OSPW`s Legacy 8 full Show report

Preshow match

Mike McGee  vs  Chris West

Welcome to OSPW's Legacy 8.  Your announcer for the night, RJ and your play by play and color team of The John with Joey the Bruiser.  First up

we saw Mike McGee with Jaz Miles against Chris West with his new manager Lanny Repman.  This was a mis-matched battle of beast and man as Chris

West was a bit too much man for the old Beast like hard core Hall of Famer Mike McGee, for the greater portion of this match, even with the

interruption from Jaz Miles.  In the end Chris West would make McGee tap out to a crossface.  Your winner..Chris West!!!

Match One

Bradley & Soul  vs  Smith & Saint

Next up we had a tag match between the teams of Bradley and Soul, The Jones against Tyger and Saint, The team of 2 SYC with Titus Smith in their

corner.  These two teams brought a fire and intensity to the ring, it was clear from the get go there was no love lost between them.  This was a

high impact hard hitting fight, more so than a technical wrestling masterpiece.  We witnessed beat downs, closed fist brawls, glancing blows,

followed by underhanded cowardness and a blatant show of disrespect.  The winners of this match with some help form Maximo...The Jones!!!

TV Title Match - Match Two

David Evans   vs  Nasty Nick Nice

This next match was between former partners David Evans and Nasty Nick Nice and it was for Nick's OSPW TV title.  It started with a lot of

comedic nonsense but quickly turned into a fast paced well fought wrestling match between two top notch combatants.  David Evans and Nasty

Nick Nice showed us all that what they lacked in looks they made up for with ability.  The fans of OSPW truly won no matter which man came out on

top in this one. as this was in the top 3 of matches of the night.  But when it was all said and done, your winner would be and still OSPW TV

champion...Nasty Nick Nice.

Match three

Cassius Cutcher   vs  Brian Emanon

Next up we had a battle of the big men between Cassius Ikika Cutcher and Brian Emanon.  At times it was like two bulls butting heads, neither man

giving an inch, but both men attempting to take a mile.  Emanon seemed to display better technical skills than Cuther, but Cuther's power meanness

and underhanded nastiness would win the day.  The winner.. Cassius Ikika Cutcher!!!

Match Four

Eric Emanon  vs  Mikey Everynite

Next up we had a Jr's division match between Eric Emanon and Mikey Everynight with his new manager Lanny Repman.  This match was action

packed from the get go as Mikey was full of high energy, while Eric was full of vinegar and venom, fighting off Everynight's attack like a much

bigger man, at times he was just shrugging off the blows leading to a high risk, high impact swanton off the top for the win.  The winner... Eric


Match Five -Title for Title Tag Title match

RWC  vs  The Fallen (Deacon/ShadoKat)

This next match was between the RWC and the Fallen and it was for both teams tag team titles.  The action in this match was second to none and

the crowd seemed to agree as they cheered, chanted and booed at times it was deafening.  This match was a classic tag tam clinic from start to

finish.  All four men fought hard, it was difficult to pick a winner or say who was the better team on this night as both teams seem so closely

matched in ability.  It was clear that all four men wanted the win. ShadoKat found himself trapped for a portion of this match as the RWC

cut the ring off with a few underhanded tactics turning the Ref around a time or two as he missed not one but two tags from ShadoKat to Deacon.

Finally Deacon came in like a house of fire, the action spilled to the floor as Deacon found himself in a two on one battle with The RWC, only to

be saved by his partner, who came crashing down from the heavens onto everyone fighting below these four men finally made it back to their feet

and the fight continued on the outside as The RWC and The Fallen just beat the stuffing out of each other.  As the Ref laid the count down this one

ends in a double count out draw. and I felt was one of the best matches of the night,   Word has it these two teams will lock up one more time at

Exodus 3 on Dec 1st.

Intermission Interview

In this interview we heard Trip talk about his injury, his condition as it stands and his road to recovery.  He was interrupted by Mike McGee who

paid for his disrespect with a boot to the face.  The 2nd part of this interview time we had a visit from the 12th man who entertained the crowd,

tossed a few footballs and then found himself laid out by Danny Magick, who went on a rant about who sucked and who didn't.  Now back to the


Match Six

Diablos Horde  vs  Phil Phoenix and Marc Krieger

Next up we saw the team of Diablos Horde, who has a future tag title shot, I might add, against Phil Phoenix and Marc Krieger.  Well the Horde did

not waste any time in their attempt to take control over Krieger and Phoenix.  This did not go their way at first as we saw some over the top

high flying high jinx from Krieger and Phoenix in the first two minutes of this bout.  Luckily for all you old school wrestling fans out there, even

though I do not care for them Diablo`s Horde brought this match back to the mat with some ground and pound double team tag wrestling, cheating

every chance they could get, I might add.  All in all this match kept us entertained, to say the least.  In the end Diablos Horde took another

sacrifice by submission.  The winners...Damien Lucas and Big Vigo with new manager Mirage, Diablo`s Horde!!!

Match Seven - Jr TV title match

Terry Kadillac  vs  Lexx Anvil

Next up we had a Jr TV title match between Papa Terry Kadillac and Champion Lexx Anvil with manager Thunder.  This match took forever to get

going as Kadillac spent for ever avoiding Lexx Anvil and jaw jacking with the fans, doing all this in an attempt to sucker the Champion into a

position to deliver a low blow.  This would not keep Anvil down long and Kadillac would suffer for it in the long run.  Kadillac would spend more

time looking for a way to cheat in this match and it looked as if it was going to pay off for him.  I mean it looks as if he had won the match but

after the Red made the count he noticed a fist pack in Kadillacs hand and called off the count allowing Lexx Anvil to deliver a huge belly to belly

suplex for the 1, 2, 3 victory.  Your winner and Still OSPW Jr TV Champion...Lexx Anvil!!!

Match Eight

Kriptic Keegan   vs  Evan McCloud

Up next was Keegan and McCloud  two as the battle of the Irish continued  This match was one of the best matches of the night, it was in the top

three and could have been the best singles match on this card, it all depends on who you ask.  These two hot heads wasted little to no energy

making every move count as they beat the green off of the other, in and out of the ring.  Both men proved to be on the top of their game as the

action went back and forth, it looked as if this match could go either way as neither man seemed to have any quit in him.  In most feds this could

have easily been the main event. but not OSPW just one of the top notch matches on a great card. In the end Keegan found a four leaf clover and

claimed victory over McCloud by distracting the Ref and cheating with a pair of brass knuckles to knock McCloud silly.  The winner...Kriptic.

Match Nine  - OSPW World Heavy weight title match

Kwan Chang  vs  Ryot

Next up and finally after a night of high octaine, non stop, second to none wrestling action, we had your OSPW World Heavy weight title main

event between Challenger The Asian Nightmare Kwan Chang with Jaz Miles against Champion The Unholy Ryot.  This match had hard hits, killer kicks,

outside interference and a manger throwing fits.  These two monsters hit each other with everything but the kitchen sink.  One thing I had to keep

asking myself was how much was this Ref going to allow?  I mean Manager Jaz Miles cheated so much that most Refs would have called the match, but

no they fought on.  And even with all the interruptions, Ryot found  a way to overcome.  Your winner and still OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion..The

Unholy Ryot!!!

After the match, Cassius Ikika Cutcher made it known to us all and Ryot that he is coming for the title, he doesn't fear Ryot, he told Ryot to

take the make-up off, I want to face the man if there is one under the paint he said.

Thank you all and see you next time on Dec 1st at OSPW's Exodus 3.  This has been the full show report by David James.