One hell of a match ends in a time limit draw between Anarchy & Everynite!!

Welcome to Defining Leverage 4.  Calling the action would be The John, Robert Ezeckyo and Joey the Bruiser.  The show opened with the fans singing the Anthem together live!  Tyger Smith had a few things to say in a Black and Blue interview.  And we had an action packed match between Anarchy and Mikey Everynite.  This was a hot opener as both these men seemed to be on fire as they pulled it all out in one of the best Jr division matches OSPW has seen all year.  This match was a technical delight with a touch of good humored nonsense in the mix.  This match could of went to either man as they seemed so closely matched.  But this one would go the distance and end in a time limit draw.

Tommy Mandrake & Titus defeat Kwan Chang & Kadillac

It would be a tag match between Kwan Chang with manager Jaz Miles teaming up with Terry Kadillac taking on Titus Smith and Tommy Mandrake.  A couple of odd pairings to say the least, but with the tag division heating up, anything is possible!  We saw some great tag team action in this one as I am sure you could all and would all agree. This match was A whole lot of fun as Tommy and Titus seemed to be having a ball together, not so much for Kadillac and Chang, until they turned it around to their favor, that is.  And then the beating began for poor Tommy Mandrake as Chang, Kadillac and Miles cheated as much as they could only to find out that Mandrake's are tough as Tommy held on long enough to reach Titus Smith, who came in knocking some heads. This lead to a double pin.  Your winners...Titus and Tommy!!!

"The Hammer of the Gods" defeats Venomous

Next up we had Venomous now part of M.E. with Mike Mcgee and lead by Jaz Miles against Lexx Anvil with Thunder, members of the family of The Fallen. The bell rang and the fight was on between two of OSPW's seemingly larger than life characters pulled straight out of a comic book.  Now locked in battle for you, the OSPW fans, in one hell of a good match as both men came to win and brought their A game.  It would be Lexx Anvil who would come up with the victory after turning Venomous inside out with a running hammer.  Your winner...The Hammer of the Gods, Lexx Anvil!!!

Gabriel Soul steals the TV Title from Nasty Nick Nice by the distraction of Mirage!!!

In the following match we had Gabriel Soul with Mirage of the House of "M" against Nasty Nick Nice. This would be for the OSPW TV Title. As the fight began Soul wasted no time resorting to low down dirty tactics to control the flow of the fight and keep things going in his favor.  Triple "N", Nasty Nick Nice, showed moments of greatness as he attempted to bring things back around to his side of the fence, but it would be an up hill climb as Soul was relentless in his attack and with Mirage at ring side distracting Nick every chance she could.  The Nasty ones rally was short lived and House of "M" scored big.  The winner and new OSPW TV Champion Gabriel Soul!!!  The House of "M" attacked Nick after the match, so OSPW Commissioner Bishop stopped it and made a tag title match, immediately to follow!!

What the ......? The Fallen gets DQ'd but retains the Gold

With the Horde already in the ring as the House of "M" attacked Nasty Nick Nice, The Fallen Deacon and Shadokat came to the ring with manager Thunder as Bishop sent the house members to the back.  Now the action for the OSPW Tag Titles, The Fallen came out strong with quick tags and brilliant double teams on Damien Lucas.  Big Vigo attempted a save but was beaten back to his corner by Deacon with a flurry of MMA style strikes and kicks. Lucas would soon strike back and The Horde took over on Shadokat, only to allow Deacon to tag back in...  This lead to a battle that soon flowed into the favor of the Horde with Shadokat hurt on the apron and Deacon in trouble fighting off two men and a ref who seemed to be bias in favor of the House of "M".  The titles might be changing hands but no, The Fallen fired up strong just as it seemed The Fallen had the match, Lucas attacked Deacon, Mirage tossed Vigo a chair and with the Ref not looking he tossed the chair to Shadokat and fell down, the Ref caught Shado with the chair in his hands.  The winners by DQ..The Horde!!!

Trip gets McGee to say I Quit, or did he?

 Now for the next match, an "I Quit" match between Mike Mcgee of M.E. and Trip of the Society of Madness.  Neither man wasted any time taking the fight to the other and this was a fight more than anything as both men hit each other with everything they had and then some, closed fists, stiff kicks, low blows and just for good measure a submission hold or two in hopes to hear those words "I quit".  Then it turned ugly as cookie sheets, ladders and tables came into play as if they had not already done enough to each other without weapons.  Both men fought a hard knock down, drag out fight giving it everything they had to give and then some as Mike Mcgee was KO'd and suffered injuries that sent him to a local hospital.  So even though the words "I quit" where never spoken, the Ref awarded the match to Trip...  Your winner...Trip!!

OSPW's thoughts and prayers are with Mcgee for a full and fast recovery.

West defeats Evan McCloud, who turned into a sore LOSER!!!

Next up we had Evan MccLoud and Chris West with Lanny Repman, in an OSPW NY title match.  This match had a lot of attitude and was full of emotion right from the get go as MccLoud insulted everyone and everything, thankfully the Champion Chris West shut MccLouds mouth fast or so we thought.  Just like that MccLoud was back into the fight and running his mouth every chance he could.  West and MccLoud put on an old school clinic and I for one enjoyed every second of it, back and forth it was any mans match to win as they both dug down deep pulling out all the stops in this modern day classic match up.  In the end it would be West who would come out on top.  Your winner and still OSPW NY Champion...Chris West!!! MccLoud would not go away as he jumped West after the fact.  I am sure we have not seen the last of him.

The "NEW" UWC beats The House of "M"

The following match was a tag team match between members of the House of "M" Billy Foxx and Jay Flyer with Mirage against Tyger Smith and his new ally, the OSPW Jr TV Champion Eric Emanon.  This match was a new schoolers dream, an action packed, fast paced, high energy maylay as all four men flowed in and out of the ring with what seemed to be attacks of wreckless abandon, full throttle, non stop for the most part.  A hundred miles an hour back and forth and back and forth again with no where to go until their tanks began to run out and then bam! A car crash of bodies piled up into a fantastic double team finish that the Ref seemed hesitant to count.  Your winners...Tyger Smith and Eric Emanon!!!   After the match the Bacardi Kid attacked Smith and Emanon and joined the House of "M".

Ryot retains the OSPW World Heavyweight Strap

Now the Main Event for the OSPW World Heavyweight Championship between Cassius Cutcher and Ryot with  ring enforcer Titus Smith.  These two power houses have been going head to head taking it to each other for months now and tonight would be no different as these two bulls went to work on one another with a bit of over times TA boot.  Truly a big mans battle with a flash of technical amazement a time or two.  Mostly these two men just wore each other out with good old fashioned, raw boned, hard hitting beat downs and then Cutcher put the thumb in the eyes of Ryot that lead to the assigned Ref to be dropped by the Champ.  Another Ref came out and Cutcher dropped him and Ryot with a belt shot.  This lead to the special ring enforcer Titus Smith who entered the ring and had words with Cutcher.  As the Champ pulled himself up hitting his finisher on Cutcher to retain the title.  Your winner and Still OSPW Champion...Ryot!!!

 Thank you for packing the house once again!! This has been a full show report with David James  see you next time AUG 10th

OSPW`s Wrestlefest 11