cassius cutcher    



#1- Cassius Cutcher #2- Deacon

Title History

Deacon was the First OSPW World Champion he "Lost HIS TITLE" AT AWAKENING II


Blackjack Phoenix Loses Title to Paul Tyrell while on tour in Europe  Paul Tyrell loses Title  to Rocker Richards a few days later  A rematch is set for Vienna Austria on October 13th

Rocker Richards vs Blackjack Phoenix

October 13

 Blackjack Phoenix Regains the World Title in 

Vienna Austria by Defeating Rocker Richards

December 8, 2007

 BlackJack Phoenix rides into the sunset and "NO SHOWS" AT LEGACY III TO DEFEND HIS TITLE AGAINST FORMER CHAMPION DEACON! Phoenix was stripped of his World Title and Deacon had to face Every OSPW Champion on the Roster to regain the World Title!

 Deacon Loses his Title to Kwan Chang at Pure Adrenaline

Kwan Chang Loses his Title to Tyger Smith at LEGACY 4 In a 4 way elimination match in which Tyger first pinned Billy Foxx and then Deacon pinned Kwan Chang and then after the ref got knocked out tyger tapped out to Deacon's Finisher and thenDeacon tapped out to Tygers , but there was no call becauce the ref was down. In the end Tyger Pinned Deacon for the first time, to win the World Title!


Tyger Smith Loses his Title to Fallen Menber Billy Foxx at AFTERMATH 5 

Tyger Smith regains the World Title for the second time in a 6 man shackles match at Wrestlefest 8 2010

Superbeast defeats Tyger Smith at Legacy 6 and 30 seconds later Tyger plays his trump card and turns in his automatic rematch bid and Pins a beaten down Beast compliments of the Under World Cartel to become the first OSPW 3 Time World Champion!

Tyger  hands over his Title to Trip at Resurrection 4 as  Trip takes him out in a Tap  Out Rules Match / Details to follow from Resurrection 4 Show results!

Trip loses his Title at Wrestlefest 9 in three way Action between Ty Lichious and New World Champion, Brian Emanon!

Ryot becomes champion at WrestleFest 10 after beating Brian Emanon in a last man standing match!!!

Cassius Cutcher beats Ryot at Wrestlefest 11 in 3-stages match!!

Deacon defeats Cassius Cutcher at Legacy X

Cassius Cutcher beats Deacon at Defining Leverage 5

Trip beats Cassius Cutcher at Exodus 5

Woman's Champion

Red Lightning



#1- Mirage #2- Nikki Jett

Title History

First Champ Angel Williams:

Stripped of Title

21st Century fox wins vacant Title and then  loses Title to luscious Lily

 Lily loses title to Ashleigh Vayda at Legacy  and then Vayda Loses Title to Krystal Banks at Civil War III Krystal loses her title at Resurrection 2 to Princess Raena in a fatal three way bout with Amy Ash. with special guest Referee Danny Christopher presiding!

Princess Raena 

loses her Title at Civil War IV in a Woman's Battle Royal to NYX



 Announces her retirement at the OSPW 2007 / 2008 Awards Ceremony

The Title is now Vacant Woman's Tournament Upcoming in  2009

Kaitlin Diemond, becomes the New OSPW Woman's Champion at Wrestlefest 7 by winning a Fatal Fourway bout against the likes of, Portia Perez, Jena Mya and the Scream Queen, TNA Knockout Daffney.

Kaitlin Diemond loses her title to Jesse Belle at RESURRECTION 3 on Feb, 6 2010

Jena Mya, becomes the New Woman's Champion at Resurrection 4 by defeating  Jesse Belle

DeLicious defeats Jena Mya at Civil War VII to become New Woman's Champion! Mickey Knuckles defeats Delicious at Last Rights in Rochester New York! Delicious retains her title 1 night later , details coming soon! Delicious loses title at  Defining Leverage 2

After The OSPW Womans Title was Vacated at Wrestlefest 9 Mirage beats Dee Licious to become The New Champ.

DeeLicious defeats La Diva, Izzy Love, and Mirage at Wrestlefest X.

La Diva w/Mirage defeats DeeLicious at Exodus 3

Red Lightning Wins Vacant Womans Title in record time against Mirage at Exodus 4


Photos Coming Soon




Gabriel Soul

The Fallen


#1- Sons of Fortune #2- A Nasty Sensation

Title History

-The Sons of Thunder First Tag Champions Lose Titles at AFTERMATH to the Davidson Brothers


-Dangerous By Design  Lose Titles at Aftermath to Tyger Smith & J.C. Money

-Tyger Smith & Billy Foxx lose at Legacy 2 to Mike McGee and Rex Atkins (High Rollers Society)

-McGee Loses his and His Partners Tag Belts at Civil War III to the Kadillacs

-The Kadillacs are stripped of there Belts at Power Struggle!

-Spot Monkeys Inc Defeat The Sons Of Thunder at Aftermath 3

-The Diablo's Horde Team of Ryot and Loose Screw Defeat Spot Monkeys Inc at Aftermath 4

-The Son's of Thunder Defeat Diabo's Horde at Wrestlefest 7 to be the first 2x Tag Team Champions

-A Nasty Sensation defeats The Sons Of Thunder at AWAKENING 5 with the help of a special referee in Rex Atkins

-The Sons Of Thunder with the help from Thunder Himself defeat Papa Terry Kadillac and A not so Nasty Sensation at Wrestlefest 8 2010 to become the first 3x Tag Team Champions in The History of Old School Pro Wrestling

-The Sons of Thunder lose there belts to Thoroughbreds of Imperfection at Aftermath 7

-The Fallen (Deacon and Shadokat) defeat TOI at Exodus 2 to become new Tag Team Champions, only for TOI to invoke there rematch clause and retake the titles back moments later.

-The Fallen beat TOI for the titles in a 3- stages of Hell match at Wrestlfest 10!!!!

Diablos Horde ( Vigo & Lucas) defeat The Fallen at Legacy 9

    Deacon & Tyger Smith defeat Diablos Horde at Legacy 10

    Diablos Horde Defeats Tyger Smith & Deacon at Defining Leverage 5

New York Champion -

Tyger Smith


#1- SGT Dan Fury #2- Chris West

Title History

First Champion Marc Mandrake / loses to Eddie Osbourne in three way dance. Eddie then loses to Marc mandrake in a street fight and 30 seconds later Eddie Osbourne wins belt back in a rematch. Eddie Osbourne loses to marc mandrake in a Lumberjack match. Marc Mandrake then forfeits his title at


Warpath Wins Vacant Title

-Warpath loses his Title at Winter Warfare in a tag team stipulation match to Danny Magick!



-Chance Taylor Becomes OSPW New York Champion at Wrestlefest in 2007 by defeating Billy Foxx

-Rex Atkins Defeats Chance Taylor at Aftermath 4 and surrendered the title at Awakening 4

-TSK Captured the Title at Civil War V in a Fatal Foruway Match against, Al Jihad, Chance Taylor, and Titus Smith.

-TSK  loses his Title at Wrestlefest 7 to The Asian Nightmare Kwan Chang in Triple Threat Action

-Chance Taylor Becomes 2x New York Champion as he defeats Kwan Chang along with Trip and Titus Smith in a Fatal Fourway at LEGACY 5

-Titus Smith Defeats Chance Taylor at Defining Leverage

 -Civil War VII Titus meets his Match, as Newly Fallen Member Nick Vickers , strips him of his title!

-Nick Vickers loses his title at Aftermath 7 to J.C. Money

-J.C. Money is stripped and in a tournament, Ty Lichious becomes new OSPW New York Champion.

-Jermiah Bradley is your next New York Champion as he captures the title at Civil War 8 

-Chris West Defeats Bradley in a Fatal 4-way at Exodus 3

-Tommy Mandrake wins Title From Chris West at Exodus 4

SGT Daniel Roberts Beats Tommy Mandrake and Lexx Anvil in a 3-Way Dance for the at Legacy X

Tyger Smith beats Fury at Exodus 5

OSPW TV Title 

Da Latin Soldier

Photo Coming Soon

Title History

Billy Foxx wins vacant TV Title in 3-way at Wrestlefest 11, after Gabriel Soul's contract runs Out with OSPW!


#1-Billy Foxx #2-David Evans

Jeremiah Bradley wins TV Tournament Final to become champ. at Exodus 2

Papa Terry Kadillac takes the title in a triple threat at Civil War 8

 Nasty Nick Nice beats Terry Kadillac for title at Wrestlefest 10!!!

Gabriel Soul beats Nasty Nick Nice at Defining Leverage 4

Billy Foxx wins vacant TV Title in 3-way at Wrestlefest 11, after Gabriel Soul's contract runs Out with OSPW!

Shadkat beats Foxx at AfterMath 10

 Foxx is Awarded Title at Civil War 10

 Tyler Lime wins Title at Exodus 5


Da Latin Soldier

Photo Coming Soon


#1- Jay Flyier  #2- Mikey Everynite

Title History

-Tommy Mandrake ( First Champion ) Forfeits Title at: AFTERMATH

-TRiP wins vacant Title and then loses Title to Al Jihad at Awakening

-Bishop wins Title at Legacy 2 Against Al Jihad's Replacement Stable Mate Magic The Freak.

-Bishop Loses to Al Jihad at Pure Adrenaline

Crazy Chris Knieval Defeats Al Jihad at Aftermath 4  

Kriptic Keegan Defeats Chris Knieval and two others in a Beat The Clock Match at Civil War V

ShadoKat Defeats Keegan at Civil War VI to become the New Jr TV Champion and end the Rein!

Da latin Soldier becomes Jr Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlefest 8 in a Fatal 4-Way, including former Champions Kriptic Keegan and Shadokat!

Damien Lucas becomes New Jr Champion at Exodus as he battled and won the vacated Title

Lexx Anvil becomes New Jr Champion at Civil War 8

Mikey Everynite wins an Elimination style Triple Threat at Exodus 3

Eric Emanon beats  Mikey Everynite at Civil War 9

Jay Flyer beats Eric Emanon at Awakening 9

Anarchy beats Flyier at Exodus 5

OSPW HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP was held up at Dark Days Falling and has not been seen since!!

Title History

-Glamorous Glenn Dillion ( First Champion ) Loses Title to long time rival Mike McGee

-McGee loses Title to Super Beast at Awakening 

-The Beast loses to TSK AT WRESTLEFEST 2006

-Power Struggle TSK Loses Belt to Rico Cruz then Cruz to Greg Karma who lost it back to TSK who lost to Doberman and all this happened in one action packed match

- Legacy III Doberman loses his belt to former Hardcore Champion TSK

-TSK Loses his Belt at Pure Adrenaline to Papa Terry Kadillac in a Gauntlet Match 

 Terry Kadillac loses his title at Generation Gap on June 20, 2009 to Danny Magik!

 Trip captures the Title from Danny Magik in a three way dance with Papa Terry Kadillac, but he had some help in the form of TNA Knockout. Screeeeeem Queen Daffney.

-Danny Magik regains his Title by defeating Trip at AFTERMATH 5

-After Danny Magik Announces his Retirement at DARK DAYS FALLING, The Championship Committee announces that the hard Core Title Belt has been held up until further notice!

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