb. 

The Winner


After the match

TSK and Misfit 

had a bit of a breakdown as they exchanged some hard hitting blows to one another.

Match # 3

OSPW Woman's Title Match

Amy Ash vs  Krystal Banks

For the OSPW Woman's Championship, it was supposed to be Amy Ash challenging Champion, Krystal Banks.  The bell sounded and the two locked up in a nice back and forth display of technical wrestling.  Just as it looked like the Champion would retain the title, the count was interrupted by former General Manager Danny Christopher and Princess Raena. Christopher had pulled some strings and produced a contract that stated Princess Raena had a title shot, making this a three way dance and that he would now be the ref.  So as Krystal Banks argued with the first ref, behind her back Raena was hitting Amy Ash with the Woman's Title Belt and Danny Christopher was making the fast three count! 

It is a dark, dark day in OSPW for the Woman's Division 

The Winner 

and new OSPW Woman's Champion


Match # 4

Tag Team Bout

David Evans & Mike McGee vs Horace White & Billy Fox (The Fallen Daredevils)

Before the match, Mike McGee took the microphone and cried to the world about how much no one appreciated him.  Lucky for us, The Fallen Dare Devils music hit and saved us all!  Horace White and David Evans started for their teams and the action was amazing.  The team of Evans and McGee used every dirty tactic they could think of, every chance they had, and for most of the match they isolated Horace in their corner  keeping him from tagging in Billy Foxx.  White Finally found a way and tagged in Foxx who took over, being the freshest man in the ring.  However for some reason he tagged his half beaten partner back in, who found himself looking up at the lights. Then the ref lost all control of the match, allowing himself to be distracted taking his eyes off the legal men, who were now ( McGee and Foxx.)  As McGee blasted Foxx with a steel chair and then counting the pin after Evans hit White with a RKO like maneuver on that same steel chair for the victory.

"Come On Ref"

The Winners


Match # 5

OSPW New York Title Match

Kryptic Keegan vs Al Jihad vs Chance Taylor

This match started a bit odd when Kriptic Keegan attacked Al Jihad and then tried to convince Chance Taylor to work with him.  Taylor however would have none of it, but allowed himself to be distracted long enough for Kriptic to land a couple of well placed moves on him.  While this was happening Al Jihad sat back waiting to strike.  Just when Chance Taylor attempted to mount an offence on Kriptic, Al Jihad attacked from behind. Jihad however  found out fast that the NY Champion was no joke.  Chance Taylor out maneuvered and over powered both Jihad and Kriptic, pinning Al Jihad.  For the Victory!

Your Winner  and still 

OSPW NY Champion


Match # 6

Singles Match

Danny Christopher vs Rex Atkins

Danny Christopher and Woman's Champion Princess Raena came to the ring to brag about his girl winning the belt and that he needed a warm up match before he challenged for the NY title.  Well, he got more than he asked for when Rex Atkins came to the ring hoping to take the NY Title shot from Christopher.  Early on Atkins out wrestled and out brawled Danny Christopher in the ring and out, and it looked as if Danny's NY title shot was nearing an end.  No matter how hard he fought, Rex fought harder. If it was not for the interference from Princess Raena and the Woman's Title belt, upside the head of Rex Atkins, we would have seen a new number one contender for the OSPW NY Title.  The Winner

Danny Christopher

 or as he wishes to be called once again 


Match # 7

OSPW TV Title Match

Nick Paradise vs Bishop

For the OSPW TV Title, we had two fan favorites in Champion Bishop and challenger Nick Paradise.  Early on it was all the Champion as he arm dragged, hip tossed and clothesline his way over the challenger.  Paradise took the advantage after hitting Bishop with a suicide dive, followed up by some well placed clubbing blows, a headlock, then a devastating spine buster.  Paradise then took just a bit too long climbing to the top rope in hopes to end the match with his diving head butt.  Bishop moved and things swayed back to his favor as he nailed Paradise with his titanium roundhouse kick and then applied his check mate submission hold right in the center of the ring.  It seemed the Champion would once again retain his Title. Moments before all this, Ref Bruce Davis was knocked silly as he found himself trapped between Nick Paradise and the turn buckle, after Bishop reversed the Irish whip on Paradise.  So, now we stood looking on with Victory in hand for the Champion, only to have an angry Rex Atkins slide in and attack both Bishop and Paradise.  Atkins Hit  both men with a DVD and then placed Bishop over Paradise, the Ref came to his senses just enough to count the three. 

Your Winner and still 

OSPW TV Champion


Match # 8

OSPW Tag Team Title Match

The Bone Crushers vs Spot Monkeys Inc

For the OSPW World Tag Team Titles, we saw the seven hundred plus pound Bone Crushers with manager Big Jay at ring side, face current Champs Spot Monkeys Inc.  The bell sounded and the ref had a yellow and black striped shirt on, which was given to him by the Spot Monkeys, and the action was underway.  As the Bone Crushers tossed the Spot Monkeys around nearly the entire match, the Champions just could not compete with the size and strength advantage of the Bone Crushers.  It was not for the lack of trying, and I  saw brief moments of hope as the monkeys slipped in a move or two, and a double team here or there, but it was not enough to score any real advantage.  At one point Brian Emanon pulled out a ten foot rope and tied it to his tag rope so he could enter the ring while still holding the tag rope, but it was still not enough.  The highlight of this match was when the monkeys managed to catch one of the Bone Crushers off guard with a fantastic double team that could have won them the match.  This enraged the BoneCrushers and they man handled the ref.  This one ends in a DQ,

Your Winners and Still 

OSPW Tag Team Champions


After the match, McGee and Evans jumped the Monkeys.

Match # 9

OSPW Main Event

A Six Man Tag Team Match

The UnHoly Ryot - Kwan Chang - Tyger Smith


The Primal Warpath - Deacon - Shadokat

The Main Event!  was a six man tag featuring Ryot with manager Damien Lucas teamed with the Asian Nightmare managed by Jaz Miles and Tyger Smith managed by Mr. Perez against Primal Warpath teamed with OSPW World Heavyweight Champion Deacon lead to the ring by Thunder and Bishop and their surprise partner Shadokat!  The man to score a pinfall in this one will receive an OSPW World Title Shot!  This one started when all six men exchanged several blows to each other in which we saw Deacon with an over the top rope flying body press plancha to Kwan Chang and Shadokat with a somersault plancha off the top rope to Ryot and Tyger. "WOW"!  Deacon and Tyger then locked up, and the champion immediately took control,  the Champ then tagged Shadokat in, who fought like a man twice his size and shown he could find a way to survive against the large team of Kwan, Tyger and Ryot. After taking an enormous amount  of punishment, Shadokat  finally tagged in  Warpath , who had no problem matching size or strength, but was cut down by double teams.  Kwan, Tyger and Ryot did a great job keeping Warpath and Shadokat from reaching Deacon most of the match.  Finally a desperate Shadokat reached Deacon moments after Kwan tagged in Tyger Smith.  Deacon came in like a house of fire, literally running through Tyger, Kwan and Ryot one after the other ,clearing the ring. Deacon Then took Tyger Smith out with a big sidewalk slam, but Tyger would turn it around with a rake of the eyes to Deacon and then applied a cobra clutch sleeper into a combination face plant cross face submission.  The ref however was not in position, so Tyger released the hold allowing Deacon the moment he needed, but just as the champ went for the win, he was attacked from behind by a large hooded man we now know to be Titus Smith.  Titus delivered a huge choke slam to Deacon,  while Bishop was being held at bay by the Bone Crushers. Viewing this as the  the perfect opportunity Kwan Chang slid in and covered Deacon for the 1-2-3

The Winner and NEW Number One Contender


  So the team of

Tyger Smith, Ryot and Kwan Chang 

Win The Match  

See you on March 8th at

Awakening 3

This has been the Official OSPW show report by 

David James