Pre Show Action

Mirage retains OSPW woman`s title over Dee Licious

With the announce team in place, we saw our fist match of the night.  It was for the OSPW Woman's title, this match was short and bitter sweet as TOI stole yet another victory for Mirage over Dee Licious.  The winner and still OSPW Woman's Champion...Mirage!!!

Match # 1

Danny Magick steps down and a new OSPW Commissioner takes charge and his name is Tyger Smith! As GM REV.Dave is no longer GM as the position is no more by order of Tyger Smith.

After the Woman's Title match the Emanon Army took the ring.  Eric Emanon even dressed up like Trip, his idea of a joke. (Trip suffered injury`s to the neck and throat at the hands of The  Emanons & Perez  at OSPW`s WrestleFest 9,)  Just then the new OSPW commissioner joined us and it was Tyger Smith!!  Who set the matches for the army--Brian would face SuperBeast and Eric would face Shadokat and JC Money would take on Nick Vickers.  One more match caught Tyger's eye, it was Deacon against TOI for the tag belts.  Tyger picked Gabriel Soul to back up Deacon as Bishop was injured and not cleared by doctors to compete.  Also Tyger announced that after meeting with the powers that be and championship committee, the GM`s position is no more...

Match # 2


Next match up was a six man tag between Terry Kadillac, Nasty Nick Nice and Jeremiah Bradly on one side against Dain the Pain, Lexx Anvil and Chris west.  The action in this one was all over the place, a bit comical at times, but still action packed to say the least.  All six men gave it their all and put up a good fight.  The standouts for me in this match hadto be Lexx Anvil, Jeremiah Bradly and Terry Kadillac.  The winners on this night would be the team of Kadillac, Bradly and Nice, who added insult to injury as they beat down Dain the Pain after the bell, Kadillac even locked the figure four cylinder on Dain.  Kadillac and Dain will have a submission match next show.


Match # 3


Next  we saw Eric Emanon take on Shadokat.  This match had all the ear marks of a great Jr's match--fast paced, hard hitting, high flying action from both Emanon and Kat.  Back and forth the momentum flowed, at times it seemed to favor Eric Emanon as he went to work on Shadokat's knee, but the mighy masked marvel fought on and fought hard.  This match could have gone either way, but it seemed that maybe Emanon may have taken Shadokat lightly and paid for it....your winner...Shadokat!!!


Match #  4


Next up was the OSPW tag title match between the challengers TOI-Thoroughbreds of Imperfection against the 3x- tag champions SOT-Sons of Thunder.  We found out earlier in the night that Bishop was injured and Deacon would have to go it alone, but Commissioner Tyger Smith said not so.  Fellow Fallen member Gabriel Soul would fill in.  The match began with Kriptic and Soul locking up, Soul took control quickly and tagged Deacon in, who continued to dominate the match hitting Keegan with a round house kick and a Bishop Bomb to boot.  On several occasions, Deacon attempted to tag Soul but it seemed that Soul was distracted every time either with Mirage, or a fan and then Jeremiah Bradly and Soul began to jaw jack, it was clear Deacon was alone in this fight as TOI attempted to take him apart and became tag champs, but Deacon refused to give up.  Just  as it looked as if Deacon and Soul were going to make the tag, Soul slapped Deacon and left with Bradly, allowing Cutcher and Keegan to strike with a spear and a curb stop imperfection for the victory, but they were not done yet.  As Keegan hit Deacon with brass knuckles, luckily The Family of the Fallen came to his aid.  The winners and new OSPW Tag Team Champions...Kriptic Keegan and Cashius Ikika Cutcher, Thoroughbreds of Imperfection!!!


Match # 5


 The Emperor of Old School Kwan Chang, who made a challenge to the locker room and Phil Phoenix answered that call of duty.  It became very clear very quickly that no matter how hard he tried, Phil Phoenix was no match for Kwan Chang.  Kwan just ate him alive and had fun doing it.  So much so he did not want to stop even after beating him.  Good thing for Phil, Retro Rex Atkins came out to save the day as he told Kwan he would not stand for his bully like tactics.  So, it was on... Kwan Chang against Rex.  This was more of an evenly matched fight or would have been if not for the interference from Jaz Miles and Mabus the Freak.  Atkins might have come out on top, but the odds were stacked against him and it would be Kwan Chang who once again would win with help from his manager and a Kendo stick.  The winner...Emperor Kwan Chang!!!


Match # 6


The next match  was set for one fall and was for the OSPW NY title between challenger JC Money against current Champion and member of The Fallen, Nick Vickers with manager Thunder.  This one started with a bit of fire as both men wasted no time lighting each other up, back and forth the fight went as these two brought the house down in truly one of the best NY title matches OSPW has seen this year.  Both men gave us their all as theyfought hard to be declared the victor.  Either man at any moment could have won, that is how closely matched these two men seemed to be.  But, it would be JC Money who would find that extra something to score the win.  After the match, Nick Vickers suffered a beat down by JC Money and The Eamanon Army.  Commissioner Tyger Smith had to make the save himself, Vickers suffered an injury and was helped out by Shadokat.  The winner and new OSPW NY Champion....JC Money!!!


Match # 7


Next up we had an OSPW Jr TV title match between champion Damien Lucas and challenger Mikey Everynight with manager Rev. Dave.  This match started off with a basic catch as catch can slow paced, technical wrestling feel  as both men attempted to feel the other out and get the upper hand.  Both men fought hard to be the one to do just that, but it would be the champion Lucas who would out think and for the most part out manuever his challenger Mikey Everynight, who put up a great fight and hit a few good moves.  But not enough to best the champion.  The winner and still OSPW Jr TV champion...Damien Lucas!!! After the match a blast form the past hit the ring and then hit was none other than Mike Mcgee.


Match # 8


Next up, Venemus took on the unholy Ryot with manager the Fabulous Frankie Villa.  Venemus came at Ryot with everything he had, delivering a few well placed closed fists and quick kicks, he even attempted an air  born attack.  It was all for nought as Ryot simply took it all and just destroyed the young masked man and dragged him away to who knows the kind of horrible place.  The winner....Ryot!!


The Main Event

Match # 9


Now for the main event between challenger Super Beast with manager Rev. Dave and champion Brian Emanon with special guest referee Tyger Smith.  This match was hard hitting to say the least as Super Beast and Emanon held nothing back every shot had a bit of piss and vinegar behind it.  Commissioner Smith did his best to maintain order in this one.  This was a brawl between two tough men, but it looked as if Super Beast was just a bit too much man for Brian Emanon to keep down.  It looked as if we would see a new champion on this night and then it happened.  The Emanon Army struck as Eric Emanon tossed water on Beast and JC Money slipped the tazer to Brian Emanon behind Tyger's back.  Emanon retains and Beast was carried out after the damage was done.  The winner and still OSPW World Heavyweight Champion...Brian Emanon!!!


This has been the full report by David James.  Thank you to all who joined

us, see you next time at Legacy 7 on October 15th!!