Report: By David James

 Holly Wood hot Spot 9

With Guest Tyger Smith

After the Glamorous one Glenn Dillion shared his usual pleasantries with the crowd he introduced his guest, a member of team f-view Tyger Smith who took this opportunity to put the bad mouth on the World Champion Deacon and all his family stable of Bishop, Rebellion, Doberman and Manager Thunder. He dropped a bomb so to say when he revealed that it is Thunder who is in charge of OSPW. This rumor has yet to be confirmed, but it sure looked to be true when Thunder Ordered the sound guy Toast to cut the Microphone and then

Instructed the Security Crew

To put the Cat out of the Arena

until the Main Event

all I can say is


Match 1

Chris West VS Kazz

Match one was a first round tournament match to determine the next # 1contender for the OSPW World Title. Before the action was under way Kazz made a challenge to Mr.Wrestling Chris West to make the match a submission match. He Excepted and the Commissioner gave his blessing, so the bell sounded and the battle began between two very large men, who took it to each other like they owed each other money! It became more than apparent that Kazz was just too much for the self proclaimed

MR. Wrestling

Your Winner

 by submission

and the first man to advance to round two


Match 2

3-way Tag Match

 Nick Paradise and Magic the Freak


Doberman and Greg Karma


Spot Monkeys INC.

This was a 3-way Tag Match Two men would start the action but could tag any man standing on the apron in wait. Shortly after the action started two mystery men in masks joined the commentators table but would only talk to each other? The action in this match was fast and furious at times but the team to watch seemed to be Spot Monkeys INC. Who showed the opposition that they could be the team of the future in OSPW, Taking nothing away from the team of Doberman and Karma who looked very impressive in there own right! The team of Paradise The team of Paradise and the Freak just could not seem to get it together. In the end it was Spot Monkeys INC. with a few innovative double team moves.

Your Winners

The Team of Trip and Brian Emanon know as

Spot Monkeys INC.

Match 3


This was the second of a series of first round contenders matches. We saw new comer La CALABAZA Magnifico who took Johnny Swifts place in this match against Kriptic who took the spot in the match in place of an injured William Fox. before the action Primal Warpath Joined the commentators table to share his thought on the number one contenders tournament, So the Replacements put one hell of a match on! move after move these two fast past high flyers amazed us all In the end we saw La CALABAZA Magnifico

with the victory

over Kriptic by submission

 and the next man to advance

La CALABAZA Magnifico!

Match 4

Danny Christopher VS Ryot

By order of the OSPW Commissioner Big Jay Danny the Magik man Christopher faced off against partner Ryot in another first round Qualifier match! at the General managers request it had to be a scientific match. the match did start off with an old school scientific feel but quickly turned into a brawl when Danny Christopher found himself being out wrestled by Ryot! so the GM tried to out fight the monster only to have that back fire on him as well. this one ends when Ryot refused to listen to the orders of his valet EVA. Danny Christopher is the winner by DQ after Ruthlezz Interfered in the match! but what this writer wants to know is how much of a Christmas bonus did the Referee get to declare Danny Christopher the Winner I mean Ruthlezz attacked Ryot With a steel chair! Lucky for him Greg Karma hit the ring and stopped the insanity.  

The Winner

and third man to advance in the tournament

The OSPW GM Danny Christopher

Match 5

TV Title Triple Treat

Al Jihad VS Robert Ezekyo VS Bishop

This match started after we had a lot of crying and excuses from the former TV champion AL Jihad. This Triple Threat match for the OSPW TV TITLE looked to be a one man show as Bishop totally dominated and ran right over both Jihad and Ezekyo, until they decided to team up on the champ. However neither one could stay focused as a team for very long as both men continually prevented the other from scoring a victory over Bishop! At one point Al Jihad hit Bishop with his box cutter maneuver just as Bishop was landing a Drop kick to the jaw of Ezekyo. This one ends after Robert Ezekyo laid out Al Jihad with a brain buster followed by a crossbow submission applied by the OSPW Television Champion Bishop!

Your winner

and still

TV Champion

with a submission victory


Match 6

6 Man Tag

 The High Rollers Society with Super Beast


The Davidson Brothers with Kwan Chang

In This match we saw the Davidson brothers team with the Asian Nightmare Kwan Chang in 6 Man Tag action against The OSPW Tag team Champions Mike McGee and Rex Atkins members of the high rollers society, teamed with SuperBeast! OSPW Woman's Champion Ashleigh Vayda joined the announcers team for this one. Vayda is still looking for a suitable opponent and has an open challenge out to any and all comers in the wrestling world! We saw six BIG bad men beat on each other from one end of the ring to the other, Truly an impressive showing by all involved. This one got out of hand so to speak when the Ref, lost control allowing Super Beast and Kwan Chang to pummel each other all the way back to the locker room, leaving the Davidsons and the High rollers to battle it out two on two tag team style. The Champs out smarted the Davidsons while the Ref had his eyes on beast and Kwan. capturing a victory over them

The Winners of the Match by Pinfall

The Team of Superbeast

and the

OSPW Tag Team Champions

Mike McGee and Rex Atkins

Match 7

NY Title Match

TSk VS Glenn Dillion

Last time these two men faced each other, it was for the OSPW Hardcore title and we saw one of the best hardcore matches ever! This time the OSPW New York Title is on the line. Match one, TSK kept his hardcore title, can Dillion even the score? TSK wasted no time taking the fight to his larger opponent, but Glenn Dillion along with Jaz Miles and Magic the Freak quickly put things back into the NY Champions favor. Several times it looked as if TSK was going to become the new New York Champ, only to have all his hopes of winning flattened when Dillion along with the help of a steel chair landed a vador bomb for the victory.

The Winner

and still



Glamorous Glenn Dillion

After the match, hardcore champ TSK and Jaz Miles new body guard, the near 7 foot German Giant exchanged some heavy blows and had to be separated by security.

Match 8



3 Way Dance


Tyger Smith VS Black Jack Phoenix VS Deacon

In the main event we saw a Tyger with no pride, a cowboy cry and Deacon fly as three of OSPW's top wrestlers pulled out all the stops in a 3-way dance for the World Title! The match started with Blackjack and Deacon tying up in one on one action as Tyger Smith refused to get in the ring. Phoenix and Deacon battled back and forth, it was only when Deacon's back was turned that Tyger Smith Attacked! At one point the Champ had both challengers at his mercy after he knocked Black Jack over the top rope with an explosive clothesline and then sent Tyger to the floor with a stiff right hand. This one ended in some controversy when it appeared that Deacon tapped out to Black Jack Phoenix while in a submission hold applied to his leg! At that same moment Tyger Smith had the ref on the outside of the ring and only after laying the ref out cold, did Tyger attempt to take out the big Texan. The move however back fired as Black Jack leveled Smith with a clothesline from Hell and then went to wake the ref. In the meantime Deacon covered Tyger for the pin and the commissioner saw the need to take matters in his own hands and made the three count.

Your Winner

and still OSPW World Heavyweight Champion


 After the match, a frustrated Phoenix smashed Deacon not once but twice in the head with a cowbell. Rumor has it, the World Champion Deacon, after having his leg repeatedly attacked over the past 6 months or so may have tendon or ligament damage to his leg.

The question is, how bad is it?

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