Report: By David James

 Johnny Swift-vs-Danger Boy

In this match we saw a new comer in Danger Boy. A masked lucha-dor, who made his debut against the always interesting Fan favorite Johnny Swift. Back and forth hold after hold countered to the next. Truly a wonderful display of technical wrestling ability,on the part of both men. This one ends with A Big powerbomb followed by a

float-over into a bridging pin your winner



A most memorable and not-to-mention informative HOT-SPOT to say the least. Glenn Dillion Informed the world he was injured and would not fight Tyger Smith Tonight. Then introduced his newest henchmen Al Jihad. He then was joined by the OSPW General Manager Danny Magic Who is never alone or with out something to say. together they attempted to reveal their plans, to take the New York Title from Warpath and The World Heavy Weight Championship from Deacon. They were interrupted by Big Jay the New OSPW Commissioner, who after being threatened by Magic called for Magic and Flatlines opponents Warpath and Ryot. Buffalo Tom made the introductions and we were on the way to the next match-up.

Danny Magic and Flatline-vs-Warpath and Ryot Special stipulation

 NY Title on the line

  This one started off with a-lot of posturing from all the combatants. Ryot and Flatline started off the action, and with the GM`s stipulation on the New York Title this was a Brilliant move by the champ, to stay on the out-side. We saw a lot of excitement with A fantastic Display of tag-team action. All four athletes proved to be in top form. It all ended with Ryot showing his true face hitting his partner Primal Warpath, as he had Danny Magic up for his finisher. Allowing the Magic man to pull off the victory for his team. Glenn Dillion then entered the ring to reveal the rest of his and the GM`s plan. Ryot's Reward. would be a shot at the World Heavyweight Champion Deacon!

Winner and new OSPW New York Champion

Danny Magic

  Bishop VS Trip 2

Television Title

WE expected to see the re-match of a life time. OSPW Television Champ Trip VS Sons of Thunder's Bishop. Their first match ended in a draw and was one of the Greatest Matches in OSPW History. this one however ended in Injury for Bishop, and Truly a loss for OSPW, the Fans and the Wrestling World. When Bishop suffered the Injury, the match ended in a no-contest decision. Trip would retain the title And Bishop would suffer a broken leg in three spots!

We wish you well our fallen Hero and Hope you return to action soon.

 Bishop we miss you already.

 Super Beast-vs-Loose Screw

Another new comer to OSPW finding himself face to face with the Beast. They call him Loose Screw, standing at about Six foot six and well over two hundred pounds. This was truly a battle of the big men, if there ever was one. Super Beast found out early on just how tough This big masked man really is, ending up on the bad side of a butt whooping. Loose Screw however made A Grave mistake, trying to body slam the near 400 pound monster, only to have it all come crashing down on him. loose screw suffered under the devastation of not one but five splashes from the beast. Some how some way he dug down deep to just get a shoulder up for the kick out, only to have super beast get the win with a shot from his ken-doe stick behind the Ref's`s back of course

Your Winner Super Beast.

Robert Ezekyo-vs-Tyger Smith

Truly an amazing showing by both combatants. It all started-off with some basic chain wrestling, finding Tyger on the up-side, only to become a suplex-feast. Back and forth each man hitting one form or another of the move known as the suplex. We saw at least a-half a dozen variations in this extremely magnificent match up, that ended with Smith landing a top rope belly-to-belly suplex for the


your winner Tyger Smith.

Mike McGee Vs Rex Atkins

Last Man Standing

Last man standing wow just repeat that to yourself over and over. This feud between Mcgee a 22 year ring veteran and Atkins a first year rookie has heated up to a last man standing for the OSPW hard core title. Surprisingly Atkins is accompanied to the ring by the OSPW women's champion Ashleigh Vayda. This match was hard hitting and hardcore from the get go! Not much in the way of technical wrestling at all. The Champ. wasted no time going for the weapons. chair shots,garbage cans, metal crutches, wooden guitars,busted and broken over each other. Just pure violence and multiple attempts by the Ref, to count one or the other down. Remember this is a last-man-standing match, I believe we saw a total of three wrestling moves in this match. They were a suplex,a drop kick and a Death valley driver, it all ends with a race to beat the count as both fighters are down,

the winner, the last man standing and still the OSPW Hardcore Champion Mike Mcgee!

Only to be laid out by Super Beast After his victory!

 Blue Demon vs Kazz

This was a unusual match it usually is when we see the Blue Demon and his monster friend. There was a number of explosive powerful moves in this bout leading up to a very strange ending as the Blue demon leaves the ring with his furry little buddy. Apparently having some sort of discussion,while the Ref, laid the count on. Your winner by count out Kazz afterward the Demon comes back to the ring and hits Kazz with the monster, only to have the monster bounce off the ropes hit him and get this,

cover him

for the pin or so it seemed, just weird.

Jason Phoenix-and-Greg Karma-vs-The Davidsons

OSPW Tag Title Match

The tag team division is heating up here in OSPW, as we witnessed another great match-up for the belts. Early on the combination of Karma and Blackjack`s power and size proved to be to much for the Davidsons. At times It looked as if we would have new champions crowned. Then just like flipping a light switch the champs, were back in this one showing us all why they are the Tag Team Champs. What kind of champions are they, well that is another story. There double teaming and under handed Style proved to be very very effective. This one ended in a bit of controversy with a double pin counted by two Refs as Phoenix rolled up Scott Davidson and bridged for the pin. All four shoulders were down. SO the commissioner restarts the match, And we saw The Davidsons with the win.

Still your Tag Team Champions the Davidsons!

After the match Karma was laid out by his Partner Blackjack Phoenix, Who was joined by Rex Atkins and Ashley Vayda. They shared their plans to rise to the top in


When Karma finally got to his feet he let his former partner know something

it was



World Heavyweight Title

The main-event for the OSPW world heavyweight title. Ryot came to the ring, Followed by a small army. Deacon sent Thunder and Rebellion to the announcer table. The match started with a fantastic exchange of technical wrestling between these two heavyweights. The champ, taking it up a notch with a flying body press, followed with a BIG-BIG Bishop Bomb, A tribute to his partner. Ryot answered with a rake to the eyes, then a choke hold pushing our champ to the buckle, while ripping at his mouth and face trying anything and everything to bring down the Deacon. The match turns into a slug-fest with Ryot being rocked by Deacons strength. The champ, sends the challenger to the floor over the top-rope with a hard clothesline then leaps from the apron to the floor landing a double elbow drop on the awaiting Ryot. This one ends with a NO-CONTEST decision do to outside interference on both sides. the new commissioner Big Jay turns the match into a

6-man tag and

 here we go!

6-man Tag Match

This 6-man tag would consist of the Deacon,Tyger Smith,and Trip on one side against Ryot,Al Jihad, and Glenn Dillion on the other. Dillion's injured arm was all a lie. This match gets under way as Deacon nails Ryot with a thunderous spear. We saw an incredible action packed match. These 6-men tore it up in the ring, out of the ring and off the top rope, with Explosive non stop action all over the arena. In the end Trip was put through the Spanish announcing table and Tyger Smith was out numbered by Jihad and Sabre. Ryot would then K.O. the Ref, allowing Dillion to enter the ring behind the champ. Dillion with a large chain in-hand hit's Deacon in the face. Then Ryot makes the cover as a second Ref, counts the 1.2.3!

your winners

Ryot,Glenn Dillion and Al Jihad,

This one could very well be in the running for match of the year!

See you

all next time for more