Black and Blue Interview - Evan McCloud Takes The Ring By Force, Only to be interrupted by former Heavyweight Champ Brian Emanon!

Welcome to OSPW Resurrection 6!!!  As Joey the Bruiser gave the announcements and set the stage for the night, all the while Evan McCloud sat in a chair in the center of the ring making jest of the things Joey had to say.  Finally Joey asked the question "Hey McCloud, what are you doing here?"  McCloud took the mic and kicked The Bruiser out of the ring and began to toot his own horn and bash the fans and the other wrestlers in the back and tell us all how much better he is than everyone in the back.  And that he deserves a title shot as he cried on how he was not on the posters, that he did not have this or that.  Well he was answered first by Brian Emanon, who told him to stop bashing the fans and the boys, to shut up and climb the ladder! He was answered by OSPW Commissioner Bishop, who told him what he did have and that was a match later tonight against Brian.

Eric Emanon -vs- Mikey Everynite

The first match of the night was between Eric Emanon and Mikey Everynite with manager Lanny Repman and it was for the OSPW Jr TV title.  This one started with a great display of back and forth technical wrestling action. The match went on like this as neither Everynite nor Emanon would give an inch.  Both men fought on and hard to be declared the victor. Eric Emanon seemed to be getting frustrated and in the end he lost it and hit Everynite with his own championship belt.  Your winner by DQ and still OSPW Jr TV Champion...Mikey Everynite!!!

Venomous -vs- Lexx Anvil -vs Nasty Nick

Next up we had an OSPW TV title 3-way match between Venomous, Lexx Anvil w/Thunder and the Champion, Nasty Nick Nice.  This one began with a bit of chaotic mayhem as these three men jockeyed for position.  This match was fast paced with a lot of action and a multitude of suplexes, we may have seen more suplexes than any other move in this match of all other matches combined.  As all three men attempted to win this suplex war, but it would be won with a powerbomb from Nasty Nick to Venomous to retain his title.  your winner and still OSPW TV Champion...Nasty Nick Nice!!!

Terry Kadillac -vs- Kris West

The next match up would be an OSPW NY title match between challenger Papa Terry Kadillac and Champion Kris West with Lanny Repman.  This one starts lieing and crying as Terry Kadillac did anything and everything but be a man to avoid contact with big Chris West who lit Kadillac up with some hard chops.  But the old vet, Kadillac, would strike back and take Wests' legs out in hope to lock on the figure four cylinder leg lock.  But, no, West would turn it around and lock in a cross face submission that Kadillac would have no choice but to tap out from.  Your winner by submission and still OSPW NY Champion Kris West!!!

The Fallen (Deacon/ShadoKat) -vs- Diablo's Horde w/Mirage

The next match up was for the OSPW Tag team titles.  The challengers would be members of Diablos Horde, Big Vigo and Jay Flyer with manager Mirage, who had this to say, "My last team dropped the ball!!  Now my new team will get it done!!", against the Champions Deacon and Shadokat, The Fallen with manager Thunder.  The bell rang, the action was underway as these two teams went to work.  The Fallen would quickly take the upper hand over the young Jay Flyer, literally taking him to school, cutting off the ring with some of the best fast tag double team combinations in tag team wrestling today.  But, it was only a matter of time with Mirage at ringside that the underhanded tactics would begin and Big Vigo would throw his weight around as The Horde trapped Shadokat for a moment. It would not be enough as The Fallen would battle back and capture the victory after hitting their Demon Slayer double team.  Happy 40th Birthday Deacon!!! Your winners and still champions, The Fallen!!!

I have word that later that night Damien Lucas filed a complaint with Commissioner Bishop's office, so Diablos Horde with be getting another shot, so it seems. (Of course he did!)

Titus Smith -vs- Maximo Suave

Next up we had Titus Smith challenge Maximo Suave and it was on!!  It was an all out brawl, a fight if you will, between two hot headed men.  At first it looked as if Titus Smith had everything going his way as he delivered a huge beat down to Maximo, but just like that, Maximo would take charge.  After attacking the arm and shoulder of Titus Smith who just came back to the ring after shoulder surgery.  Both men seemed to be feeling the pain and starting to slow down and suck a bit of wind.  It looked as if these two men had had enough, the D.O.D. came to the ring to attempt a run in, but they found themselves cut off by the team of 2 SYK that allowed Titus to score the victory. Your winner...Titus Smith!!!

Team 2 Sic -vs- Foxx/Soul

Next up we had a tornado tag match between the teams of 2 SYK, Gabriel Saint and Tyger Smith against D.O.D., Billy Foxx and Gabriel Soul.  This match was action packed to say the least as all four men jaw jacked, but they did not just talk the talk, they walked the walk all over each other, in and out of the ring, non stop back and forth impact with a twist.  This match could have gone either way and at any moment, but it would be Smith and Saint who would score the move to take the match as they hit Soul with a double shoulder breaker kick combo. Your winners... The team of 2 SYK!!!

Brian Emanon -vs- Evan McCloud

In this next match we had Brian Emanon against Evan McCloud.  It began as both men jockeyed for position and feeling each other out.  Then it happened, Brian got mad and delivered a beat down, but his anger lead him to mistakes as a dirty underhanded but yet clever Evan McCloud would sucker him in and then take over with a punishing beat down of his own. No matter what he tried, it was not enough to keep Brian Emanon down. The fight in this man was too much as he fought back to score the victory with a fantastic sunset flip into the pinfall 1, 2, 3! Your winner....Brian Emanon!!!

Society of Madness -vs- Mcgee/Hektik

Next up we saw the teams of Mike McGee of M.E. with Chaz Hektik against the S.O.M. Trip and Tommy Mandrake.  This match was interesting to say the least, a bit hard hitting and as one might expect with Trip and Mandrake, a bit off the wall.  It was clear that the S.O.M. had this match from the get go in the bag, they just seemed to gel better than McGee and Hektik. McGee put up a hard fight for his team, but his young partner was not up to speed, so to say, maybe with some more time, the kid will be a contender.  But on this night, not so much. Your winners the S.O.M. Trip and Tommy Mandrake!!!

After the match McGee would teach his partner a lesson...by dropping him.

Cutcher -vs- Ryot

Now the one you all have been waiting for, the Main Event for the OSPW World Heavyweight Championship between Cassius Ikika Cutcher and the Champion Ryot.  But wait, Ryot seemed different as the face paint was now gone, the man now exposed no more the monster.  will he be enough to defeat Cutcher?  This match started as these two bulls locked up and gave us a great display of technical wrestling, Ryot as one might expect, looked a bit out of place at first, but seemed to come into his own as the match went on.  Both men put up a great fight as they went back and forth with a hard hitting, yet methodical battle leading to an explosive attack from time to time.  As both men seemed to be running out of steam, Cutcher attempted to take the low road after the ref took a spill, he nailed Ryot with the title not once but twice.  After which both men spilled to the outside and the fight raged on as the ref counted, both men hit their finishers, but neither could score the victory.  This could be any ones match to win.  Again both men went to the floor, but only one would beat the refs count back to the ring.  That man would be Cassius Cutcher.  So the winner by count out...Cassius Cutcher!!!   As the title can not change hands on a count out. Still your OSPW World Heavyweight Champion Ryot!!

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