Pre  Show Match

Doberman vs Rebellion

After all the announcements were made and America's anthem played we all were more than ready for some Wrestlefest Seven Action.  First up we saw a long time rivalry come to an end as Doberman and Rebellion fought it out tooth and nail.  There was nothing pretty about this one plain and simple, it was a closed fist brawl with both men delivering several well placed hard hitting shots to one another. In the end it would be Rebellion who would come out on top after landing a full-nelson slam followed by a modified camel clutch for the submission victory. Your Winner


After the match Doberman was left for dead and fired by Jaz Miles from the team of Maximum Enforcement only to be picked up and taken in by

Rev  Dave

Match # 1

David Evans vs Shadokat

Next we had two top talents in the OSPW Jr Heavyweight TV Title division square off in the form of David Evans against Fallen Member Shadokat.  The action in this match was full of high energy and even higher impact as we saw  moonsaults, quick arm drags and plancha's from the Kat. Then in response we had  suplexes, low blows and flying body press attempts from David Evans. The action went back and forth and neither man seemed to dominate the other, until Shadokat scored the winning blow with a block and a reversal followed up with a shadow falls splash.

 Your Winner 


Papa Kadillac  was seen watching this match and one has to wonder what interest he would seem to have in either Evans or Shadokat.

Match # 2

Six Pack Match 

# 1 Contenders Challenge

Titus Smith vs Sway vs Mandingo vs Super Beast vs Chance Taylor vs Billy Foxx

In this match every man was for himself  and action packed throughout.  Those in Attendance witnessed Billy Foxx and Chance Taylor mixing it up,  Bone crusher against Bone crusher,  Superbeast over powering just about everyone and Titus Smith holding his own using any method he had to to get the upper hand. This was anybody,s match to win and at one point in the bout all six men spilled to the arena floor followed by a double  flying plancha to the out side by Chance Taylor and Billy Foxx.  After that the ref lost a bit of control in this match. With so much action to follow he did the best he could to keep order as Chance Taylor and Billy Foxx scored a double team move on not only Super Beast but followed it up with another one to Titus Smith and allowing Foxx to make the pin and capture the victory.

 Your Winner 

Billy Foxx 

After this match The Bone Crushers were fired by Mr. Perez from the UWC and slapped by Tyger and Titus Smith in the Face who then quickly tucked tail and ran after doing so.

Match # 3

New York Title Match / 3 Way Dance

The Reason vs Kwan Chang vs TSK

Next we saw a new comer to OSPW who by order of the championship committee was added to the New York Title match for some reason. His name was The Reason John Elliott and he went against Kwan Chang and OSPW New York Champion the American Soldier TSK in a 3-way dance. The bell rang and the the Reason waisted no time taking it to TSK.  The two men fought it out hard while Kwan Chang stood back waiting to strike and strike he did by hitting TSK and The Reason with several heart stopping kicks to the chest, back and head. The title almost changed hands a few times as Kwan and the Reason both came close to defeating TSK.  The American Soldier however would not stay down as he fired up and teed off on Chang and the Reason. It looked like he had every thing going his way until the Reason showed just why he was in town and who`s payroll he was on as he joined forces with Kwan and M.E. to help take out TSK.

The Winner 

And New 

OSPW New York Champion 

Kwan Chang

Match # 4

No DQ Tornado Tag Team Title Match

The Sons Of Thunder vs Diablo's Horde

Deacon and Bishop vs Judist Cyanide and Damien Lucas

In Match 4 we saw a match we had all been waiting for and in the end I for one was glad to have seen it.  The Sons of Thunder "Bishop and Deacon" against Members of Diablo's Horde "Damien Lucas and Judist Cyanide" for the OSPW  Tag Team Titles. This was a well fought match by all four men but the Horde soon found out they were out classed and out manned by the Sons of Thunder From the get go. Deacon and Bishop systematically worked over and beat down the Horde and no matter how hard Lucas and Cyanide fought it was not enough, as they found themselves in a double stacked learning tree. The Sons just proved to be a better team and more than the Horde could handle on this night. Even after Deacon was attacked by an un wanted guest, in Rex Atkins as he came into the ring from out of nowhere and speared Deacon. It would not keep him down long enough for the Horde to win and before it was all said and done, The Sons placed Cyanide on an announcers table and drove Lucas down across him and both men crashed through the table to the arena floor and Deacon then covered for the victory.

 Your Winners

and new OSPW Tag

Team Champions for the second time

Bishop and Deacon

"The Sons of Thunder" 

By winning this match the Sons of Thunder have become the first team to capture The OSPW Tag Titles more than once. Further reports on this match have told us that Lucas suffered several injuries. the extent of his injuries at this moment is not yet known.

Match # 5

Hard Core Title Match / Triple Threat

Papa Terry Kadillac vs Trip with Daffney vs Danny Magik

The next match of the night was a triple threat hard core title match between Papa Terry Kadillac, Trip with TNA Knock out Daffney in his corner and OSPW Hard Core Champion Danny Magick. The bell sounded and the carnage began in and out of the ring and all over the arena. The three men attempted to be the first man to do enough damage to the other two and walk away OSPW Hard Core Champ. Never before have I seen such a blend of technical high impact wrestling and hard core mayhem in a OSPW hard core match.  The combatants in this match went from suplexes and body slams to chair shots, shots to the head with steel trash cans,  bamboo sticks and then back to hammer locks, leg sweeps,  figure four leg locks and flying head butts. The Scream Queen Daffney even laid a shot or two in on Danny Magick and Papa Kadillac.  In the end it would be Trip who locked Terry Kadillac in a submission hold after nearly hanging Magick over the top rope to win this one and become your new OSPW Hard Core Champion. After the match Danny Magick demanded a rematch>

Match # 6

Jr TV Title Match

The Misfit vs Kriptic Keegan


The next match up was between The Misfit and Kriptic Keegan for the OSPW Jr Heavyweight TV Title. Misfit waisted no time getting in the face of Keegan even before the bell rang. The match started out slow as both men were feeling the other out as neither man wanted to make a mistake. It went from a few collar and elbow lockups to a slap in the face by Keegan to Misfit. That slap seemed to fire things up a bit between the two men. As Misfit and Keegan punished each other with several back and forth textbook moves and counter moves Shadokat joined the commentators table and looked on with out a word to see Keegan and Misfit  closely matched. Misfit then attempted to end it all with a high risk corkscrew Swanten Bomb and missed and Kriptic Keegan waisted no time hitting a near perfect CSI for the win.

Winner and still OSPW Jr Heavyweight TV Champion

Kriptic Keegan

Match # 7

Woman's Title Match / (Fatal Fourway)

Kaitlin Diemond vs Jena Mya vs Daffney vs Portia Perez

 Next up we had the Woman's title match finals for the vacant OSPW Woman's Championship between Kaitlin Diemond and Jena Mya. Before the match was under way it was interrupted by Portia Perez who by order of Commissioner Big Jay via the phone was added to this match.  The surprises however did not stop there as we also found out that Trip made a deal with OSPW management that if he should win the hardcore title that Daffney would be added to this match as-well. So it would now be a fatal 4-way match for the Woman's Title.  This had to be one of the best looking matches in OSPW history as Daffney, Portia Perez, Jena Mya and Kaitlin Diemond gave it their  all and put on  truly one of the most exciting woman's matches ever seen in OSPW in the past seven years. In the end we saw Kaitlin Diemond crowned the new OSPW Woman's Champion and after winning she tried to add insult to injury and take Jena Mya out of action all together. Lucky for her Jesse Belle was in the house and made the save. Diemond then challenged Mya and Belle to a tag match and says that she would bring a surprise partner to face them but that she really did not need a partner to beat them she could do it by herself !

Match # 8

The Main Event / Ladder Match

OSPW World Heavyweight Title Match

Now for the OSPW Wrestlefest Seven MAIN EVENT between Challenger Brian Emanon and Champion Tyger Smith with wife Angel in his corner. In a fans choice First ever for OSPW Ladder Match for the Championship The bell sounded and the match started and both men waisted no time beating the stuffing out of each other with stiff kicks, closed fists, chair shots, flying leg drops onto one another with chairs and ladders you name it they tried it. Both men were risking life and limb time and time again to win the right to be called the OSPW World Heavyweight Champion. Brian Emanon seemed to be fighting not only Tyger Smith but also his wife Angel Smith all match long. After the ref slipped and fell Brian Emanon hit Tyger with a swanten bomb while Smith was laying across a ladder and then Emanon climbed that ladder to the title and took it down but the ref was still out cold. Angel Smith then hit Emanon with a flying head scissors from off the top rope and Tyger Smith grabbed the belt just as the ref was coming to. Seeing Tyger with the Title belt he called for the bell to award Tyger Smith the Victory only to be confronted by Eric Emanon and head Ref Bruce Davis. The belt was re hung and the match continued. Tyger Smith and Brian Emanon battled on and once more smith found himself on his back looking up at the lights while Brian Emanon climbed the ladder hoping to win the match and the title.  Then Titus Smith hit the ring and shoved the ladder over sending Emanon face first down across the top turnbuckle.  Titus then pushed Tyger up the ladder to the Championship Gold.

The Winner 

and still 

OSPW World Heavyweight Champion 

Tyger Smith 

This has been the official show report by David James see you all next time on

September 19th