Pre Show Match # 1

2 on 1 Handicap Action

Jerimiah Bradly vs Mikey Everynight and Jimmy Stitches

This night began like any other OSPW event with all the important announcements and the announcing team taking their spots to call the action.  Your ring announcer for the night would be the man simply known as RJ.  Now onto the action.  The first match up was the team of Mikey Everynight and Jimmy Stitches taking on The Force Jeremiah Bradley in a two on one handicap match.  This match started with a lot of high energy from Stitches and Everynight followed by tremendous impact from Jeremiah Bradley who destroyed the team of Stitches and Everynight in what might be the fastest match in OSPW Wrestlefest history. 

The winner of this match in a dominant debut!

Jeremiah Bradley!

Pre Show Match # 2

Bacardi Kid Vs Gabriel Soul

Next up we saw UWC member Bacardi Kid with Mr. Perez go one on one with,another new comer making his OSPW debut, The Guardian Angel Gabriel Soul.  This match proved to be a technical delight as both Gabriel Soul and Bacardi Kid proved to be true students of the game with amazing moves and incredible athletic ability.  Just as it looked as if Gabriel Soul had the win, the UWC crashed the party and caused the DQ, as they welcomed Soul to OSPW. 

Your winner of the match

Gabriel Soul!!

 An interesting note, Thunder was seen scouting Soul during the match.


Match # 1

5 Way Jr Heavyweight TV Title

Kriptic Keegan vs Damien Lucas vs Da Latin Soldier vs Eric Emanon vs Shadokat

Next we saw a Fatal 4 way that became a Fatal 5 way for the vacant OSPW Jr weight TV title between Kriptic Keegan, Da Latin soldier of the UWC, Damien Lucas and Eric Emanon.  But just as the match was about to start Shadokat came to the ring in full gear ready for action but limping, followed by Thunder and Deacon with a doctors note clearing Shadokat to compete.  So the match was on and what a match it was.  Action packed in and out of the ring, bodies flying everywhere as all five men gave it their all to be the man to become the next OSPW Jr Weight TV champion.  Never have I seen five men more determined to win a match, but in the end it would be Da Latin soldier of the UWC to capture the victory and the gold.  The winner

and new 

OSPW Jr Weight TV Champion 

Da Latin Soldier! 

After the match, Shadokat took a beating from Damien Lucas and Kriptic Keegan, only to have Jeremiah Bradley finish him off.  Good thing for Shadokat, The Sons of Thunder came to his aid.

Match # 2

Woman's Title Match

3- Way Triple Threat

Kaitlin Diemond vs Jodie Demilo vs Jesse Belle

Next up we saw a triple threat for the OSPW Woman's title between Kaitlin Diemond, Jodie Demilo aka The Surname and OSPW Woman's Champion Jesse Belle.  This match quickly became a two on one as both contenders ganged up on the Champ.  But when it came down to winning and walking out Woman's Champion, there could be only one.  This worked out well for Jesse Belle as all partnerships broke down and gave Belle the break and opportunity to score a pinfall victory over Kaitlin Diemond. 

Your Winner and still 

OSPW Woman's Champion

Jesse Belle! 

After the match Diemond and her Hawaiian friend beat down Jesse Belle, 

lucky for her Mikey Everynight and Billy Foxx made the save.

Match # 3

6 Man Tag Team Title Match

Thunder & The Sons of Thunder put a whooping on  Papa Kadillac and a not so Nasty Sensation

The next match was a six man tag match with a special stipulation and that stipulation was that the OSPW tag team titles would be on the line between the teams of A Nasty Sensation and Terry Kadillac facing Thunder and The Sons of Thunder.  The match started with Papa Terry Kadillac and Thunder locking up and the fun began as Kadillac under estimated Thunder and found out quickly he was in a fight and what a fight it was.  As Terry Kadillac and A Nasty Sensation tried everything they could to hold onto the tag titles, In this six man war that went back and forth. At one point Deacon found himself trapped in the ring taking a beating that would have finished a lesser man.  Bishop tagged in and like a tornado through a trailer park, he mowed down everyone in his path.  A Nasty sensation was shaken up so badly that David Evans hit Nasty Nick with the FYF finisher; That allowed Thunder to come in.  After that it was all over but the crying.  Thunder and The Sons of Thunder locked Terry Kadillac and a Nasty Sensation in a 3 way DDS hold and won the match by multiple submission.

Your Winner 's

and new 

OSPW Tag Team Champion for the third time, 

"The Sons of Thunder"

Match # 4

New York Title Match

Titus Smith Defeats the Snake Man Deven Michaels

Next up we saw a OSPW NY title match between The Snake man Deven Michaels and the Champion Titus Smith.  Deven Michaels came to the ring with Mirage in his corner and a cloth bag that we all just knew had his snake Jezebel in it.  The Champion Titus Smith came to the ring with the gold and Mr. Perez.  The match began and it was perfectly clear that Titus Smith was deathly afraid of the snake in the bag and Deven Michaels used this to his advantage as he played mind games with the Champ over and over for the entire match.  AS the match went on, it seemed Smith would try just about anything to out snake the Snake man and in the end he did just that with a well placed rollup  a hand full of tights and not one but both feet on the ropes for the one,two,three pinfall victory. 

The Winner 

and still 

OSPW NY Champion

Titus Smith!

After the match, a frustrated snake man would strike with a DDT to Smith and the snake came out of the bag, what had to be a fifteen foot python, her name is Jezebel and she did in fact get up close and personnel with Titus Smith, who was finally pulled to safety by the UWC.

Match # 5

Al Jihad - Troy Buchanon - Mabus The Freeeeek


Nick Vickers - TSk - Michael McKinger

Next up we saw a six man tag match between the teams of TSK, Nick Vickers, and Michael Mckinger who were greeted with a huge USA chant against Troy the Boy Buchanon, Mabus the Freak, and Al Jihad with manager Jaz Miles.  Al Jihad came to the rind to a version of the song real American and waved his Iraqi flag the whole way, only to be greeted by anther USA chant.  The bell rang and the match was on and all I can say is it had it's moments.  Moments of laughter, moments of hard hitting action, moments of technical wrestling, But only moments, Like an onion has layers, many layers, So  was this match full of many layered moments.  All in all I was thoroughly entertained.  This one ended as Jihad and Buchanon walked away from Jaz Miles and Mabus the Freak and then the clown suffered a super kick from Vickers that scored the win. 

Your Winners 

of the match  

TSK, Nick Vickers and Michael Mckinger

After the match Jaz Miles fired the freak from ME.

Match # 6

World Title Action

6 Man Elimination Shackles Match

Tyger Smith vs Chance Taylor vs Rex Atkins vs Trip vs Brian Emanon vs Billy Foxx

And now the main event, a six man elimination shackles match for the OSPW World Heavy weight title.  The men involved would be Rex Atkins, Chance Taylor, who suffered an attack on his way to the ring by Titus Smith.  Next up was Brian Emanon followed by Trip.  All four men would be shackled to the ring posts, as Tyger Smith and Billy Foxx, the Champion would start this war.  The match started with some back and forth fast paced action between Champion and his first challenger and then it got interesting as Rex Atkins entered the match allowing the two on one beat down that lasted until Brian Emanon was un-cuffed and hit the ring with intense anger and fury, that lasted until the next man entered the match it was Trip. This match went from a wrestling match to a street fight as every man involved delivered a beat down to each other all over ring side, just smashing and crashing one another off the steel security rails hoping to do enough damage to each other and become the man to walk out the OSPW Champion.  This war went on for quite some time before anyone found themselves on the loosing end.  These six men truly pulled out all the stops.  Elimination goes as follows, Billy Foxx pinned Rex Atkins and the battle raged on leading to the elimination of Brian Emanon by Tyger Smith, followed by more carnage in and out of the ring.  Again, mostly out of the ring, but the only way a man could be eliminated was by pinfall or submission.  Chance Taylor finally made it to his feet and entered the ring with the OSPW World title belt and leveled Trip, Tyger Smith and his long time friend Billy Foxx, only to be eliminated himself by OSPW medical staff due to injuries suffered at the beginning of the match.  He was deemed unfit to continue in the match.  Trip pinned a fallen Billy Foxx a direct result of the belt shot from Taylor, it now looked as it Trip would take it all, but just then Mirage and Angel Smith came to the ring, pulling each others hair.  Trip turned his attention to them and found himself rolled up by Tyger Smith for the win. 

The Winner 

and new 

OSPW World Heavy weight Champion

Tyger Smith!

The night ended with a ear shattering chant of Tyger Sucks tyger sucks! 

Thank You to All who joined us for our eight year anniversary event, 

This has been the official show report by 

David James

See You Next Time