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Gruber Challenge

Hans Gruber vs Mikey EveryNight

Before the action began and after the commentators team took their place, OSPW paid their respects to the troops as everyone stood for the American anthem.  Joey the Bruiser called Hans Gruber to the ring, who came with his new manager, Damien Lucas and we all looked on to see who Hans Gruber would take on in his first OSPW Wrestling match.  It would be a member of OSPW security, known as Mikey Everynight, who soon found out it would be an arm wrestling match.  Gruber asked for his table and ref Bruce Davis set it up, as the two men locked up, Gruber could be heard laughing as Mikey tried with all his might to win.  Only to be put down, pulled over the table and then dropped.  Even Damien Lucas threw a few punches.  So the powers that be put him in the match later that night.  Your winner and still undefeated in the Gruber challenge...Hans Gruber.

Match # 1

Cory Constantine vs Shadokat

Before the next match started, Tyger Smith once again held the ring hostage as he insulted the ring announcers Rich Nongilloc and demanded that OSPW World heavyweight Champion Billy Foxx come out and give him back the title.  Well his answer came in the form of Brian and Eric Emanon, who challenged the Smiths to a no DQ tag match.  So later in the night it would in fact be Tyger and Titus against the Emanon Boyz. Now to the first match between Corey Constantine and Shadokat.  As always Shadokat proved he would stop at nothing to amaze the crowd as he fought to win this match over an impressive new comer Corey Constantine with one high impact risk taking move after the next.  This match had several highlight reel moments from Shadokat as he scored the win with a shadofalls splash.  Your winner... Shadokat!!

Match # 2

Six Man Tag Match

Nasty Nick Nice - Ikika - Papa Terry Kadillac vs Horace White - Chance Taylor - Curtis lee Walker

Next up was a six man tag between Nasty Nick Nice, Ikika and Papa Terry Kadillac against Horace White, Chance Taylor and Curtis Lee Walker.  The match started before the bell when all six men began to brawl in and out of the ring. The action was hot and heavy as all six men fought hard but it would be the team of Kadillac, Ikika and the Nasty one who would prove to be the better unit as they cut off the ring and trapped Horace White in the ring and then Curtis Lee Walker in the same fashion after that, and collectively delivered the beat down, no matter how hard Chance Taylor and his team fought to stay in this one it seemed it was not enough.  This one ended when Nasty Nick Nice rolled up Horace White and scored the pinfall, with a hand full of tights I might add.  So the winners of the match would be the team of Kadillac, Ikika and Nasty Nick Nice.

Match # 3

Damien Lucas vs Subarashil Pumpokeen

Next up we had Damien Lucas, who has been training with Hans Gruber, against Subarashi Pumpokeen, who was making his debut in OSPW.  This match started with what looked like it was going to be a test of strength and ended up being more of a dance off that quickly became a back and forth technical bout between the two masked men.  Both men seemed to be closely matched, but in the end Lucas would have something his opponent did not and that would be Hans Gruber at ring side who proved to be all the advantage he would need. 

 The Winner...Damien Lucas!!

Match # 4

Woman's Title Match

Jesse Belle vs Kaitlin Diemond

Next up was newest member of The Fallen Jesse Belle with manager Thunder against Kaitlin Diemond for the OSPW Women's Championship.  The bell rang and these two women wasted no time locking up and Jesse Belle wasted even less time attempting to win as she rolled up the champion not once but three times in a matter of seconds.  Kaitlin Diemond would not be denied as she picked up the pace and brought the pain to Belle when she nearly took her head off with a hard lariet, Belle managed to stay in the fight and rally back with some advice from manager Thunder.  As Kaitlin Diemond realized she was at risk of loosing the gold, she picked up her title belt and smashed Belle in the back of the head right in front of the ref causing the DQ.  Your winner...Jesse Belle, but still OSPW Womens Champion Kaitlin Diemond.

Match # 5

Jr Heavyweight TV Title Match

Kriptic Keegan vs Sean Carr

Then we saw an OSPW Jr Heavy weight TV title match between Champion Kriptic Keegan and challenger Sean Carr.  The bell rang, but the action did not start right away as Champ Keegan was distracted by the crowd chanting loser!!  loser!! at him.  After this Sean Carr went on the attack on Keegan with several well placed kicks that seemed to knock Kriptic off his game a  bit, then the champ turned it all around as he not only out smarted, but also out maneuvered the rookie challenger.  It seemed every time Sean Carr would attempt to mount an offence Keegan would cut him off and shut him down.  It was only just a matter of time for Kriptic Keegan to wait for his moment, the moment to strike with the CSI and he did so.  The winner of the match and still OSPW Jr Heavy weight TV Champion Kriptic Keegan!!

Match # 6

David Evans vs Bishop

Next up was David Evans against Bishop.  Evans came to the ring with Nasty Nick Nice and his rookie of the year plaque in hand and was greeted by a "you suck" chant from the crowd.  Next Bishop made his way to the ring followed by manager Thunder and tag team partner Deacon, who were greeted with a standing ovation from the fans.  The match was on as both men locked up and Bishop took the advantage early as he overpowered Evans, but Evans quickly countered and locked a hold or two of his own on his larger foe.  The two men entertained us all with a fantastic display of technical wrestling and hard hitting blows mixed with a few high risk moves to boot.  At one point Evans tried to leave the ring right past Terry Kadillac who was once again watching a Evans match.  Deacon appeared in the entrance way and stopped Evans from escaping and beat Nasty Nick Nice back to the locker room.  While Bishop and Evans continue to battle on, Bishop blocked Evan`s first attempt at the  Sensationalizer and put him into the learning tree. I have to say I feel  This match could be in the running for match of the year.  Evans would finally hit his move on Bishop, but took far too long enjoying the moment instead of covering for the pin and Bishop would then take it all away with a perfectly placed titanium round house kick and the cover for the 1,2,3 victory.  Your winner... Bishop!!

Match # 7

Al Jihad vs Trip

Before the next match started, we had a visit from the current OSPW Hard Core Champion Danny Magick, who announced his retirement due to an injury and that the OSPW Championship committee had told him the title would be held up until further notice.  Magick said thank you to the crowd and to the locker room and OSPW management and the fans returned the thanks with a thank you Danny!!  Followed by Magick asking Trip out to the ring who came out and told Magick to shut up and get better and give him one more match.  Well Magick answered by announcing Trips opponent for the night and it was the returning Al Jihad. Now onto the action.  The two men put on a technically sound wrestling match as they went back and forth with a series of collar and elbow tie ups, followed by head lock take downs and one or two quick rollup pin attempts.  Then the fists and kicks began to fly between Jihad and Trip, followed by a suplex or two, it would be Trip who would find a way to win as he locked Jihad into a submission hold for the victory and found his smile once again.  The winner.... Trip!!

Match # 8

OSPW Contract Match

Rex Atkins vs Deacon

Next up we had a contract match between Deacon and Rex Atkins, this meant if Rex Atkins could find a way to beat Deacon he would win his contract back.  Rex Atkins wasted no time as he attacked Deacon from behind on his way to the ring to get things started.  Yes I said from behind like he has been doing for month after month with Deacon and the Fallen.  But Deacon would not be denied as he fired back on Atkins and now it was a fight as both men slugged it out with closed fists and hard forearm shots, high knees and kicks to the face.  As Atkins and Deacon waged war on each other, this one was truly a fight between two men with a lot of bad blood between them, but no matter how much they punished each other, neither man would call it quits.  Deacon seemed to be more focused on hurting Atkins then actually winning the match.  While Atkins was trying to beat Deacon and survive the fight, before it was over Thunder managed to get a shot in on Atkins, the crowd seemed to enjoy that I tell you. Then Deacon became irate after Atkins slapped his face several times,  Now Atkins found himself in a world of hurt and trouble as Deacon began to just pummel him with one closed fist after the next.  While the ref repeatedly warned him to open his hand, to back off to allow Atkins to get out of the corner.  But Deacon refused to listen and as the ref grabbed Deacon's arm, he was thrown to the ground and had no choice but to DQ Deacon.  Rex Atkins had gotten into the head of Deacon like no other man has before and Deacon snapped on the ref and laid him out with a sit out power bomb.  After the match it seemed as if Deacon was sorry for loosing his cool, he helped the ref out of the ring, but the end result still remains to be.  The winner of this match by DQ... Rex Atkins!!!

Further reports since the match are as follows, Deacon was indeed fined and fined heavily for touching the ref and also Deacon suffered a fractured hand, but has been cleared to wrestle the next OSPW event.

Match # 9

No DQ Tornado Tag Match

UWC ( Tyger and Titus Smith ) vs The Emanon Boyz ( Brian and Eric Emanon )

Next we had the Smiths against the Emanon Boyz in a No DQ Tornado Tag Match, an anything goes match.  First the cartel came to the ring followed by the Emanon Boyz and the action began with out hesitation in and out of the ring, over the top rope and off the ring apron.  All four men pulling out all the stops, stopping at nothing to literally destroy each other as they used steel chairs, metal bars, flashlights, and before it was over even a staple gun and rubber hose.  Anything they could get their hands on was put to use by every man involved.  If ever things got a bit out of hand in OSPW, it was in this match.  The UWC seemed to have the upper hand most of the fight since they had Mr. Perez and a UWC pledge at ringside making it a four on two match at times.  But the Emanon Boyz found a way to rise above and score the win as Brian Emanon pinned Tyger Smith after hitting a swanton bomb splash.  Your winners.... The Emanon Boyz!!

Match # 10

Main Event

OSPW World Heavyweight Title Match

Kwan Chang vs Billy Foxx

Now for the main event, for the OSPW World Heavy Weight Championship and what an exciting match it was!  After Kwan Chang belittled the ring announcer by forcing him to re-announce him, the World Champ Billy Foxx hit the ring and Chang and Foxx brought the house down with one of the best OSPW main event matches of the year.  Both men showed us all exactly why they are champions with a hard hitting and high impact wrestling clinic to say the least.  This match could of went either way as on several occasions both Foxx and Chang came within an eye lash of a 3 count victory over the other.  I was kept on the edge of my seat the entire match, when I could sit down that is.  This one ended when Kwan Chang hit Foxx with a side belly to back suplex and held on for the pin, but both men had all four shoulders on the mat and just as the 3 count came down Foxx turned a shoulder, the bell rang and Kwan grabbed the title only to have Ref Bruce Davis take it from him and give it to your winner and still OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion.... Billy Foxx!!

This has been the official show report by David James.

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