Report: By David James

The Black and Blue Interview


Joey "The Bruiser" Tenebruso

With Guest

Punk Princess Raena and Danny Christopher

  Joey asked Raena to explain her new attitude, and she let DannyChristopher answer and just as Danny Christopher was going to answer, Raena stopped him. Raena did let Christopher give her a gift, it was a crown and the man from England deemed her Princess Raena. He then left to prepare for his match, leaving the new Princess to answer a few questions. But, instead Raena told Joey to leave her ring again and then called Trips mom every name in the book. As Trips mother was going to slap the taste out of Raena's mouth, security did its job and told her to stay in her seat. The Spot Monkeys, hit the ring and Trip and his former sweetheart had words. Trip once again lost his cool and attempted to drop Raena on her head, only to have his mommy tell him she raised him better than that, so instead she told her baby boy to spank her and he did.

"Now on to the Wrestling"

Before the match started, OSPW welcomed "Big Al "Moshenko to the Announcers Table as Joey The Bruiser's Color Commentator for the show.

"Big Al" is the Host of

which is wrestling talk radio for kids. If you have not yet visited Big Al on-line, you can Listen to his show on Saturday's at 7:00pm

Match # 1

12 Man Over The Top Battle Royal

Johnny Sevens, Rico Cruz, Danny Christopher, Chris West, Tony Zuco, Kriptic, Super Beast, Boris the Russian, Johnny Jebus, Inferno, Misfit and Al Jihad

For The # 1 Contender Ship for the OSPW New York Title

The Bell Sounded and Wrestlefest 2007 was officially under way. Everyone attacked Super Beast all at once, this match was action packed to say the least. Eliminations went as follows, Al Jihad by Super Beast, then Kriptic by Johnny Jebus followed by Jebus from Super Beast, then The Misfit by Chris West. Super Beast then sent Boris and Zuco out at the same time, Inferno found himself out, then we saw what would be the final four as they joined together and sent Super Beast packing his bags. They were Johnny Seven, Chris West, Danny Christopher and Rico Cruz. These four men battled it out until the next one would fall, it was Johnny Seven by Chris West, then Rico Cruz took out Chris West, but in the end it was

Danny Christopher who would eliminate Cruz from behind.

The Winner and new #1 Contender to the OSPW NY Title

 Danny Christopher

Johnny Seven and Chris West beat each other all the way back to the locker room.

Match # 2

Al Jihad vs Primal Warpath

Primal Warpath asked for this match after being pinned by Al Jihad in the last show from a chair shot. Al Jihad tried to sneak attack Warpath only to pay for it as Warpath continually over powered Him. No matter how hard Jihad tried he could not keep Warpath down. Even after hitting him with two box-cutters, Al Jihad found himself beaten when Primal Warpath ended this one with an electric chair drop to score the victory.

Your Winner

Primal Warpath

Match # 3

OSPW Hardcore Title Bout

TSK vs The Doberman

Before this match started, Joey the Bruiser had a few questions for the Hardcore Champion, The Doberman, who would tell us he had his mentor, the NY Nightmare, watching his back tonight, then TSK was announced. The action was underway, a bit slow going at first, both men feeling each other out a bit. Back and forth neither man holding anything back as they hit each other with metal crutches, steel chairs, and dog bones. This one ends after Doberman makes TSK tap out!

The winner and still

OSPW Hardcore Champion


After the match, the NY Nightmare turned on Doberman and dropped him with

a Famouser, lucky for Doberman, the Fallen had a friend that saved him, his name was


Former WCW Hardcore Champion

 You never know who will show up at an

OSPW Event

Match # 4

OSPW Woman's Title Bout

Anna Rael vs Krystal Banks

For the OSPW Woman's Title, we saw new comer Anna Rael face off against OSPW Woman's Champion Krystal Banks. This match started off to be one of the best technical wrestling matches in the woman's division ever. Then the Champ, Krystal Banks turned up the heat with some thunderous chops and

a few under handed maneuvers.

The Winner and still Champion

Krystal Banks

Match # 5

Lumberjack (Strap) Match

Rex Atkins vs Mike McGee

Former Highroller members, Rex Atkins and Mike McGee spared no expense while dishing out a beating to each other and if that was not bad enough, the ring was surrounded by nine lumberjacks armed with leather straps. They were Papa Kadillac and Kriptic, followed by Spot Monkeys Inc, then the Samoan Bone Crushers, topped off by the Sons of Thunder with manager Thunder. Both Atkins and McGee found themselves on the wrong side of a leather strap more than once! This one ends when former leader of The Highrollers, Black Jack Phoenix hits the ring and delivers a clothesline from hell to Rex Atkins while the referee was knocked down, allowing Mike McGee to cover for the pin. the Referee, recovered enough to make the count.

The Winner

Mike McGee

Match # 6

OSPW New York Title Match

Chance Taylor vs Billy Fox

We saw Chance Taylor vs Billy Fox for the vacated OSPW NY Title, the former Champion Glamorous Glenn Dillion had to surrender the title due to injuries suffered earlier in the day. As Dillion arrived to the arena, Deacon attacked him and brutally beat him. Taylor and Fox brought the roof down with an action packed high flying match. This truly had to be the greatest NY Title match in OSPW history. Neither man took advantage over the other for too long, until Chance Taylor lands a Canadian Destroyer Pile Driver for the Win.

The Winner and New

OSPW NY Champion

Chance Taylor

Match # 7

2nd Round Tag Team Tournament Match

Papa Terry Kadillac and Kriptic


The Sons Of Thunder

Papa Kadillac came to the ring with Kriptic, who took the place of Johnny Kadillac, due to injury. Then this match had an added treat when the Davidson Brothers were announced as special guest referees and play by play announcers! Then the Sons of Thunder hit the ring. The bell sounded, and Deacon and Kriptic started the match for their teams. Deacon took over quickly as he overpowered and literally beat Kriptic from one end of the ring to the other. Papa Kadillac and Kriptic after some questionable tactics took over for a brief moment. For most of the match,special guest referee, Scott Davidson did an ok job. In My Opinion it seemed he took just a bit longer to count a pinfall when the SOT would make a cover. Only after having words with an irate Deacon, Scott Davidson tagged in his brother Steve to finish Refereeing the match. In the end, the Sons of Thunder won when Bishop not only pinned Kriptic with a schoolboy pin, but at the same time made Papa K tap out in a figure four reversal.

Your Winner

Deacon and Bishop

The Sons of Thunder

Match # 8

2nd Round Tag Team Tournament Match

The Samoan Bone Crushers


Spot Monkee's Inc

The next semi-finals tag match was between the Samoan Bone Crushers and Spot Monkeys, Inc. The team that wins will move on to the finals and face the SOT for the vacant OSPW Tag belts. The bell sounded, the match was under way and right from the get go, the Samoans beat on the Spot Monkeys over and over for far too long. It was truly amazing the amount of punishment the Spot Monkeys took from the Samoans. Only after the ref lost his footing and fell, Raena entered the ring trying to hit Trip with a chair only to miss and clock a Samoan in the back. The Samoans chased Raena out of the ring and failed to make it back in time to beat the ten count. So your winners, by count out

Spot Monkeys, Inc

After the match, the Samoans tried to end the monkeys careers, lucky for them Deacon and Bishop came to their aid and fought the Samoans off.

Match # 9

The Main Event

OSPW World Heavyweight Title

A Triple Threat Match

Ryot vs Kwan Chang vs Black Jack Phoenix

In the main event, we had a triple threat for the OSPW World Heavy Weight Title. All three men wasted no time dealing out hard hitting punishment to each other. Kwan and Ryot would be the first to team up on The Champion, but neither man stayed loyal to each other for long. The match went back and forth, and on more than one occasion we almost saw a new Champion. In the end it was Black Jack Phoenix pinning Ryot for the title after a clothesline from hell.

Your winner and still

OSPW World Heavyweight Champion

 Black Jack Phoenix

Phoenix is on his way to Europe for a tour where he will be defending The OSPW World Heavy Weight Championship. Let us hope he brings it back home to America and OSPW!

See you all Oct 13th when OSPW Presents