Report: By David James

Pre Show Action


After all the Announcements, the announcing team was called out to call the action to a near sold out crowd. We saw the return to action of Trip against Diablo's Horde Manager Damien Lucas, who came to the ring first, looking ready to do battle against Trip. Then Trip entered the arena looking a bit like the mad hatter and Lucas wasted no time raking Trips eyes to gain control of the match. Damien then went to work with some well thought out chain style wrestling and it looked as if Trip may have under estimated his foe or maybe he was just playing with him. Both men fought a great fight and Trip came close to losing his first match back a time or two with all the clowning around he was doing. Lucas showed that he was here to fight but in the end it would be Trip with the win. After the match Robert Ezekyo and Amy Ash hit the ring to congratulate Trip or so we thought instead they dropped him and the challenge was made and accepted to do battle against each other at



Match # 1

Round # 1 Tag Team Tournament


This match was a first round Tag Tournament match between the rookie tag team of Southern Comfort Curtis Lee Walker and E-Kike-A, against the devastating Bone Crushers with Manager Mr. Perez. The bell rang and walker attempted to entice the Crushers to do the big country dance with him and he paid for it dearly as they man handled him for most of the match. This team of Sway and Mandingo have developed into a fantastic tag team over the past year in OSPW but they went a bit too far with Southern Comfort and it cost them in the end as they lost the match by Disqualification

You're Winners 

The Team Of

 Southern Comfort 

The Bone Crushers, when asked by Joey the Bruiser if they realized they lost their chance at the gold, they answered by saying Southern Comfort are punks give us a real challenge, if you can. Bring on The Davidson Brothers or The Sons of Thunder, we will also show them that we are a force to be reckoned with!

Match # 2

Round 1 Tag Team Tournament


Next OSPW Hard Core Champion Terry Kadillac came to the ring with a few things to say. He mentioned how he broke Danny Magick's arm at the last event and that now he was taking Princess Raena from him as he bought her contract to manage him. Danny Magick was seen making a call right after this announcement. Kadillac then called his partner for the night out to the ring and he was none other then the OSPW New York Champion Rex Atkins. Then their opponents The Sons of Thunder were announced with Manager Thunder and the crowd went wild! The action started when Atkins attacked Deacon from behind and let me tell you he paid for that move as Deacon fired back and Atkins wasted no time, high tailing it out of town so to say. Atkins then tagged Kadillac in who found himself on the wrong side of town and in a whole lot of trouble as the Sons of Thunder cut the ring in half and went to work with quick tags and double teams. Atkins and Papa Kadillac however would find a way to rally back and prove to be a formidable tag team.  On this night it would not be enough for them to take out Bishop and Deacon as they ultimately taught Kadillac and Atkins a lesson in tag team wrestling with a learning tree double team for the Hardcore Champ. Then after a chop fest between Bishop and Atkins The New York Champion would fall victim to a sidewalk slam elbow drop combo that scored the  victory for the SOT

You're Winners 

The Sons of Thunder

Match # 3

Round # 1 Tag Team Tournament


In the next first round tag tournament match we saw the team of the Davidson Brothers with manager Big Jay take on Chance Taylor and fallen Member Billy Foxx with Manager Thunder. The match started and neither team wasted any time as Billy Foxx and Steve Davidson went to war back and forth with a fantastic display of wrestling action. The Limit Billy Foxx seemed to be getting the better of Steve Davidson until his brother Scott stepped in and the Davidson's did their thing as they can only do with several double team moves to their now victim Billy Foxx. Finally Chance Taylor would be tagged in and he came in like a house of fire and he brought the fight to the Davidson's as Taylor and Foxx delivered a double team move of their own that they call the high five to Steve Davidson. After that it looked like the match was all but won but Taylor and Foxx took to much time celebrating to soon as Billy Foxx was dumped onto his head and Chance Taylor found himself pinned by Scott Davidson with a little help from manager Big Jay and Scott Davidson's feet on the bottom rope

 The Winners

Scott and Steve 

The Davidson Brothers

The Commissioners Corner 

with Guests Rev Dave and Doberman

Next we saw a Commissioners Corner Interview with host Big Jay and his guest OSPW GM Rev Dave who called his former friend Doberman to the ring to ask him why he has joined Maximum Enforcement.  Doberman then said, I had a change of heart old man, I lost my interest in you and all these fans. I do not need the lot of you and you know what it is. Jaz Miles knows what I need and he will be the one to get it for me. So Dave let me tell you what I want right now and at that moment Doberman attempted to take out OSPW GM Rev Dave. Lucky for the Rev, Johnny Seven was in the house and stopped Doberman as he Irish whipped him out of the ring and saved the day. Rumor has it that Johnny Seven will return to action at the next OSPW event Awakening 4 on March fourteenth I for one will not miss that.

Match # 4

Round # 1 Tag Team Tournament



Next we saw the New Synsation David Evans and The New Era Kriptic Keegan team up in the last round one match of the night against Fallen Member Shadokat with manager Thunder and OSPW JR Heavyweight TV Champion Chris Knievel. This match was one of the most action packed of the night with all four men putting life and limb on the line to try to win more than once. In both teams we saw a blend of some of the best high flying maneuvers in wrestling today as they went back and forth in and out of the ring in a non stop speed fest. In the end it would be Kriptic Keegan taking out Shadokat for the third time in three matches for the win.

It seems to me that Keegan has the Kat's number 

The Winners

 David Evans and Kriptic Keegan


Match # 5

Round # 2 Tag Team Tournament


The next match was a round two tag tournament match between David Evans and Kriptic Keegan against the Sons of Thunder. The bell rang and Deacon wasted no time upsetting Keegan as they had a pose down that did not favor Kriptic. Then the beat down began as Kriptic was a victim to the power and experience of Deacon and Bishop, as they took charge and from the sound of things the crowd seemed to approve.  Evans and Kriptic however would not go down with out a fight as they fought back with all they had and put together a double team assault that kept them in the match. At one point David Evans almost took off the Deacons head with a running kick and Kriptic tried to tap Deacon out but would find out quick that was not going to happen. The SOT seemed to have no quit in them as The Sons of Thunder dumped Evans to the floor and just destroyed Keegan with not only a Dooms Day Double team but followed it up with a neck breaker power bomb that knocked Keegan out.

 You're Winners 

By Pinfall 

The Sons of Thunder

Match # 6

Round # 2 Tag Team Tournament



In the next round two tag match we had Southern Comfort lock up with The Davidson's and for most of the match it looked like the rookie team of Southern Comfort had everything going their way with fast tags and hard hitting moves. The question was could this young team pull off the Cinderella story here tonight as the length of the night seemed to be wearing on the older team of Scott and Steve Davidson or would the Veterans find a way like they have done so many times before to shut the other team down and score the win. Then just like that it happened as the Davidson's out maneuvered and out thought their opponents with a brief distraction from their manager Big Jay. They then took charge and took out Walker and        E-Kike-A with their devils hole double team to advance to the finals against,

The Sons of Thunder

The Winners 

Scott and Steve 

The Davidson Brothers

Match # 7

OSPW Tag Team Title Match

Spot Monkeys Inc 


Diablo's Horde Team of

The UnHoly Ryot and Damien Lucas

Next the team of Brian and Eric Emanon known as Spot Monkeys Inc. tried to liberate the OSPW Tag Team Gold from the Champs. Diablo's Horde team normally is Ryot and Loose Screw managed by Damien Lucas, but rumor has it Loose Screw was being detained for questioning and would not be here. Damien Lucas had no choice but to fill in for him in the match. The match was on and after a game of cat and mouse between Ryot and Eric Emanon, in which Emanon finally lost after Ryot caught him and laid a hurting on him.  The Horde however almost lost the titles after Lucas entered the match as he was picked apart by the Monkeys. Ryot having more than enough of this came in and attempted to put an end to all the monkey business and during this the referee was knocked out, leaving no one to keep order in the match. Then members of the UWC Titus Smith and MR. Perez ran to the ring and delivered a beat down on the SMI and in the end it would be Damien Lucas who pinned Eric Emanon for The Win!

And still

OSPW World Tag Team Champions

Diablo's Horde

Match # 8

Round 3 Final / Tag Team Tournament



In this next match we had the third and final round of the tag Team tournament between two teams that know each other very well. The Davidson's and The Sons of Thunder are possibly the two best tag teams in WNY today or Indy wrestling for that matter. Believe it or not this match started with a show of respect as both teams shook hands before the bell.  This match began as a classic battle of old school technical wrestling between four of the best technicians OSPW has to offer. The Sons Of Thunder went to work with a blend of power and technical wrestling with such moves as the Bishop Bomb, double suplexes, Round house kicks, Clotheslines and Back Breakers. The Davidson's chose a different plan of attack with low blows, chock holds and any other underhanded tactic they could think of with a win at all cost attitude and on two or three occasions  they attempted to pin Deacon with their feet on the ropes but found out that they could not keep his shoulders down. This match could have gone either way on more than one occasion as both teams had the upper hand and came close to scoring the win. All of a sudden it was over when Deacon reversed the whip and rolled Steve Davidson up for the one two three and get this he had his feet on the ropes. It all happened so fast that the ref missed it.

You're Winners 

Bishop and Deacon 

The Sons of Thunder

 when asked after the match about the pin Deacon said that turn about is fair play and it is written "live by the sword die by the sword" we just gave them a little of their own medicine.

Match # 9

The Main Event

3 -Way World Title Bout

Kwan Chang vs The Primal Warpath vs Tyger Smith

In the Main Event we saw Kwan Chang, Primal Warpath and Champion Tyger Smith wage war in one of the hardest hitting matches of the night between Kwan and Warpath. Tyger Smith you see spent a good portion of the match sitting in a chair at ring side while staying out of harms way, hiding if you will and striking only when his title was close to being lost and then striking from behind.  This tactic seemed to be working for him at first and at one point Tyger and Kwan teamed up to try and take the Primal one out.  It was every man for him self after all as Kwan and Tyger turned on each other as fast as they teamed up more than once. Kwan came close to winning it all but was stopped short and Warpath came within inches of a three count but you know what they say about being oh so close is that it only counts in horse shoes and hand grenade throwing. This match was truly a fight for survival if OSPW has ever seen one and in the end while Kwan Chang had a fallen Warpath locked in a dragon clutch submission, Tyger ran up from behind and blasted Chang in the back of the head and pinned Warpath for

The Victory

And Still

OSPW World Heavyweight Champion 

Tyger Smith!

This has been the Official OSPW Show Report


David James

See You All 







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