Full Show report

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3-way Elimination tag

Roc City Warriors  vs  Rich Kids  vs  Sons of Fortune


Welcome to Legacy 9!  The show opened with the House of "M" taking the ring along with Big Vigo who had a few things to say.  Mainly he just wanted to attempt to get another shot for himself and Lucas at The Fallen and their OSPW Tag titles.  He did just that as he enraged Deacon with a story of wanting what Deacon had and a so called visit to his home.

Now to the first match, a 3 team elimination tag match between The Roc City Warriors, Rich Kids, and The Sons of Fortune.  This one started a bit recklessly with closed fists and suicide dives.  The action slowed a little as we saw some solid back and forth tag team action from all three teams.  The first team to be eliminated by count out were the Rich Kids. Again all three teams gave us a great showing, but the team that stood out and earned a shot at tag team gold would be none other than The Sons of Fortune, Chris West and Mikey Everynight, managed by Lanny Repman.  Your winners... The Sons of Fortune!!!


Xavier Fate  vs  Nasty Nick Nice


Next up we saw Xavier Fate against Nasty Nick Nice.  This one had all the ear marks of a classic old school wrestling match as these two men truly lit up the ring early in the night.  Around and around they went. it was either mans' match to be had as Nasty Nick Nice and Xavier Fate looked to be that evenly matched.  It would take a slip up from one or the other to create the opening to victory.  Your winner would be...Xavier Fate!!!



Venomous  vs  Kadillac  vs  JD  vs  Keegan


Next we had a 4-way featuring Venomous against Terry Kadillac against JD and Kriptic Keegan.  This match was fast paced and action packed with some amazing moments as Kriptic Keegan had to fight his way through three men who focused on taking him apart above all else, but the friendship between these pack of wolves broke down fast as only one man could be called the winner.  In a surprising turn of events, the winner of the match would be Venomous when he scored the pin on Terry Kadillac, while Kadillac had Keegan in the figure four cylinder leg lock.  Again, your winner...Venomous!!!


TV title match

Tommy Mandrake vs  Billy Foxx


Next up we had an OSPW TV title match between Tommy Mandrake and Champion Billy Foxx.  AS you might expect this match was full of childish hijinx and family fun for all.  When the lost boy Tommy Mandrake attempted a game of Twister, this back fired on him when Billy Foxx spun a right foot on blue and the beating began.  No matter how much Foxx took it to Mandrake, he would not give up.  He continued to fight back and fight hard.  The house of "M" thought they had it won when Mirage attempted to blind Mandrake, but hit Foxx instead, with so sort of powder followed by Jay Flyer's attempt to get involved this all failed for the house in one way, but worked out in another as your winner would be Tommy Mandrake by DQ, but the title would not change hands.


Heavyweight Title

Lexx Anvil  vs  Cassius Cutcher


Next up we had a visit from current OSPW World Heavyweight Champion Cassius Cutcher who insulted the fans and said there was no one to take him on. Then the current Emperor of Old School, Lexx Anvil, with his manager Thunder, came out and we had a title match in the making.  Now the action, as these two ring warriors locked up and gave us some hard hitting old school technical wrestling at its best.  Both men looked ready, both men looked strong and both men gave us their all in this epic heavyweight title bout.  On more than one occasion we came close to seeing a new Champion.  That being said, the Champion fought just as hard and covered for a 2 1/2 count many times.  This was either mans match to be won and just like that Cutcher caught Anvil coming off the top rope with his finisher to win.  Your winner, still OSPW World Heavyweight Champion Cassius Cutcher!!  After the match Lexx Anvil laid the Champion out! Cutcher was quoted later in the night to have said he wants Anvil again!


Trip   vs   Ryot


Before the next match we heard from Titus Smith who told us all due to a back injury he was calling it quits.  So those at the event and the boys in the back joined him to say Good Bye and Thank you Titus!!

Now to the next match.  Trip against Ryot and what a match it was.  Trip introduced us all to his little sister and the action was some of the best we have ever seen from these two maters of the ring.  The fans seemed to be split down the middle in this one as both Ryot and Trip are huge fan favorites in OSPW.  But this did not stop either man as both men came to win and both men pulled out all the stops in one hell of a classic old school style wrestling match that could wind up in the running for match of the year If you ask me. I for one enjoyed every moment of this one.  In the end your winner would be Ryot who attempted to shake hands with Trip who said no, but then stopped.  The house of "M" who attempted to attack Ryot only to have Trip convince them not to as he walked off with them?  Again, your winner...Ryot!!!


4-way JR TV title

Jay Flyer  vs  Ricky Williams  vs  Anarchy  vs  Emanon

 This next match was a fatal 4-way for the OSPW Jr TV title held by Eric Emanon against Jay Flyer, Ricky Williams and Anarchy.  This one started hot and heavy with fast paced, high flying action in and out of the ring, bodies just spilling every where.  One thing was for sure, these four men showed us all that they know how to move.  This one sure had a lot going on, if you blinked you would have missed so much.  I will say all four men looked great and fought hard in an exciting non stop action packed maylay of a match.  Your winner and still OSPW Jr TV Champion..Eric Emanon!!!


Kwan Chang  vs  Tyger Smith


Next up we had one for the ages as two OSPW ring vets locked horns in the form of Kwan Chang against Tyger Smith.  Truly a main event match up on any card in any fed.  This match was a battle between two of the best as these two men wasted no time getting to it as they waged war on each other with explosive hard hitting action in and out of the ring.  Both men pulled out all the stops, giving it everything they had in a blood, sweat and tears type of fight that took both men to their limits and ended with both men laying on their backs in a time limit draw.  Tyger Smith and the fans asked for 5 more minutes, Kwan Chang`s answer was No!  Again, this one ended in a draw.


Tag Titles

Diablos Horde   vs  The Fallen


Now for your Main Event and it would be for the OSPW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles between Diablos Horde of the house of "M" with Mirage and The Fallen with Thunder.  Let's get to the action!  This match had all the hype and lived up to it as these two teams attempted to tear each other apart, along with the roof off the Leonard Post.  It was clear to see that Big Vigo had gotten into the head of Deacon, but this did not stop the team of The Fallen from fighting the good fight.  All four men looked on top of their game in this one as the Horde did a great job of trapping Shadokat in the ring and keeping Deacon on the apron a good portion of the match.  Then the moment we all were waiting for, Deacon and Big Vigo one on one, exchanging blow for blow.  Then Deacon went MMA on Vigo with a series of blocks, strikes,  locks and then a flying kick, it was all over but for the crying.  The Fallen set up for the demon slayer, but the house of "M" had an ace in the hole when Ref Daniel Roberts hit the ropes sending Shadokat tumbling down, allowing Deacon to be attack from behind by both Vigo and then Lucas, followed by the fastest 3 count on record.  The winners and new OSPW Tag team Champions, Lucas and Vigo, of the house of "M", Diablos Horde.

After the match OSPW commissioner Bishop released Daniel Roberts of his Ref duties and has put him in action at OSPW`s Dec 14th Exodus 4 event.  It will be Lucas, Vigo and Roberts against Shadokat, Deacon and a partner.

Thank you all for joining us!  See you next time!  This has been the full show report by David James.