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Pre Show Match

Hans Gruber vs Jimmy Stitches and Mikey Everynight

After all the announcements and the commentators team of Rev. Dave, Thunder, Joey the Bruiser and the return of Commissioner Big Jay, took their place,The American anthem played,and the action began! with a two on one handicap match between Hans Gruber against the team of Jimmy Stitches and Mikey Everynight.  This match started as both Stitches and Everynight attempted to take it to Gruber, only to find out that it is easier said than done when Gruber just literally man handled both of them.  At one point Gruber played catch with his manager Damien Lucas using Stitches and Everynight as the balls.  This one ended when Gruber put Stitches and Everynight in a side by side full nelson face buster. 

The Winner

Hans Gruber

Match # 1

Terry Kadillac vs Shadokat

Next up we saw the King of old school Terry Kadillac against the high flying machine Shadokat.  this match started with a chant of burger king burger king, that left Terry Kadillac holding his ears and out of his game, Shadokat wasted no time going onto the attack with high flying, hard hitting moves, one after the next.  Kadillac cut him off for a moment, but just could not keep the Kat down.

 Your Winner


Match # 2

Damien Lucas vs the Shamrocker (  Michael Mckinger )

Next up we were supposed to see Damien Lucas against his former charge Ryot.  Lucas came to the ring and the fans greeted him with a chant of fruit roll up, Ryot's music played but no Ryot?  So Lucas demanded an opponent since Ryot was too afraid to show.  So Commissioner Big Jay called out one half of the Shamrockers Michael Mckinger.  The action in this one was back and forth technical wrestling at its best.  Both Lucas and McKinger pulled out all the stops to be the victor, in the end it would be Damien Lucas who scored the victory with just a bit of help from Hans Gruber I might add! After the match, Danny Magick showed up with an announcement and it was that Commissioner Big Jay was suspended from his commissioner duties and that he himself would now be the acting OSPW Commissioner.

Match # 3

Al Jihad vs TSK

Next up we had anti-American Al Jihad against the returning war Veteran Eric TSK Summerville, who was honored with a USA chant.  The action between these two men was hard hitting to say the least as there is no love lost between the two of them.  The fight was taken in and out of the ring and could have gone either way, but Al Jihad had more than winning a match on his mind as he tried to injure TSK when he hit him in the face with a fire extinguisher that caused the DQ. 

Your Winner

by DQ is 


 After the match Al Jihad announced that he would be retiring by December, so he had ten months to do as much damage to the OSPW locker room as possible.

Match # 4

Woman's Title Match

Kaitlin Diemond vs Jesse Belle

Next up we saw OSPW woman's champion Kaitlin Diemond put the title up against Fallen member Jesse Belle, with manager Thunder.  The match began and it was clear that Belle came to fight, but it was the anti diva who would show her she was in one. As the current OSPW champ went to work on Belle, just beating her like she owed her money, but Belle would not stay down and Diemond began to pull hair and rake eyes, seemingly getting more and more frustrated.  as , Jesse Belle seemed to stay focused on pin attempts and finally scored with a quick roll up for the victory. 

Your Winner

and new 

OSWP Women's Champion

Jesse Belle

Match # 5

Tag Team Title Match

A Nasty Sensation vs The Sons Of Thunder

Next up was an OSPW  Heavyweight tag title bout between A Nasty Sensation and the Champs, The Sons of Thunder.  A Nasty sensation came to the ring first and were greeted by a deafening round of Boos, then the Sons of Thunder came to the ring to the cheers of the crowd.  The bell rang, the match started as David Evans and Deacon went to lock up, Evans attempted a full nelson that went no where with the larger Deacon, but then Evans spit in Deacon's face and quickly tagged in Nasty Nick Nice who felt the wrath of the Deacon.  Bishop tagged in and Nasty Nick and Bishop went to war with a fantastic back and forth series of technical wrestling.  Once again as we have seen in the past Papa Terry Kadillac came down to ring side to get a closer look at the action,just in time to see Deacon spit back in David Evans face.  I have to say the younger team of Evans and Nice held their own with the champs for most of this match, but their youth and under handed tactics would not be enough against the power and experience of Deacon and Bishop. 

Your winners 

and still champions

The Sons of Thunder

After the match Terry Kadillac grabbed Thunder, this distracted Deacon and Bishop long enough for A Nasty Sensation to attack them from behind.  Then Kadillac joined the attack making it a 3 on 2 beat down.  Billy Foxx made the save and the champs left ringside.  Rex Atkins  The would be leader of Talent Elite showed Evans and Nasty Nick some tough love in the form of a beat down, but the story did not end there.  Terry Kadillac took the mic to let David Evans  and the world know that he is in fact the estranged father of David Evans.

Match # 6

Jr Heavyweight Title Match

Kriptic Keegan vs Eric Emanon vs Phil Phoenix

After intermission and before the next match, Ryot finally appeared as he chased manager Damien Lucas to the ring for a beat down and then dragged him off. Now to the action of the next match up, it was a triple threat match for the OSPW Jr weight TV title between Champion Kriptic Keegan, Eric Emanon and making his debut to OSPW Phil Phoenix.  This match had a special ref, which was Shadokat.  This match started with a bit of trash talk and a lot of high flying action, several thrills, chills and even a few spills.  This bout was action packed to say the least, but in the end it would be Kriptic Keegan who scored the victory over Phil Phoenix as Eric Emanon was taken out of play by David Evans.  After making the 3 count, Keegan insisted that Shadokat raise his arm in victory and Shadokat sprayed him in the face with an unknown mist!

Match # 7

Kwan Chang vs Trip

Next up we had a one on one bout between Kwan Chang and Trip with Mirage.  After a bit of jaw jacking and name calling, the match was underway.  And what a match it was between two of the best that OSPW has to offer.  This had to be the most intense, hard hitting singles match of the night as these two great combatants pulled out all the stops as they put on a wrestling clinic.  This match could have gone either way on more the one occasion and just as it looked like Trip had it won, the ref got a little too close to the action and took a spill.  As Trip checked the ref Kwan Chang struck with a pump handle driver to score the win. 

The Winner

Kwan Chang

Match # 8

New York Title Match

Titus Smith vs Rex Atkins vs Chance Taylor

The next match of the night would be another triple threat match this time for the OSPW NY Title between Titus Smith, Rex Atkins and Champion Chance Taylor.  This match was a rough one between three tough men, we saw many amazing moves, a few feats of strength, but mostly a lot of raw bone action in and out of the ring.  The title could have walked out around the waist of any one of these men at any moment.  But it would be Chance Taylor who would land a well placed kick to the face of Titus Smith as he attempted to take Atkins out with what looked to be a razors edge. 

Your Winner

and still 

OSPW NY Champion

Chance Taylor

Match # 9

The Main Event

Tyger Smith and The Bacardi Kid vs Brian Emanon and Billy Foxx

Next up was the main event.  It was a tag team grudge match between Tyger Smith and the Bacardi Kid led to the ring by Angel Smith against Brian Emanon and OSPW World Champion Billy Foxx lead to the ring by Thunder.  This match started with a lot of flash and fire from the team of Foxx and Emanon as they wasted no time taking it to the Bacardi Kid of the UWC.  But the cartel would have its moments as the leader Tyger Smith made his moves and took his shots in his attempt to dominate this match and lead his team to victory.  But Emanon and Foxx would not be denied as they fought with a passion like none other and in the end Billy Foxx covered the Bacardi Kid to win. 

Your Winners

Billy Foxx and Brian Emanon

After the match Tyger Smith challenged Foxx to a title match, Brian Emanon tossed his hat in as well.  Foxx said lets do it!!  And the acting commissioner Danny Magick made it so.  So at Awakening 5 it will be Smith, Emanon and Foxx in a Triple threat for the OSPW World Heavy weight Title do not miss it.

 This has been the official show report by David James.  See you next time at Awakening 5.