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Match one

JR TV title match

Ricky Williams   vs  Eric Emanon


Welcome to OSPW's Resurrection 7 with ring announcer RJ and commentary team Thunder, Lanny Repman and Terry Kaddilac.  Now to the action! The first match would be Ricky Williams taking on Eric Emanon for the OSPW JR TV title.  After the nonsense this match was fast paced and full of back and forth action between Champ and challenger as they both put up a fantastic fight that broke down into a gang war between the UWC and The House of "M".  Once Emanon and Williams escaped the outside interference and took their fight to the ring, it would be Emanon who would score the win by way of submission. 

Your winner and still 

OSPW JR TV Champion...

Eric Emanon!!!

Match two

TV title

Billy Foxx    vs   Kriptic Keegan


Next up we had an OSPW TV title match between Champion Billy Foxx and challenger Kriptic Keegan, so The House of "M" and UWC one more time. This one began with a sneak attack by Foxx to Keegan, but the Champs advantage would not last long as Keegan fought back fast and hard.  Only to have his momentum stopped short as he took too long show boating, allowing Foxx the opening he needed to take over.  And take over he did, Keegan never really found his footing again in this one as Billy Foxx out maneuvered him for the win.

 The winner and still 

OSPW TV Champion....

Billy Foxx!!!

Match three

NY title

Chris West   vs  Tommy Mandrake


This next match was a return match for the OSPW NY title between Champion Tommy Mandrake and former Champion Chris West.  Once again the crowd was split on who to get behind as both men are loved by fans.  This match became a brawl quickly as these two friends wasted no time attempting to knock each others' block off, to walk out with the title.  It looked as if Chris West had things going his way only to have Tommy Mandrake turn it around with a well placed, well timed school boy-rollup to retain his title. 

Your winner and still OSPW NY Champion, The Lost Boy, 

Tommy Mandrake!!!

Match four

Diablo's Horde  vs  Trip and Ryot


This next match a non title tag match between Trip teaming with Ryot against Diablo's Horde of The House of "M" with Mirage.  The match began with some great back and forth technical wrestling action a power play or two and you guessed it!, just a touch of high jinx.  All four men looked to be at the top of their game as they gave us one hell of a fight.  Both teams worked well together, but it seemed the tag Champs had just a bit better chemistry as they dominated Trip a good portion of the match.  One had to wonder just how long this beating was going to take and just how much longer this could go on and then Ryot came in like a house of fire that burned out quick, leading to well placed double team from Ryot and Trip to Lucas that sent Vigo, Lucas and Mirage to the back allowing the team of Trip and Ryot to win by count out. 

After the match Ryot laid out Trip and\ stated,

"Now we are even, friend!"

Match five

World Heavyweight title

Cassius Cutcher   vs  Lexx Anvil


For the OSPW World Heavyweight Championship between Lexx Anvil with manager Thunder vs  Champion Cassius Cutcher.  This one started off hot as both men lit each other up but it would be the Champion who seemed to be a half step faster, a bit more aggressive and a whole lot stronger then his challenger.  Both men fought hard and fought well.  For a split second it looked as if we might have a new Champion, but no, Cutcher would not be beat, not for the title.  Cutcher seemed to be having fun taking it to Anvil so much, so that he let him up after scoring a huge move on him only to find himself locked in a submission that he barely escaped from.  This lead to the Champion Cassius Cutcher hitting Lexx Anvil with the title belt causing the DQ, followed by a further beat down from Cutcher to Anvil. This brought Deacon out to save his young friend and family of The Fallen member, Lexx Anvil. 

Your winner by DQ Lexx Anvil!!!  Still OSPW World Heavyweight

Champion...Cassius Cutcher!!!

Match Six

Old School Final 4 Rumble

Main Event


Next up the Main Event, a Final 4 old school rumble 20 man over the top battle royal with the final 4 men winning #1 contender spots for the OSPW JR TV--TV--NY-&-Heavyweight Championships. 

The first man in was Trip followed by Tyger Smith.  These two men beat on each other, holding nothing back for a good four minutes, then the ring started to fill up.  Next in Sgt Fury Daniel Roberts, then David Evans followed by Deacon at #5.  Things quickly heated up as Daniel Roberts and Deacon went to war back and forth with a few MMA style moves.  While the ring continued to fill up and every man fought on, Nasty Nick Nice entered and then Anarchy. 

Then Deacon tossed out Daniel Roberts.  Next to enter would be Jay Flyer, followed by Venomuse.  At this time, OSPW World Heavyweight Champion Cassius Cutcher came to ring side for a closer look.  Mike Mcgee entered next at #10 while Venomuse and Anarchy eliminated each other.  Next in Hans Gruber who quickly ran into Deacon, who eliminated Gruber.  Next in at #12 Shadokat.  At this time Trip and Deacon went to blows in the center of the ring.  Next in Xavier Fate, next out would be Mike Mcgee by Shadokat.  Next to enter was Ricky Williams followed by Chris West at #15, followed by Ryot, who hit the ring and eliminated David Evans and then Chris West, followed by Xavier Fate. 

Next in Terry Kadillac, who barely made it in the ring when Tyger Smith tossed him out.  Next out was Ricky Williams.  Next in at # 18 Latin Soldier followed by Pyskita.  As the ring thinned out, chants of Shado Shado, Deacon, Deacon, Ryot, Ryot, Trip, Trip, Tyger, Tyger and then Mikey, Mikey Everynite.  At this point fatigue was setting in on every man, but the war waged on as Everynite was eliminated by Deacon and Soldier, followed by Soldier eliminated by The Fallen.

  Pyskita was out next.  Now down to 6 men.  Deacon put Ryot over and The House of "M" helped Trip attempt to toss Flyer, but Vigo caught him and put him back in.  Then Flyer tossed Trip followed by Shadokat eliminating Flyer.  Now only 3 men left.  Deacon was pulled under the bottom rope by The House of "M" and Shadokat leaped over the top to save his partner but eliminated himself.  Now it was Deacon against Tyger.  These two men went to war, chants of UWC and Deacon, Deacon, rang out. 

It was either mans match to be won.  Then Mirage of The House of "M" got involved as she attempted to attack both men.  This lead to Deacon and Mirage arguing.  Tyger Smith attempted to attack Deacon while his back was turned, Deacon heard foot steps and pulled the rope down, dropping down and sending Tyger over the top and so the floor for the win.  Your new OSPW #1 contender and winner of the first old school final 4 rumble...Deacon!!!   After the match OSPW World Heavyweight Champion Cassius Cutcher attempted to attack Deacon...this failed. After all the action, House of "M" members, Ricky Williams, Big Vigo and Daniel Roberts brought Anarchy to the ring and beat him down.  Williams, Vigo and Roberts have been suspended while Anarchy is out of action!

Thank you and see you next time at Awakening 9 March 15th.  

This has been the full show report by David James.