Report: By David James

Match # 1

Kriptic VS Blackjack Phoenix VS Trip

# 1 contenders match for the World Title

In the show opener we saw from N.E.W. Kriptic also OSPW`s BlackJack Phoenix and Trip in a 3-way dance to earn a shot to compete for the OSPW World Title, The match was underway as trip and Kriptic hit Blackjack with a double drop kick sending him to the out side only to turn on each other. Both men were trying to out do the other, move after move in hopes to become the number one contender. In the end it was not a flying elbow drop, or a plancha that won this match. We saw a HARD lariat like clothesline from Phoenix to Kriptic, for the victory.

Your Winner

BlackJack Phoenix

After the match Deacon would appear on stage to congratulate his new partner, YES I said partner, because one week earlier in Rochester Deacon and Phoenix teamed up against Kazz and Kriptic in the on going war between OSPW and N.E.W.

to become the N.E.W.

United States Tag Team Champions.

Match # 2

 Doberman VS Magic the freak

This match would be a grudge match between Doberman and Magic the freak, If the Big Dog could win he would get two minuets in the ring with Jazz Miles. This one started with some old school action and ended on the arena floor in a fist fight. There, Jazz miles would distract the Doberman just long enough for the freak to beat the ten court and win the match.

The winner by count out

Magic the freak

after the action we saw the return of

Joey The Bruiser Tenebruso


Match # 3

 Tyger Smith and J.C. Money VS The Kadillacs

This was another OSPW verses N.E.W. match for a chance to become the number one contenders for the OSPW world Tag Titles. We saw Tyger Smith and J.C. Money facing the old school technicians Johnny and Terry Kadillac. The match was slow going at first, with both teams feeling the other out. Neither team wanting to loose this one with so much on the line. Both teams were putting it all on the line to win this one... all four wrestlers showing why they all could be champions but in the end it was the team of smith and money that would be the better team on this night

 The Winners

Tyger Smith and J.C. Momey

Match # 4

Kazz VS Al Jihad

OSPW TV Championship

Yet Another Match in the FED, WARS. N.E.W.`s Kazz against OSPW`s TV Champion Al Jihad for the Title. Kazz took it to Jihad quickly and it looked as if he scored the pinfall, after a big belly to belly suplex. However commissioner Big Jay stepped in and made the match two out of three falls. So the first fall went to Kazz, then the second one to Jihad, after a low blow and a roll up for the pin. They were now all tied up at one fall each. In the end Al Jihad and OSPW would be the victors when he would hit his finisher on Kazz for the final fall.

 Your Winner and Still

OSPW T V Champion

Al Jihad

Match # 5

TSK VS Superbeast

OSPW Hardcore Championship

This was the second of six OSPW title matches of the night. The OSPW hardcore champ, "Superbeast" A man that sided with N.E.W. against The Emperor of Hardcore TSK who stands with OSPW. Joining the announcers table for this match was the OSPW World Champion Deacon. He told us all he was there to keep an eye on beast a man that for the past few months has been making challenges to Deacon. The action in this one was just incredible as both men beat the living hell out of each other, in one of the best hard core matches in OSPW to date. Just when it seemed the champ, had this match in the bag he went and made one fatal mistake. He called Deacon out again, so Deacon Entered the ring and laid out Superbeast with a belt shot and told TSK to finish it. TSK did finish the Beast only to have referee Jonathan Ash refuse to make the count. So Commissioner Big Jay did it for him.

Your Winner and New

OSPW Hardcore Champion

Eric The Serial killer Summerville

 this writer however, wants to know the whole story behind these three men

If there is one?

Match # 6

Dillion VS Swift VS Ezekyo VS Magik

New York Title Match

This was another title match featuring two men from N.E.W. Johnny Swift and Robert Ezekyo, then for OSPW Glenn Dillion and the OSPW New York Title holder Danny Magik.all of them facing off to obtain the New York Championship. This match started with a test of strength in which Swift some how over powered Ezekyo for just a brief moment. The two combatants put on a great display of technical wrestling, only to have it broken up when Dillion and Magik tried getting involved. At one point it looked as if Magik was going to tap-out to a arm bar submission hold that swift had on him. It seemed the only man in the match that swift could not get the upper hand with was Glenn Dillion. At times it looked as if there was more mind games going on then actual wrestling in this bout. This one ended with Blackjack Phoenix carrying Johnny Swift off while Magic The Freak attacked Ezekyo on the outside. This allowed Dillion to over power Danny Magik with his size by hitting three Big BIG splashes in the corner and a final cut for the win,

The winner and New OSPW New York Champion

Glamorous Glenn Dillion

Match # 7

Ashleigh Vayda Open challenge

The OSPW woman's Champion Ashleigh Vayda was set to defend her Title. She had issued an open challenge to any woman's wrestler in OSPW or any other FED! but since becoming the champ. she has run roughshod over all contenders and no one took her up on her challenge. Instead a N.E.W. wrestler named Aaron Alexander a southern baptist preacher made his way to the ring calling the champion a harlot and a Jezebel. (BIG MISTAKE) Alexander should have stayed home because Blackjack Phoenix laid him out with a clothesline from HELL! allowing Vayda to Pin him 1-2-3-

Match # 8

Tag Titles 3-way tables match

This was the fifth title match of the night a 3-way tables match for the OSPW world tag team titles. The Highrollers (Mike McGee and Rex Atkins) VS Dangerous by Design (Greg Karma and Billy Brooks) against the Champs Scott and Steve The Davidsons. This match started before the bell as the champions made there way to the ring. The action was hot and heavy with all six men pulling out all the stops and holding nothing back. The team that seamed to have the match going their way was the Davidsons. Just as they had the table in hand, the number one contenders for the tag gold attacked them from behind. Greg Karma then capitalized on that opeming by sparring McGee threw a table for the victory. Your Winners and new OSPW Tag Team Champions

Gregg Karma and Billy Brooks

the team of

Dangerous By Design

Match # 9

The Main Event

Ryot VS Deacon

For The World Title

This was the Main Event for The OSPW World Heavyweight Title in a submission only match, in which we saw The monster Ryot who some say stands with N.E.W. against the OSPW Champion Deacon. They waisted no time taking it to each other as Ryot jumped Deacon, before he had his entrance gear off. That however would not fair well for Ryot as Deacon beat him to the punch only to have his eyes raked by Ryot. The Challenger found out fast that he could not out wrestle the Champ, so he took a steel chair to his leg instead. Then it was touch and go for the champion of the world, as he tried to fight with only one leg to stand on. Ryot repeatedly inflicted more damage to Deacon`s leg. Then as Deacon hung upside down in the corner Ryot would make the mistake of getting into Bishops face at ring side. Ryot and Bishop would end up in a shoving match which ended when Bishop was clotheslined. Ryot would then go back to the attack on Deacon along with the help of his valet Eva. Then it all back fired when Eva hit Ryot as Deacon moved out of the way, followed by an enraged Bisop who had now entered the ring. Bishop just about decapitate Ryot with a jumping round house spinkick! and Giving Deacon the opening to finish the job as he applied the Daddy's Disciplined Submission for the victory. This was truly a fantastic old school style match from start to finish.

Your Winner and Still

OSPW World Heavyweight Champion


See You All On August. 12th At Aftermath