Name: "The Messiah of Malice"

Robert Ezekyo

Height: 6 '

Weight: 223 Pounds

Hometown: The Netherterrain

Debut: November 8, 2003

Title History

First ever N.E.W. North Eastern Champion

Signature Moves

Edgecrusher ( short arm Inverted DDT )

Cyclone Bomb (Swinging Sitout sidewalk Slam)

Ezekyogiri (Climb-up Enzuigiri)

Various Suplexes




( Scissored Hammerlock Cobra Clutch)

Chain Reaction

(Hangman's Neckbreaker with a chain)

Robert Ezekyo lives up to his nickname, the messiah of malice" as he ushers in a whole new level of cruelty in the upstate wrestling scene. His Bitterness shows as soon as he makes eye contact with the fans, who he scoffs at and refers to as "mindless sheep' , as well as the glee he experiences when punishing foes in the ring.

While skilled with technical wrestling ability and being able to pull off many eye-opening suplexes to subdue opponents. Ezekyo prefers a more methodical style, using whatever ways he can, to torture opponents, and inflict pain within the boundaries of traditional wrestling rules. In fact, Ezekyo's been known to break the rule's and sneak in a choke chain to damage opponents with. if he sees an opportunity, he won's hesitate to use his chain on an opponent for an unfair advantage, at times using the chain as part of a neckbreaker he calls the chain reaction.

His Sadistic lust for punishment and his Technical abilities make robert Ezekyo someone OSPW should not under estimate. One false move from an opponent, and in Robert Ezekyo's Words, They could wind up "just like all the other's" so find him... before another is found !