Pre-Show Action - Venomous vs Phil Phoenix

Welcome to OSPW Awakening 8!!  So After Joey B, The John and Robert Ezekio took their places to call the action, RJ made the announcements.  The show was under way and it started with a Jr's Match between Venomous  and  Phil Phoenix.  This was a high impact, fast paced match between two young up and comers who showed us all that they are for real and here to stay. This match ended in a no-contest when Cassius Cutcher hit the ring and destroyed the two young men.  Soon after the ring filled up with heavyweights such as TV Champion Nasty Nick Nice, Gabriel Soul, Kwan Chang, Titus Smith, and World Heavyweight champion Ryot.  This lead to OSPW Commissioner Bishop coming to the ring.  He had this to say.."Since the six of you seem to want to make a statement, well you can do it in the ring later in a six man tag!"  Trip then came to the ring to challenge Ryot to a match sometime down the road as he feels they have unfinished business.

House of M     steals the spotlight with a win from Jay Flyier in a non-title match

Next up we had the first 1st round 2013 Emperor of Old School tournament match between Eric Emanon, Jay Flyer with Mirage and OSPW Jr TV Champion Mikey Everynite with Lanny Repman.  The match began with a little give and take as all three men attempted to one up each other, but it was Eric Emanon who would be the main aggressor.  It seemed to me that Everynite and Flyer must have owed Emanon money for the way he was taking it to the bother of them, he looked  just a bit tougher.  All three men put up a great fight, all three men seemed to be at the top of their game, but Eric Emanon seemed to be a step above in this match.  Then he gave it all away, as he fed Everynite to Flyer, who scored the pinfall victory to advance to round 2.

The winner...Jay Flyer!!!

Chris West  decides to not believe in "Magick " and crushes the competition!

Next up we had the 2012 Emperor Danny Magick against OSPW NY Champ Chris West with Lanny Repman, in a 1rst round tournament action unlike the firth two matched of the night.  This match was less flash and dash and more meat and potatoes with a slower more direct classic old school wrestling feel between two true ring tested warriors.  I truly enjoyed the pace and style of this match as both Magick and West entertained us all with a fantastic hard hitting classic that could find itself in the running for match of the year.  This one ends with Chris West on top tapping out the former Emperor of old school to win.  Winner by submission and on to Round 2... Chris West!!  .

The Hammer of the Gods  strikes in Round 1 and advances in the 2013 Emperor of Old School 

Next up between Terry Kadillac, Tommy Mandrake and Lexx Anvil with Thunder in our 3rd round one tournament match.  This began with a bit of fan fare as all three men attempted to gain the approval of the fans.  This worked well for Lexx and Tommy, but not so much for Kadillac.  Then it was off the the races, so to speak, as all three men went to war in an action packed back and forth masterpiece of a match, as all three men went full boar against one another to advance.  Just when it looked as if Kadillac might have this one with Mandrake locked in the figure four cylinder, Lexx Anvil would hit Kadillac with double running forearm hammer shot and cover him for the win.  Your winner and onto the next round...Lexx Anvil!!!

Bishop  sentances these two to Shackles at Civil War 9  after a double DQ , eliminating Both  competitors from tournament!

This next match was the 4th and final first round tournament match between long time rivals Mike McGee with Kwan Chang, Jaz Miles was MIA, against Trip.  This match began a bit slow, but picked up quick as at first McGee seemed to be playing a game of chicken as Trip went for the early victory with several submission attempts.  McGee would finally sucker in Trip and take control for a moment.  This match soon turned into a hard fought brawl in and out of the ring as these two men went back and forth, it was either man's match to win, believe me, both men wanted to win.  This one ends in a double DQ when both McGee and Trip pushed the Ref down. Then all hell broke loose as these men had to be pulled apart by other wrestlers and then OSPW Commissioner Bishop had this to say,

"If you two want to fight so bad, then you can be the first two entered into the Shackles Match at Civil War 9."

Foxx earns #1 Contendership thanks to Mirage's antics ; Tyger  is beaten within an inch of his  ninth life!!!

Next, we had a fatal four way match for a shot at the OSPW NY title between Evan McCloud, Billy Foxx, Brian Emanon and Tyger Smith.  This match started hot and heavy with fast paced, back and forth action as all four men went to war in a non stop roller coaster ride, who would be the victor was anyone's guess.  As all four men looked to be at their best, but in the end it would be Billy Foxx who had the ace in the hole, when members of the D.O.D. and Diablo's Horde interfered just enough to push Foxx to victory.  The winner and new #1 contender for the OSPW NY title...Billy Foxx!!! 

After the match, Tyger would suffer a beatdown by the Horde and D.O.D. and we would find out that these two groups have now joined together as the House of M under the management of Mirage.

The Fallen  wins by DQ and retains the Gold, but at what cost???? House of M strikes yet again!!

Next, an OSPW Tag title match between OSPW Tag Champions The Fallen with Thunder and challengers Diablos Horde with Mirage.  This match began with a bit of back and forth classic tag team action between these two well seasoned teams.  Both teams seemed to want it as both teams gave it their all to walk away with the Gold.  This looked to be a closely evened match, as the match went on this heated up and the action went to the floor all four men like a powder keg now erupted and so did the crowd, who cheered The Fallen onto what looked to be another victory for the champs as they drew strength from the children of The Fallen all around them.  Just then the House of "M" struck again causing the DQ. So your winners and still OSPW Tag team Champions...Deacon and Shadokat, The Fallen!!! 

The Fallen suffered a beatdown after the match by the House of "M".  Some how, Someway The Fallen again pulled themselves up to make this challenge to the Horde, "Find a Team for Civil War 9!" Commissioner Bishop came to the ring and made it so.  Champions  vs  Challengers, 4 on 4, Civil War elimination match, all titles on the line!

Flyier  coasts through Round 2 with the path made by The House of M

The next match was a 2nd round tournament match between Jay Flyer with Mirage against Chris West with Lanny Repman.  This match started off a bit one sided at first as the much larger OSPW NY Champion Chris West over powered Jay Flyer every step of the way.  If not for Flyer's quick thinking and even greater speed, this one would have ended fast, but Flyer's speed would not be enough for the power house known as Chris West. It was only after a distraction from Mirage and a sneak attack by Billy Foxx, that Jay Flyer would score the win to the finals of the tournament against Lexx Anvil. Your winner...Jay Flyer!!!

 Gabriel Soul/ Cassius Cutcher/Kwan Chang  leave victorious!

Next, we saw a six man tag between Cassius Cutcher, Kwan Chang and Gabriel Soul against Nasty Nick Nice, Titus Smith and Ryot.  This match sure had a lot of star power with so many heavy hitters involved.  This one started with a nice display of technical wrestling ability from both Gabriel Soul and Nasty Nick Nice followed by some hard hitting back and forth action.  Some quick tags lead to some wonderful exchanges between all six men as they lit up the ring with some of the best six man tag action seen this year in OSPW.  Truly a well fought match by all involved as things heated up so did the crown as all six men took their shot at a finisher attempt in the hope to be the man to score the victory for themselves and their team.  This made the ring look a bit like a car crash with bodies laying everywhere, it would be Cassius Cutcher who would score the win over Nasty Nick Nice, after a cheap shot from Kwan Chang.  The winners would be the team of Gabriel Soul, Kwan Chang and Cassius Cutcher!!

The bitter House aims for yet another attack, The Fallen  regroups and your NEW 2013 Emperor, Lexx Anvil !!!!

Now onto the MAIN EVENT! for the 2013 Emperor of Old School between Lexx Anvil with Thunder, who Advanced to the finals after a bey to face Jay Flyer with Mirage.  Now to the action between these two young lions, who gave it all they had in a well fought technically sound match up that entertained us all with moments of brilliance and flashes of greatness from both men. This one ends as we crown a new Emperor ...your winner... Lexx Anvil, who suffered an attack by Big Vigo and Damien Lucas after the win. As luck would have it for Anvil,  Thunder called Deacon and Shadokat out who were waiting at the ready to back up their stable mate.

Thank you all for packing the house!!  This has been the Full Show Report by David James.  See you next show May 18th Civil War 9.