Show Report

Preshow match

Women's Title

Mirage  vs  Dee Licious

Wrestlefest Nine opened up with a woman's title match.  Joey the Bruiser stood in the ring to welcome everyone to the anniversary of OSPW and he called to the ring TOI for a quick Black and Blue interview.  Joey asked the questions and TOI gave the answers.  We found out that TOI took out the current OSPW Woman Champion, so the title is vacant, and it will be Mirage vs Dee Licious.  Also TOI was forced to give back the tag belts they stole, now onto the match.  The bell rang, TOI jumped onto the ring apron distracting the ref, allowing Mirage to way lay Dee Licious with the Woman's title belt and became the new OSPW Woman's Champion.  TOI was about to do further damage, but Ty Licious saved his sister.  After the match Trip joined Ty in the ring and Brian Emanon made his way to the announcers table and a war of words began between Trip and Brian, trip talked about giving the fans a great main event and brian talked about how trip and Ty were nothing but low lifes same as most of the crowed and that it was time for him to bring the rapture tonight, trip said hey hey now thats Deacons bit Brians answer with by the time I am done even the almighty Deacon will kneel at my feet! and in all this Ty played mind games with us all.  Now onto the next match.


Match one

Ryot   vs  TR Sparks

In this match we saw the return of Ryot and the debut of TR Sparks.  Both men looked great and fought hard, but try as he may, TR Sparks could not overcome the demonic strength of the Unholy Ryot.  Your winner..Ryot!!!

Match two

Vic   vs  West, Everynight

Next up we saw Wingman and Drake, The Vigilantes in Charge against West and Everynight with Rev. Dave in tag action.  The bell sounded, the fight was on as both teams jockeyed for position, attempting to be the team to take control.  All four men gave it their all in an entertaining and technically sound match up.  The match could have gone either way as both teams matched up so closely, but it would be Everynight and West who would find the opening to victory.  Your winners...Mikey Everynight and Chris West!!!!


Match three

Terry Kadillac  vs  Gabriel Soul

In this next match we saw Papa Terry Kadillac with Nasty Nick Nice in his corner against Gabriel Soul who had manager Thunder and Dain the Pain watching his back.  And as it turns out, Soul would need the back up to even the odds as Kadillac and Nice attempted to steal another victory with underhanded tactics and outside interference every chance they could, but Soul would hold his own and fight the good fight.  At one point, Soul made Kadillac tap, but the ref did not see it as this hard fought match came to an end, it would be Gabriel Soul who would score the victory. 

Your winner

Gabriel Soul

Match four

Eric Emanon  vs  Nick Vickers

Next up we had an OSPW NY title match set up to go.  The Emanon Army came to the ring with Eric Emanon to await the Champion Fallen member, Nick Vickers who was attacked during his entrance by Punisher Van Slyke, who was paid off by The Army.  So the bell rang and an already beaten Champion did all he could do to stay alive in this one as Eric Emanon went to work on Vickers, but just could not get the job done.  Vickers rallied back, showing us all why he is the NY Champion and scored with a quick roll up to win.  Your winner and still OSPW NY Champion...Nick Vickers!!!

Match five

Tag titles

T-Rex    vs  TOI   vs  SOT

Next up we had a double elimination tag team shackles match for the OSPW tag team titles.  Between 3 of the best tag teams in WNY today, T-Rex Express, Thoroughbreds of Imperfection and the OSPW Tag team Champions Sons of Thunder.  Rex Atkins, Kriptic Keegan and Deacon started the match for their teams.  Once this match started it took on a life of it's own. As this wrestling war began  Deacon seemed to own the ring, but only for a moment as the numbers game caught up,  It became a battle for survival, dominance and one upmanship, in what had to be the hardest hitting match of the night.  That truly left us all entertained, energized and on the edge of our seats.  The first man to be eliminated was Troy the Boy Buchanon, followed by Kriptic Keegan, leaving Rex Atkins and Ikika to face the Sons of Thunder.  It would be a mountain too high for them to climb as the next man to fall would be Rex Atkins, followed by Ikaka, when the Sons of Thunder hit their thunder struck double team kick for the victory.  Your winners and still OSPW Tag team Champions...Sons of Thunder!!!  TOI stole the tag belts once again after Kriptic hit Deacon with

brass knuckles.

Match six

JR TV title

Damien Lucas   vs  Shadokat

Next up we saw an OSPW first, a casket match between Damien Lucas and Shadokat for the OSPW Jr TV title.  This match was full of excitement and surprises from both men.  In and out of the ring, these men fought with everything they had, both men came close to victory a time or two, but neither man could quite get the job done no matter how hard they tried the other man would not stay down long enough to be closed up int the casket.  Just when it looked like Shadokat had Lucas beat down enough to finish him, Hans Gruber would arise out of the casket and wiped out the Kat allowing Lucas to close the lid on Shadokat. 

The winner and still OSPW Jr TV Champion

Damien Lucas

As Lucas and Gruber rolled the casket away, the lights went out for a second and Shadokat appeared on the announcers table leaving a voo doo doll of Lucas in the casket.

Match seven

Nasty Nick Nice   vs  Lexx Anvil

In this next match we saw two young up and comers in the form of Nasty Nick Nice and Lexx Anvil.  Both of these young men have great technical backgrounds and that's what they gave us in part as this match went from classic old school technical wrestling to hard hitting brawling back to technical.  Both men showing their share of abilities and talent mixed with strength and aggression.  This match was too close to call as it seesawed back and forth, both men looked impressive to say the least.  In the end it was Lexx Anvil who would score the victory. 

Your winner

Lexx Anvil

Match eight

Kwan Chang   vs  Steve Kruz 

This next match promised to be one for the ages with the likes of Kwan Change against Steve Kruz and what a classic it turned out to be.  A true pleasure to watch such skilled talent get it done in the ring, as these two vets brought it hard and brought it strong with the high energy, technical attack of Steve Kruz to the powerful blend of killer kicks and painful submission holds of Emperor Kwan Chang.  This match was either mans to be had as they were so closely matched, but it would be Kwan who had the slight advantage with Jaz Miles at ringside and a kendoe stick that both came into play. 

Your winner by submission

the Old School Emperor

Kwan Chang

Match nine

Jeremiah Bradly   vs  Dain the Pain

Next up we saw a classic game of cat and mouse between the 300 plus pounder, The Force Jeremiah Bradly against the very talented jr heavyweight Dain the Pain.  The match went a lot longer than I thought it would as Dain the Pain did his best to overcome the odds with a great hit and run offense, but it would not be near enough to stop the biggest threat to come to OSPW in years.  The Force Jeremiah Bradly proved once again to be too much for his opposition. 

The winner

Jeremiah Bradly

The Force after his win added insult to injury when he tried to squeeze the life from Dain the Pain, who might have suffered internal injuries.

Match ten

Main event World Title

Brian Emanon  vs  Ty Licious  vs  Trip

Now for the main event of the night of Wrestlefest Nine, a 3-way, no DQ match for the OSPW World Heavyweight Championship between Brian Emanon, Ty Licious and Champion Trip.  This match had intense action, flamboyant tomfoolery and twisted tactics from all three men involved.  Trip and Ty Licious put up a fantastic fight, both men came to win and both men came so close to doing just that, but Brian Emanon and the Eamanon Army had other plans as they did not come to just win, but they came to teach some kind of lesson to Trip and Ty Licious.  If you ask me, Brian Emanon and his Army crossed a line as Emanon used a taser once again to score the win and become the new OSPW World heavyweight Champion.  The emanon Army continued to beat down Trip with a chair, a maglight and the taser and beat down anyone who tried to stop them, until members of the Fallen, Nick Vickers and the Sons of Thunder hit the ring.  Trip suffered multiple injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital. it looks as if he may be out of action, we shall see.  Updates on his condition will come in the weeks to follow. So again,

The Winner and new

OSPW World Heavyweight Champion

Brian Emanon.


Thank you for being with us.  This has been the show report by David

James.  See you next time at Aftermath 7 on Sept 3