Pre Show

The Commissioners Corner

Buffalo Tom Welcomed us all, and Introduced the announcing team and Wrestlefest VI was underway. The event kicked off with OSPW Commissioner Big Jay interviewing Hans Gruber who was at his first live OSPW event. Big Jays first question was, where do you come from, Gruber's answer was you really want to know where Gruber comes from? The question was asked again, Gruber comes from Trip`s mommy's house ha ha ha and Trip stop calling me I am not your Papa ha ha ha was the answer. Then we saw the first Gruber challenge between Hans Gruber and Misguided Misfit, It would be a push up challenge. Gruber would start and the goal was to do 20 push ups and Misfit had to match it. Gruber did the first 20 with ease and Misfit matched it. So The next challenge would now be one arm push ups and since Gruber started the first set Misfit had to start the next. Well just as Misfit got down to start his set Gruber attacked him laying on the boots and just destroying the kid! Finally Gruber dropped Misfit with a full-nelson face-buster proclaiming his victory and shouting I guess he failed my challenge The GRUBER CHALLENGE! HA! HA! HA!

Match # 1

Triple Threat Hardcore Title Match

Loose Screw Vs The Doberman Vs Papa Terry Kadillac

Manager Damien Lucas brought a near 7 foot monster in the form of Loose Screw to the ring against Doberman and current OSPW Hard-Core Champion Papa Terry Kadillac . The Champ and Doberman waisted no time attacking Loose Screw but even with the two on one advantage it was not enough to over power Screw! Loose Screw repeatedly dropped Doberman and Kadillac with one hard shot after another. Kadillac quickly found the best way he could to stay alive in this fight, it was to hit and run. Doberman tried a different tactic, it was to go toe to toe with Screw only to find his shoulders on the mat over and over. Each time Screw would cover for a pin, Kadillac would hit and run braking the pin and saving his championship. Papa However went to the well once to often so to say, as Loose Screw caught Kadillac and Doberman with a double choke-slam dropping them both side by side. Manager Damien Lucas then instructed Screw to get a Chair and finish them both off for good! But as he went for a chair Papa K. rolled over and covered Doberman for the victory!

The Winner

 and still 

OSPW Hard-Core Champion

Papa Terry Kadillac

After the match Doberman had a few words with his manager Rev Dave

Match # 2

Singles Match

The Primal Warpath vs The UnHoly Ryot

This next match was possibly the end of a long time feud between two super human combatants. Primal Warpath and The Unholy Ryot who brought his manager Damien Lucas to ring side with him. Neither monster waisted any time the bell sounded and the fists began to fly one huge hit after the next back and forth  in and out of the ring the action went. At one point warpath bashed Ryot's head off of the ring-bell! Ryot answered with a flying clothes-line off the top rope. This match could easily be in the running for match of the year at this years awards banquet.  Warpath, more then once had Ryot locked in a submission hold, but both times Damien Lucas jumped up on the ringside apron distracting the ref and Warpath while giving Ryot the opening he needed to catch The Primal one with his finisher the Ryot Act! It was only good enough for a two count, and in the end Primal Warpath would claim victory with his

Demon Drop (finisher)

Your Winner

Primal Warpath

Match # 3

Woman's # 1 Contender Match

Jesse Belle Vs Kaitlin Diemond

 The Bell sounded the action was underway between two of the hardest hitting woman in OSPW to date. Chops, Suplexes,Body-slams, flying four-arms roll-ups and well placed kicks to the face! We saw it all from both woman. Kaitlin Diemond even delivered a clothes-line from the left side that rocked Jesse Bell just long enough to open her to be caught with a running bulldog from Diemond that scored her the win!

 The Winner

 And Now

#1contender to the 

OSPW Woman's Championship

 Kaitlin Diemond

Match # 4

Junior Heavyweight TV Title Match

Shadokat Vs Al Jihad

Newest member of the Fallen Shadokat would be the first man to take on newly crowned OSPW Jr Heavyweight TV Champion AL Jihad.  Before they locked up Champion Al Jihad had a tune-up match against newcomer Kid Chris. After beating this kid with one move! Jihad took the Mic and told Magic the Freak to take a message to Jaz Miles who did not make it to the arena, That would have been him if he were here tell him he is American scum and he is fired! Jihad Then  told Ring Announcer Buffalo Tom to no longer speak his name. Shadokat and Thunder were announced, The Match was on and Shadokat out maneuvered Jihad with superior speed and high-flying ability. Jihad would out brawl ShadoKat after the action spilled to the arena floor. Now back into the ring, the two men would fight it out back and forth. The battle went on with the possibility of being either mans match. In the end Jihad would capitalize off of a missed top-rope splash attempted by Shadokat and then hitting the high-flying machine with a code-breaker finisher for the win.

The Winner

 and still 

OSPW Junior Heavyweight Champion


Match # 5

Tag Team Title Match

The Davidson Brothers vs Spot Monkeys Inc

Before the action we had a announcement from an injured Trip, Who told us all his doctor would not clear him to  wrestle.  Since the OSPW Tag Titles were held by the Spot Monkeys and there is three Monkeys, Eric Emanon would fill in for him teaming with his Brother Brian Emanon to defend the GOLD! The Davidson brothers came to the ring with Manager Big Jay to wrestle the Tag team Championships away from the Monkeys and become the first 2x OSPW tag Champs. EVER! The Davidsons out smarted the Monkeys from the start as they dominated most of the match trapping young Eric Emanon in the ring 90% of the fight. But this kid showed us all he did not know the meaning of the word quit as he fell victim to about eight double team moves in a row from the Davidsons. Just when it looked as if we would see new champions, Damien Lucas along with members of Diablo's Horde Ryot and Loose Screw rushed the ring attacking everyone in sight! Ending this match in a no-contest decision. Lucas then pulled out a signed contract agreement that he had won in a stipulation in his match at Pure Adrenaline, that stated he would get a OSPW Title shot of his choosing for his men. He picked the Tag team Titles. The monkeys were made to sign and Big Jay signed as well. Big Jay wanted his team the Davidsons to be added to this match between the Monkeys and The Horde and every-one said YES! A 3-way Tornado Tag Match WOW! But I found out later that Damien Lucas waisted no time contacting his lawyers and The OSPW Championship Committee

and Big Jay's call was over Ruled. The Monkeys will take on only  Diablo Horde's Monsters at Aftermath 4


The 12th Man pays OSPW a Visit

During Intermission we had a visit from OSPW's own 12th Man who pumped up the fans and tossed out Nerf balls. Out of no where Miami`s own The Synsational David Evans slid in behind the 12th man and Dropped him with a EKO. Evans then took the Mic and told the fans he was a dolphins fan! then he began ranting on and on about how great he was and how much better he is than everyone in the locker-room. He told us all he would have gold around his waist soon. The 12th man finally made it back to his feet and hit Evans with a 3-point stance tackle putting a stop to Evans rant and it was all over

But The Crying


Match # 6

Tag Team Action

UWC Vs The Fallen

The UWC came to the ring in the form of Titus and Tyger Smith lead by MR. Perez, As always we had to hear the mind numbing rants of Tyger Smith. Thankfully Here came the Sons of Thunder Bishop and Deacon with Thunder. The Bell rang and it looked as if Bishop and Tyger would lock up first but wait Bishop Tagged Deacon in at the request of the crowd and Tyger wanted no part of that as he tagged Titus in as fast as he could. Deacon and Titus would now start, this match with back and forth hard hitting,technical old school, tag team action at its best by both teams. The Sons of Thunder took the early advantage being the first team to cut the ring off. However with Perez at ringside, Thunder at the Announcers table and Rebellion missing in action for the past three events? The Cartel quickly turned this match into a three on two match. However that could not keep Deacon and Bishop down long enough. At one point Deacon was choked-out with a chain by Perez on the outside of the ring . The SOT fought on showing the Cartel why they were the longest reigning Tag team Champions in OSPW history. At this point it looked like the Cartel realized they may have bit off more than they could chew so to speak. They went back to cheating once again when a frustrated Tyger Smith planted a stiff right hand that had a chain rapped around it upside the head of Deacon and The ref missed it all once again! Tyger then covered for the pin and it looked as if he would beat Deacon for the first time ever as the ref counted 1-2-3! But when he raised the hand of Tyger Smith the Chain fell out of it this time right in front of the Ref and Finally his eyes worked! The match was restarted and the Ref  waisted no time awarding the match to the Sons of Thunder by DQ!

Your Winners 

and the first Team to beat the UWC Team of Tyger and

Titus Smith in Tag Team action. 


I have a feeling this fight is long from over

Match # 7

New York Title Match

Rex Atkins Vs Chance Taylor

Rex Atkins came to the ring hoping to end the OSPW New York Title reign of Champion Chance Taylor who won the gold at Wrestlefest five. Now one year later would the title change hands again? The match started and at first it looked as if Chance Taylor may have under estimated Atkins who surprised Taylor a time or two with some well placed arm-drags.  The Champ would have none of it as he quickly turned things around and it became anybody's  match, Until the Ref took a spill.  While the Ref  was sprawled out a Dazed Chance Taylor who had taken one too many shots to the head locked a submission hold on Atkins and he tapped out! But with out a Ref to see it the match could not end.  Taylor then released the hold to check on the Ref allowing Atkins the time he needed to recover just enough to deliver a huge running knee to the Champ`s head that sent Taylor crashing to the arena floor! Chance Taylor could not answer the ten count and was carried off  by the Sons of Thunder to be seen by the Doctor.

The Winner 

by Count out 


( The Title can not change hands by count out) 


OSPW NY Champion 

Chance Taylor

The Report after the match was Chance Taylor suffered a mild concussion and since the match even days later is still having dizzy spells.

Match # 8

The Main Event

World Heavyweight Title Match

Billy Foxx Vs Kwan Chang

Before the Main Event started, 2 Baskets were Raffled off to benefit the

The Baskets were donated to the cause by Matt The Sign Guy and OSPW

Now Onto The MAIN EVENT 

The Bell rang and neither man waisted any time,  exchanging blow for blow, kick for kick in and out of the ring. Billy Foxx almost scored a pin-fall victory not once but twice with two quick roll-ups but Kwan shut Foxx down catching him with a hard kick to the head and from there all Foxx could do was try and survive. OSPW Champion Kwan Chang locked Foxx in his dragon clutch submission on two separate occasions but both times Foxx found away to escape. Both men were giving the other everything they had and then some. This was truly a match that lived up to all the hype! Just when it looked like Foxx may have fought his way back and would become The new OSPW World Heavyweight Champion, Kwan Chang knocked the Ref Bruce Davis into the ropes and  as he was getting  to his feet he caused Billy Foxx who was climbing to the top-rope to come crashing down hard. Kwan then  waisted no time locking Foxx in the Dragon Clutch Submission hold for the third and final time.

The Winner 

and still

 OSPW World Heavyweight Champion

  The Asian Nightmare Kwan Chang

Chang was not Happy to just take his Title and Go. After the match he attempted to do further damage to Foxx with his Kendo Stick . We have seen this before from Kwan and Good thing The Family was watching, as Shadokat, Bishop and Deacon with Steel Chair in hand hit the ring making the save! Deacon and Kwan had a stair down and exchanged a few words as the Asian Nightmare was held at bay by the Fallen.

Thank you all for being apart of

See you next time on October 18th at Aftermath 4

This has been the Complete show report


David James