Pre Show

The Commissioners Corner

Introducing The Hans Gruber Challenge

Match # 1

Triple Threat Hardcore Title Match

Loose Screw Vs Doberman Vs Papa Terry Kadillac

Match # 2

Singles Match

The Primal Warpath Vs The UnHoly Ryot

Match # 3

Woman's # 1 Contender Match

Jesse Belle Vs kaitlin Diemond

Match # 4

Junior Heavyweight Title Match

Shadokat vs Al Jihad

Match # 5

Tag Team Title Match

The Davidson Brothers vs Spot Monkeys Inc


 OSPW's  12th Man makes an Appearence

Match # 6

Tag Team Action

UWC Vs The Fallen

Match # 7

New York Title Match

Rex Atkins Vs Chance Taylor

Match # 8

The Main Event

OSPW  World Heavy Weight Title Match

Billy Foxx Vs Kwan Chang