Preshow match

Al Jihad   vs  Curtis Walker

Welcome to OSPW's AfterMath 8 full show report.  The first action of the night was a grudge match between Al Jihad and Curtis Walker that came about when Jihad and Walker had issues at Wrestlefest 10.  Now to the match, in this one we saw a battle of wits and cunning from Jihad against the power and ability of Curtis Walker.  In the end Al Jihad would score the victory after busting Walker in the head with a steel chain.  The winner....Al Jihad!!


Impromptu Interview

We then had an unexpected interview from the Emanon Army, Eric Emanon, Frankie Villa and then Trip.  It was then that we found out that Emanon and Villa stopped Justin Credible from making the show and Trip was not happy about it.


Match one

Jeremiah Bradley, Gabriel Soul, Maximo Suave  vs  Barcardi Kid, Gabe Saint, Tyger Smith

The next match of the night would be a six man tag between OSPW NY champion Jeremiah Bradley, Gabriel Soul and Maximo Suave against Bacardi Kid, Gabe Saint and Tyger Smith.  This match had a lot of action in and out of the ring as all six men went above and beyond in their attempt to wow the crowd and come out on top as the victors of this bout.  The action at times was chaotic at best with men in and out and sometimes all over the place. ACTION, ACTION, ACTION,  I mean managers Horace White and Mr. Perez even got involved along with The Enforcer Titus Smith.  In the end your winners would be the team of Tyger Smith, Gabe Saint and Bacardi Kid!!


Match two

Dieblos Hord   vs   BabyFace Fire

Next up we would see a tag team contenders match between Dieblos Hord, Lucas and Vigo against Baby Face Fire, Chris West and Mikey Everynight.  These teams may have slightly different styles, but they are closely matched.  This match began with a fantastic exchange of technical chain wrestling between Everynight and Lucas.  Followed by a brief battle of the bulk between Big Vigo and Chris West.  Capped off with the destruction of Baby Face Fire from Dieblos Hord as Mikey Everynight was taken apart and Chris West was shut down.  In the end Big Vigo would make Everynight tap out.  The winner with a future tag title shot....Dieblos Hord!!


Match three  

Mike McGee   vs  Venemus

Next up we saw Mike McGee with Manager Jaz Miles take on Venemus.  This match started as a chop fest back and forth between the old grizzled vet McGee and the high energy rookie Venemus, who looked promising a time or two.  But in the end it would be Mike McGee who would score the win, but that would not be enough for McGee?, nope, he added insult to injury as he slapped a figure four leg lock on Venemus.  The Winner...Mike McGee!!


Match four

Jr TV title 3-way

Jay Flyer  vs  David Evans  vs  Lexx Anvil

Next up we saw a 3-way between Jay Flyer, David Evans and OSPW Jr TV Champion Lexx Anvil with manager Thunder and a special guest ref Phil Phoenix.  All three men looked great in this one, but no one looked as strong as Lexx Anvil, who seemed to be just a bit more focused on winning the match then the other two.  So it was no surprise that in the end, even with the involvement from manager Mirage and her new friend Damien Lucas, Lexx Anvil could not be stopped.  Your winner and still OSPW Jr TV Champion...Lexx Anvil!!


Match five

RWC   vs The Fallen

Kicking things off after intermission was a tag team match up of champions as NWA North American Tag Champions, The Rochester Wrecking Crew against The OSPW Heavy weight Tag Champions, The Fallen in a non-title tag match.  The action in this one started before the bell as the RWC attacked The Fallen during their entrance, but the OSPW Tag Champions would turn it around quickly with some well placed double teams and a dominate offense.  But Hell Cat and Rob Sweet would show us all that they were for real as they trapped Shadokat in the ring and went to work with a few double teams of their own.  This drew Deacon in to save his partner a time or two leading to a long awaited tag from Shadokat to Deacon who came in like a house of fire.  The Fallen seemed to be closing in on a victory, but the RWC proved they would do anything to win as Rob Sweet faked an injury, followed by a blind attack to Deacon and a low blow to Shadokat, who was rolled up and pinned for the 1, 2, 3!  The winners on this night Hell Cat and Rob Sweet, RWC!!


Match six

Kriptic Keegan   vs  Evan McCloud

Next up we had Kriptic Keegan take on Evan McCloud.  This match may have been the match of the night as these two irish men lit each other up and held nothing back as they brought the house down in an all out war that neither man wanted to lose.  This one ends in a double DQ finish as both McCloud and Keegan shoved the ref one too many times.


Match seven

TV Title match

Nasty Nick Nice  vs  Terry Kadillac/ Kwan Chang

The next match was set for one fall and it was to be for the OSPW TV title held by Nasty Nick Nice, who entered the ring having his own personal party it seemed, followed by his challenger, former TV Champion, Papa Terry Kadillac, who demanded a rematch.  But as fast as the match began it was over, possibly an OSPW record victory.  Your winner and still OSPW TV Champion..Nasty Nick Nice!!   Wait a second, Kwan Chang and Maximum Enforcement came to the ring and we found out that Chang had put his name on Nasty Nick Nice's open contract challenge.  So we are treated to a two for one OSPW TV title match, with Nasty Nick Nice against Kwan Chang.  This match was hot and heavy as both men went to work back and forth just hammering on one another, but Kwan had a slight advantage with manager Jaz Miles involved every chance he could.  In the end Nasty Nick Nice would find a way to come out on top.  Your winner again and still your OSPW TV Champion...Nasty Nick Nice!!


Match eight

Eric Emanon, Trip   vs  Brian Emanon, Ryot

The main event of the night, between the team of Trip and Eric Emanon with Frankie Villa against Brian Emanon and OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion Ryot.  This match started fast and furious as these four men battled in and out of the ring at first.  Quickly into the fight Brian Emanon found himself trapped in an unfriendly neighborhood as Trip and Eric Emanon worked him over more than he has been in a long time.  Finally Ryot came in all fired up and hard to stop taking Eric Emanon and Trip to a place of pain no man should go.  The winners of the match...Brian Emanon and the OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion, the Unholy Ryot!! 

This has been the Full show report with David James.  See you all next time on October 20th for OSPW's Legacy 8!!!