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Preshow match

Women's title

Nicky Jett   vs  La Diva

The 11th OSPW Wrestlefest opened with RJ introducing the commentators Robert Ezekyo, Jaz Miles and Thunder.  Then Ashley Black sang The American anthem for us all.  Then we heard from Thunder, who let us know OSPW would be raising funds for the Fight against Alzheimers in honor of his Mother Norma & the Grandmother of The Sons of Thunder who suffers from this illness. Now for the first match up for the OSPW Women's title between Champion La Diva and challenger Nicky Jett.  This had to be the most impressive OSPW women's match seen this year as both women gave it their all and pulled out all the stops with some hard hitting entertaining back and forth action that left us all wanting more.  Jett came oh so close a time or two to becoming the new Champ, but it would be La Diva who would land a fantastic finisher to retain the OSPW Womens title. 

Your winner and still OSPW Woman'sChamp....

La Diva

Before the next match we had  a word from OSPW's commissioner Bishop.  He let us know the OSPW TV title was up for grabs tonight as the former Champion Gabriel Soul's contract ran out and he refused to resign.  Also he gave us an update on Mike McGee who was in the house and joind the announce team.  Then he was interrupted by House of "M" who asked OSPW World Champ Ryot to join them.  Ryot's answer was a very awesome NO!  Then he addressed his 3 stages title match for later

against Cassius Cutcher.

Match one

NY Title 4-way

McCloud  vs  Kadillac  vs  West  vs  Keegan

For the OSPW NY title we had a fatal 4-way between Evan McCloud, Terry Kadillac, Kriptic Keegan and OSPW NY Champion Chris West.  But first we had to hear a bunch of bull from McCloud, thank Heaven someone hit Kadillac's music followed by the Champ Chris West and his manager Lanny Repman and then the return of a new member of the new UWC Kriptic Keegan and this stopped all the talking and the fight was on in and out of the ring, bodies everywhere as all four men truly amazed us all in an action packed slugfest of back and forth beat downs.  It was any man's match to win with a few highlight real moments. 

Your winner and still OSPW NY Champion 

by submission when he tapped out Terry Kadillac...

Chris West

Match two

JR TV title match

Flyer   vs  Emanon

The next match was for the OSPW JR TV title between Jay Flyer with Mirage against current Champion from the new UWC Eric Emanon.  This match was full of high energy, high impact and highlights as these two young men electrified us all in a show stealing style match up.  I hope we see more and more from Emanon and Flyer in OSPW.  This match could have went either way but, it would be Eric Emanon who would score the victory. 

Your winner

and still

OSPW JR TV Champion... 

Eric Emanon

Match three

Rich Kidz   vs  Sons of Fortune

Next up we had a tag match between Sons of Fortune Super Beast and Mikey Everynight with manager Lanny Repman against new comers The Rich Kidz. Wow!  What can I say about this one, we even had a visit from Hans Gruber on the mic.  Truly this match had put the "f" in funny as these two teams battled in and out of the ring with some quick tags, a few well placed double teams and a whole lot of high jinx.  All in all both teams looked good and entertained us all. 

Your winner by TKO...

the Sons of Fortune

Match four

Mr. Canada   vs  Titus

Making his OSPW debut, Mr. Canada Ricky Williams against Titus Smith with Jessey Bell.  This one started like any other OSPW classic wrestling match until Ricky Williams attempted to slap the taste out of Titus Smith's mouth.  This gave our Canadian visitor the adventure for a brief moment, but mostly it just pissed Smith off.  Once Smith slowed down the attack from Williams it became a bad day for Ricky Williams as Titus unleashed the pain and powered over his foe. 

Your winner...

Titus Smith!

Match five

Tag titles

Horde   vs  Fallen

Next up for the OSPW Tag titles and it would be a tornado tag match, but not only that as OSPW Commissioner Bishop added another stipulation, it would be double elimination and the fight as on.  In and out of the ring these four warriors battled on waging war and what a war it was.  We saw it all in this one, from technical wrestling to high flying followed by some innovative double teams and hard hitting brawling, with a bit of martial arts mixed in for good measure.  All the time the Ref seemed to be favoring The Horde as he looked to be counting faster for them and slower for The Fallen.  The first to be eliminated would be Damian Lucas by Shadokat after a frog splash.  Then Big Vigo would take out Shadokat as the Kat and Lucas fought back to the locker room, Deacon and Vigo battled on back and forth.  Then Deacon would shock the world as he lifted Vigo off his feet into the air and d  a huge Bishop bomb and scored the victory.

That Ref  Daniel Roberts was reluctant to count, but did. 

Your winners and

still OSPW Tag team Champions...

Shadokat and Deacon, The Fallen!

Match six

3-way Elimination TV title

Billy Foxx  vs  Gabe Saint  vs  Nasty Nick Nice

For the now vacant OSPW TV Championship it would be Billy Foxx with Mirage against Gabe Saint against Nasty Nick Nice in a 3-way elimination.  Now to the action and what action it was as these three men tore it up giving us all an action packed wrestling clinic.  I have never seen these three men look any better then they did in this one.  Nasty Nick would be the first to go when Gabe Saint stole a pin on him from Billy Foxx and the fight went on and Ref Daniel Roberts was at it again in favor of the House of "M"'s   Billy Foxx.  It looked as if Gabe Saint was going to take the Ref apart.  This distraction was just what Foxx needed to take the advantage and score the win. 

It did not help that the Ref made a fast count 

so the winner and new OSPW TV Champion...

Billy Foxx

Match seven

Maximo   vs  Tyger

Then we saw Maximo Suave take on Tyger Smith.  This was a fast pace, hard hitting intense match up.  Suave seemed to have everything going his was from the start as he took Tyger Smith by surprise and off his game just a bit, but never under estimate Tyger Smith.  As it was clear he was still in this fight as he time and time again found an opening he needed to rally back as he fought the House of "M"'s hitman for hire if not for the involvement of Mirage and the actions of a questionable Ref things may have ended different.  

The winner...Maximo Suave!

OSPW Commissioner Bishop came to the ring to tell Ref Daniel Roberts 

if he did not do his job better and call the action evenly and down the middle,

he would be fired! The fans erupted!

Match eight

ME   vs  SOM

Maximum Enforcement Kwan Chang and Venomous with Jaz Miles to square off against Society of Madness Tommy Mandrake and Anarchy.  We saw some interesting and innovative action in this match as Venomous and Anarchy fought fast and hard, back and forth in what could only be described as simply fabulous.  Followed by Tommy and Kwan's energetic display of brute force and power as both teams worked well together.  This was either teams match to win.  All four men proved to us all they could be in contention for the Tag titles in a moments notice.  All in all this match was just incredible from start to finish. 

Your winners would be 

Tommy Mandrake and Anarchy

The Society of Madness!!!

Match nine

3 stages World title

Cutcher  vs  Ryot

And now your Main Event, a 3 stages match for the OSPW World Heavyweight title between Champion Ryot and challenger Cassius Cutcher.  The stages would be first pinfall, second a chain match and final stage a last man standing.  This was a long hard fought battle, a fight between two bulls, a classic big mans match, truly one for the ages as the next contender Titus Smith looked on at ringside.  The first fall would go to the Champ Ryot, now enter the chain, with this 20-maybe-30 foot chain in play, things became a bit brutal between these two big men.  They beat each other from pillar to post, it seemed as if Cutcher had this stage going his way for the most part.  Second stage would go to Cutcher.  At this point both men had little to nothing left in the tank, but the fight went on, with one big move after the next in the hope to keep the other down for the ten count to be the last man standing and walk out Champion.  This fall was so close, both men almost won a time or two.  Then, with both Ryot and Cutcher down for the count, scratching and clawing their way up as the count went on Ryot would fall as Cutcher stood tall and in the end a show of class and respect or so it seemed with a hand shake that did not last for long. 

Your winner and new OSPW World Heavyweight Champion Cassius Cutcher!

After the match Ryot was super kicked by a masked Trip as the House of "M" surrounded the ring and then delivered the beat down to Ryot.


Thank you for joining us in the fight against Alzheimer`s at Wrestlefest

11.  This has been the full show report by David James.  See you next time

Sept 21st at OSPW Aftermath 9.