Match one

Talent Elite  vs  Bone Crushers

The opening of the show was interrupted when Papa Terry Kadillac lead a

group of men to the ring and held it hostage as his goal seemed to be that

this group of men did not like the direction that commissioner Tyger Smith

was taking OSPW and they were not going to allow the show to go on.  Well

after what went down at the last event, Commissioner Smith brought in some

enforcers and told Kadillac that he had a match for him and Nasty Nick

Nice and out came Smith's enforcers, The Bone Crushers and it did not take

long for them to clear the ring and run over Talent Elite.  The winners...

The Bone Crushers!!!


Match two

Six man jr's tag

Eric Emanon, J Flyer, David Evans   vs  Mikey Everynight, Venemus, Phoenix


This next match was full of high energy high impact and high flying action

mixed with a few new age moves and combinations from these six young OSPW

Jr weight stars.  Both teams looked impressive as hey attempted to wow the

crowd with their ability.  The fast paced action and quick exchanges

seemed to do just that as all six men pulled out all the stops  to win

this one! It would be the team of Eric Emanon, David Evans and Jay Flyer

who would have the correct formula for victory.  The winners....Emanon,

Evans, and Flyer!!!


After the bell, Mike Mcgee attacked Mikey Everynight once again, it seems

as if these two men have unfinished issues.


Match three

Rex Atkins  vs  Dain the Pain

Next up we had two OSPW fan favorites in action as Dain the Pain locked up

with Retro Rex Atkins in one hell of an entertaining match.  These two men

gave us a classic old school technical wrestling clinic, full of some of

the best back and forth lock ups, holds and pin-fall attempts seen in OSPW

all year.  Followed by some hard hitting winner takes all blows, this

match could find itself in line for match of the year.  It has my vote, I

hope to see more from both these young men in OSPW as the year goes on. 

Atkins and Pain seemed to be closely matched and then just like that it

was over, with an explosive reversal from Atkins for the win.  Your

winner... Retro Rex Atkins!!!


Match four

Trip   vs  Mike Mcgee

This next bout had two OSPW ring vets that knew each other well.  They

have been partners and bitter enemies and have been through many a ring

wars together.  The match began with a bit of jaw jacking and some back

and forth mind games, followed by some hard hitting action in and out of

the ring.  Both men fought a good fight.  This was either mans' match to

be had.  Damien Lucas was seen watching this match, but did not get

involved.  Mike Mcgee seemed to be getting the upper hand and closing in

on a victory, but just then Mikey Everynight showed up at ringside and

caught Mcgee's attention and Mcgee took his eyes off Trip and paid for it.

 Your winner of this well fought match...Trip!!!!


Match five

TOI   vs  Beast and West

The next bout was for the OSPW Tag Titles.  Kriptic and Mirage of TOI came

to the ring without Ikika, we soon found out that Cashius Ikika Cutcher   

 had been suspended by Commissioner Smith who also said that Mirage would

have to compete in this match against the team of Baby Face Fire,

Superbeast and Chris West.  This match was one to remember to say the

least.  It made us laugh , it made us cry, it entertained us all.  As we

watched Kriptic Keegan attempt to just survive against his near seven

hundred pound foes, who seemed to be having too much fun playing with

their smaller opponent.  TOI would find a huge equalizer when Mirage gave

Keegan a pair of brass knuckles from her boot and distracted the ref log

enough for Keegan to hit both Beast and West with the knuckles.  The

winner and still OSPW Tag Champions...TOI!!!


Black and Blue interview

Joey Interviews Bishop

The Black and Blue interview was a historic and emotional one to say the

least as we said farewell to an OSPW icon.  As Joey the Bruiser asked the

questions and Bishop did his best to answer them, standing along side an

emotional Son of Thunder Bishop, was his long time manager and father,

Thunder, who helped him say what had to be said.  What we found out broke

our hearts, Bishop told us he would have to step down and away from in

ring action as his doctors said he has a deteriorating vertebra and could

suffer paralysis if he continued to wrestle.  As this was said Bishops tag

team partner and brother Deacon led the locker room to the ring.  Along

with the near 300 fans in attendance, the chant went out "Thank you

Bishop" and with tears in their eyes, the Sons of Thunder Bishop and

Deacon took the ring one more time and gave the fans their now famous

entrance pose one last time.  A moment that will stand out in time for

ever.  Once again we say...Thank you Bishop!!!!


Match six

VIC  vs  Jones   vs  The Fallen

With the build up and hype so huge on this match, anything seemed possible

as emotions and tempers ran high between these three teams.  From the get

go, the action started off with some well placed and well thought out

double team wrestling from The Fallen, that quickly turned into an

attempted mugging by VIC and a chaotic attack by Gabriel Soul against

Deacon that seemed to be fueled by hatred. Even though Bradley looked

impressive he was swallowed up as This one only turned to mayhem and

disorder for VIC and The Jones team, as it seemed the only team truly

focused on winning was The Fallen. And Win they did as they proved to be

the better team all around.  Your winners... The Son of Thunder Deacon and

the High Flying Machine Shadokat, The Fallen!!!


Match seven

Danny Magick   vs  Bacardi Kid

This next match seemed to be another road block in front of Danny Magick

by Commissioner Smith as the returning Magick would have to face the young

 up and comer Bacardi Kid.  The action in this one was solid as both men

showed a lot of talent and heart in a well fought match by both men. 

Neither man seemed to have the upper hand over the other for more than a

move or two. Just when I thought  this match was over it was not as both

men just continued to battle on and on. Both men seemed to be getting

frustrated the longer the match went on and things became heated after

Bacardi Kid scored the pin-fall.  your winner...Bacardi Kid!!!  These two

men had to be pulled apart by security after the match.


Match eight

Jr TV Title

Damien Lucas    vs  Lexx Anvil

This next match was one to watch as the last time these two men competed,

they went to a time limit draw.  In this match we saw both men pulled out

all the stops to walk away the winner, but it seemed the longer the match

went, the moment was swayed into Lexx Anvil's favor.  And it looked as if

the OSPW JR TV title was slowly slipping away from Damien Lucas, who

sensed defeat, he then attempted to get counted out and save his title. 

Only to be stopped by Shadokat in the isle way, but this caused a DQ from

the Ref.  The winner by DQ and still OSPW JR TV Champion...Damien Lucas!!!


Match nine

NY title

Kwna Chang   vs  Ty Licious

The next match was set for one fall and it was for the OSPW NY Title

Between Champion and Birthday boy Ty Licious and challenger Kwan Chang. 

These two men have been fighting over the OSPW NY belt for several months.

 Now onto the action.  Ty Licious started things off with his normal head

games but Kwan would have none of it as he went to work strong on the

Champion.  But Ty Licious came to fight so a fight is what we had between

two true ring warriors.  Both men put up a great fight in an intense

battle of strength and wits, Kwan Chang came oh so close to becoming the

next OSPW NY Champion only to loose it all on a quick roll up from the

flamboyant one.  Your winner and still OSPW NY Champion.... Ty Licious!!! 

Who paid for his victory when Chang laid him out with a kendoe stick, this

feud looks to be far from over.


Match ten

Main event / World Title

Brian Emanon   vs  Ryot

Now the Main Event...for the OSPW World Heavy weight Championship between

Champion Brian Emanon and challenger Ryot.  This match had high energy

with hard hitting action, true best of the best battle of big men.  Brian

Emanon found out fast that he was not big enough for the monster known as

The Unholy Ryot.  But this did not stop the Champ from trying everything

he could to chop down Ryot and retain his title.  But no matter what move

or dirty tactic he tried, it would not stop Ryot, who did not seem to know

the meaning of quit.  It was going to take a lot more than what Brian

Emanon and his army had to stop Ryot from winning the match and taking the

gold.  Just then, Michael Mckinger hit the ring with a steel chair and hit

Ryot causing a DQ.  So the winner of the match...Ryot!!!  But still

Champion Brian Emanon as the title can not change hands by DQ.



Thank you all for joining us. This has been the full show report by David

James see you next time at OSPW`s