A Decade of Greatness

Commentators: The John, Robert Ezekyo, & Joey "The Bruiser" Tenebruso


Joey "The Bruiser" Tenebruso's Black & Blue Review starts the show&ldots;

A FAMILY STANDS PROUD & Why is Danny Magick in the ring???!&ldots;

Bruiser a/k/a The Silver Fox Voicebox immediately gets the crowd going and calls out Thunder and thanks him for 10 awesome years of OSPW. Thunder thanked God, the fans, and everyone in the back that makes everything possible.  Then Thunder called out his sons, The Sons of Thunder (Deacon & Bishop). Thunder then stated, "I would also like to bring out a guy that was in the very first Wrestlefest in a match with Deacon & Bishop and has been with the company 10 years, even though we never got along, Danny Magick." - Deacon grabbed the mic and said to Magick, "10 years, been a long time, if I weren't in a Tag-Title hunt tonight, the match I would've wanted tonight would've been me & you." Magick looked surprised but always a pro applauded and slowly shook Deacon's hand. Then Deacon thanked the fans for joining them for the last 10 years.


This show was dedicated to a great man that made OSPW possible - Calvin Coolidge Cooper a/k/a Red. The fans were treated to a wonderful tribute video to which at the end wrestlers surrounded the ring and chanted "Red!, Red!, Red!" It was a moment in wrestling that you don't always see that makes you realize as tough as these guys and girls can be, they are still human and respect and support those who have stood before them to pave a way for what makes this business grow.

To Red: You have mass appreciation from so many from the locker room to the admission table and beyond, and you have created an unsurpassed legacy in OSPW and your legend will live on. THANK YOU MR. COOPER!


Horace White (Manager of OSPW NY Champion Jeremiah Bradley) didn't seem to notice what town he was in or that he was unliked by the OSPW fans as he announced he would be the acting OSPW Commissioner for the evening taking the place of Mr. Perez.


Match 1

OSPW Womens Championship - Fatal 4-Way w/Special Guest Referee Jessie Belle

Mirage (C) (Accompanied by TOI member Jay Flyer) VS Dee Licious VS Izzy Love VS La Diva

Izzy Love's debut match in OSPW started with a shoving match between all participants. Mirage took Dee to the buckle as La Diva worked Love over in the middle of the ring before moving on to Dee Licious. Mirage seemingly dissappeared after taking a huge hit to the ribs and ended up outside the ring. Izzy came back into the ring to go after La Diva but La Diva came back with a huge butt bump in the buckle. Dee took advantage of this and had La Diva come at her so she could counter and apply her finishing reverse DDT to get the win to become NEW OSPW WOMENS CHAMPION!

After the match: Mirage entered the ring with Jay Flyer. She was livid and throwing a fit. 


Match 2

TOI Member Jay Flyer (accompanied by Former OSPW Womens Champion Mirage) VS Phil Phoenix

This match was fun to watch as both competitors tried to immediately outsmart each other until Phoenix landed a beautiful standing hurracanrana on Flyer to send him outside of the ring before hitting a backflip suicide dive onto Flyer on the floor. The action then became fast-paced and it seemed both men were evenly matched at one point until Flyer started to have an advantage for quite some time. Phoenix came back with a rolling thunder into a moonsault pin but Flyer kicked out. Flyer was able to grab Phoenix on a missed opportunity to apply a standing neckbreaker and a combo of moves that made it seem like he had the win wrapped up but Phoenix somehow kicked out. Phoenix landed a hard-hitting corkscrew slam on Flyer but still couldn't get the pin. Flyer then decided to distract the ref so OSPW Tag-Team Champions,The Thoroughbreds of Imperfection (Cassius  & Kriptic Keegan) could come out and beat on Phoenix outside of the ring. They threw a mangled Phoenix back in the ring. Flyer then picked Phoenix up and gave him a spinning-leg DDT from the top turnbuckle to get the win.

Winner: Jay Flyer 


Match 3 

 (For the OSPW #1 Contendership for the Heavyweight Title)

Danny Magick (#1 Contender & Emperor of Old School) VS The Bacardi Kid

This match was a long time coming after Danny Magick continuously went after Bacardi upon his return to OSPW months ago. Magick became a thorn in Bacardi's side when he decided to attack him after a beatdown during the Emperor of Old School Tournament that allowed him to pin Bacardi and claim the crown. Bacardi and Magick started the match with a collar-and-elbow test of strength with Magick being his usual dirty self and tripping Bacardi. Bacardi got his payback by dropkicking him in the face. The match was back-and-forth with some nice power moves, some technical moves, and even some aerial maneuvers. In the end, Magick was stumped when he tried for his finishing maneuver known as The Hat Trick (spinning sidewalk slam) when Bacardi pulled a reversal and was able to land his new finisher in the form of a pumphandle slam into a rock bottom.

Winner and New #1 Contender for the OSPW Heavyweight Championship - The Bacardi Kid

Note: We were told backstage that Magick may have suffered a slight concussion from Bacardi's finisher. The crowd was taunting Magick. Normally, Magick would grab the mic and go on a tirade but he seemed too disappointed in himself to say anything. Wonder if he'll speak out at Aftermath? We spoke to the Bacardi Kid after the match and he said, "Magick has his crown already, He's still the Emperor of Old School. I'm climbing the ladder to the OSPW Heavyweight Championship!"


Match 4 

(OSPW Television Title) 

Papa Terry Kadillac (c) [accompanied by son Sensational David Evans] VS Nasty Nick Nice

Terry Kadillac and David Evans seemed like they wanted to spend more time arguing with the fans than getting into the ring. The crowd was quick to start chanting, "Terry sucks!" to which the champ waved his belt in the air. Once the match got under way, Evans did everything in his power to try to get under the skin of Nice, especially when he tripped him in the buckle. Nice went after Evans on the outside allowing Kadillac to hit both of them with a suicide dive. When back in the ring Nice went for a knee to Terry's face but ended up hitting his knee hard in the buckle. This gave Kadillac a perfect opportunity to apply a figure-four leglock and continue to go after Nice's knee. Nick came back with a huge clothesline and a pinfall attempt but veteran Kadillac kicked out. Evans, while on the outside continued to stay in Nice's face trying to upset him verbally. Nice used everything in his power to ignore him. Kadillac took advantage and put the figure-four on Nick again. While the ref wasn't looking Evans pulled Terry's arms to add extra pressure. The ref caught Evans, disqualified him from ringside, and sent him back to the locker room. Kadillac grew angry and got into a shoving match with the ref. Nice threw Kadillac to the mat and slapped on a crippler crossface causing Terry to tapout.

Winner and New OSPW Television Champion - Nasty Nick Nice 

Maybe at Aftermath the fans will start calling Kadillac "Tap Out Terry"? 


Match 5 

Gabriel Soul (accompanied by Manager Horace White & OSPW NY Champion Jeremiah Bradley) VS Evan McCloud

Evan McCloud entered the ring with his arm in a sling. McCloud stated some guys came to his house on his property and assaulted him. He said he knew Horace had something to do with it and he could either go to jail or be handcuffed to the ring post. Horace was reluctant but accepted and had the ref handcuff him to the post. McCloud then took off the sling, told Soul he wasn't hurt, and the match was under way. McCloud immediately attacked Soul and sent him flying with a huge back bodydrop. Evan ended up outside of the ring and beat on Horace for a bit. Soul pulled McCloud through the ropes to give him a second-rope spinning neckbreaker. As McCloud was getting up, Jeremiah slapped him hard. Soul appeared to be using several different moves to wear down Evan's arms and shoulders. Once both men were standing it was just two big guys beating the heck out of each other. McCloud finally got Gabriel right where he wanted him when he charged him in the turnbuckle but hit the ref instead. REF DOWN! Evan tried a pinfall attempt but realized the ref was down and put Soul into a submission move. Horace pulled the handcuff key from the refs pocket and escaped faster than Houdini. White entered the ring to attack McCloud but ended up on the receiving end of a huge powerslam. Soul grabbed McCloud and gave him his Falling From Grace finisher (Falcon Arrow into a GTS), the ref crawled over, started the count, and Evan kicked out before 3. Soul started choking the ref. McCloud gave Soul his reverse pulldown DDT finisher to get the win.

Winner - Evan McCloud


Match 6 

(3 Stages of HELL Match - for the OSPW Tag-Team Championship)

TOI (Thoroughbreds of Imperfection) Kriptic Keegan & Cassius Cutcher (accompanied by Mirage) VS The Fallen (Deacon & Shadokat) accompanied by Manager Thunder

1st Stage - SUBMISSION - match can only be won with a submission move

Shadokat and Cassius started the 1st Stage with Shadokat going on the attack first and making sure Cutcher wasn't given any opportunities before tagging in Deacon. Deacon pounded on Cutcher for a bit. Kat came back in with a vicious dropkick to the chest of Cutcher while he was seated in the buckle. Cutcher tagged Keegan in. Keegan started working Deacon's arm. Deacon was able to get up and apply a triple backbreaker to Kriptic. It seemed TOI's strategy was to let The Fallen work while they saved as much energy as possible but they still had to work when each combatant ended up all over the ring. Shadokat and Cutcher ended up outside of the ring. Deacon was standing over Kriptic while down on the mat and applied his Daddy's Discipline submission finisher (sitting camel clutch leglock) to get the 1st Fall.

Winners of 1st Stage - (The Fallen) Deacon & Shadokat

2nd Stage - TABLES - 1st person to go through or be thrown through a table loses

Deacon and Shadokat immediately went to the back to get a table and set it up in the ring. Deacon and Kriptic were in the ring trying to put each other through the table while Shadokat and Cutcher fought on the floor. Shadokat flew at Cutcher but missed and hit the ringpost head first. Kriptic threw Deacon out of the ring, pulled Shadokat into the ring, whipped him to Cutcher, then Cutcher gave him a spinebuster. Cutcher placed Kat onto the table. Keegan jumped from the top rope but overshot the table. Shado slid under, Kriptic tried to keep control of Shado but ended up getting a hard DDT. Mirage entered the ring trying to stop the pinfall when Shadokat grabbed her by the hair and to the fans approval put her in a torture rack into a frontal codebreaker. Jay Flyer carried her back to the locker room. Kriptic set up the table in the corner, him and Cutcher grabbed hold of Shado and double-team powerslammed him through the table.

Winners of the 2nd Stage - TOI (Thoroughbreds of Imperfection) Kriptic Keegan & Cassius Cutcher

3rd Stage - BODY BAG - both tag-team partners must be put into the body bag to declare a winning team

Jay Flyer came back out with the body bag. TOI continued to work Deacon over with double-team moves while Shadokat was still down outside of the ring recovering from being thrown through the table. Keegan laid out the body bag in the ring and started to zip Deacon up in the bag. Deacon fought back but Cutcher and Keegan stayed on him. Cutcher went outside the ring to keep Shadokat out and talk to Jay Flyer. Keegan was holding Deacon up near the ropes. Flyer shot powder at Deacon but hit Keegan instead when Deacon ducked. Cutcher was angry with Flyer, Keegan still couldn't see and gave his own partner Cutcher his reverse rolling thunder finisher. Deacon quickly put Cutcher into the bag for the 1st Call.

1st opponent into the body bag - Cassius Cutcher

Keegan called for Cutcher to put Deacon onto the top turnbuckle while he did the same with Shadokat. Cutcher called Keegan over to whip him into the buckle at Shadokat but pulled Keegan into him and gave him a reverse RKO. Cutcher then hand fed Kriptic to Deacon. Deacon held him up while Shadokat came off the top turnbuckle with the big elbow.

2nd opponent into the body bag - Kriptic Keegan

Winners and New OSPW Tag-Team Champions - The Fallen (Deacon & Shadokat)

NOTES: Where does this leave TOI? Will Kriptic and Cassius make amends? Will Jay Flyer still be associated with TOI, or just Kriptic, or just Cutcher, or will he stand alone? Stay tuned!


AFTER THE MATCH: Half of the OSPW Roster ended up rushing the ring when Deacon and Shadokat were blindsided by two men known as The Rochester Wrecking Crew carrying their Tag-Team Championships. The OSPW wrestlers inside the ring had a bit of a hard time containing The Wrecking Crew and Deacon & Shadokat from going at each other's throats. No one was able to inquire much information on these two at this time.

Ok, long story short for fans not familiar with pro-wrestling companies and "other wrestling organizations" - sometimes in pro-wrestling things don't always go by the book, and sometimes in New York State (or any state for that matter) there is more than one independent wrestling promotion that wants to call themselves the top dog and feel the best way to draw fans to their shows is to send their best talent to another promotion and stir up controversy. Not so much an invasion but more like when DX went to WCW in the tank. In this case, The Rochester Wrecking Crew cunningly convinced building reps they were part of OSPW and made it into the ring.

Acting OSPW Commissioner Horace White took the microphone and stated, "They are here because I invited them."  The OSPW roster still inside the ring then blocked The Rochester Wrecking Crew from entering the ring again as they exited through the curtain.

Joey "The Bruiser" Tenebruso grabbed the mic and asked Deacon what was going on. Deacon knew who they were and replied, "Rochester Wrecking Crew, you want to bring your gold into this building? Into Old School Pro Wrestling? We're happy to oblige you!" The Wrecking Crew came back out and the fight was on, Shadokat and Deacon sent both men packing back through the curtain.

Al Jihad terrorizes OSPW once again&ldots;

Jihad came out and told the audience they've been the problem with OSPW all along. He then continued on a rant until he was interrupted by Curtis Lee Walker. Walker came out putting his gear on and entered the ring. Jihad told Walker he was not there for him but punched him anyway. Walker then took Jihad down to the mat. The two slugged it out until Jihad ran back to the locker room.


Match 7 

(OSPW Junior Television Championship)

(Member of The Fallen) Lexx Anvil (c) accompanied by Manager Thunder VS Sensational David Evans

David Evans entered the ring blowing his annoying whistle much to the fans dismay. Lexx came to the ring Anvil in hand. This match was a refreshing change after seeing so much hostility and brutality as the night progressed. Evans and Anvil started the match with sound technical maneuvers leading up to Anvil dropping Evans on his junk on the top rope. Evans slid to the outside to give himself a break. The audience kept telling him to get back in the ring but he just stated, "I have until the 10-count." The action afterwards was fast-paced classic wrestling. Evans landed a vicious tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Anvil applied a mean midair belly-to-belly suplex. Evans was setting Anvil up for his finisher but Lexx kicked him in the solarplexes. Lexx gave Evans his butterfly suplex finisher to get the win.

Winner and still OSPW Jr. Television Champion - Lexx Anvil

AFTER THE MATCH: Lexx smashed Evan's annoying whistle with his Anvil. 


Match 8  

Maximo Suave (Accompanied by Manager Horace White) VS "The Legend" 2 Sic Tyger Smith

Horace White informed the audience that former OSPW Commissioner Mr. Perez stated Maximo was allowed to choose the stipulation for the match. Maximo asked the audience what kind of match they wanted. After the fans replied, Maximo said, "It's not about what you want. It's about what I want. This is a street fight." Tyger entered the ring with a russian sickle in hand but Maximo insisted he put it down to start the match. The action was hard-hitting. Maximo pulled a ladder from under the ring. Both men beat each other with the ladder. Tyger brought a second ladder into the ring and tortured Maximo with both. The use of the ladders was non-stop. At one point, a fan handed Smith a stick to use on Maximo, so he obliged. Maximo was able to revive himself and grabbed Tyger's sickle to choke him with the chain attached to it. Maximo then went to the timekeepers table and grabbed the ringbell. Maximo swung the ringbell at Smith, Tyger got it out of Maximo's grasp, placed the bell between his legs and dropped a wrench on it. Tyger then grabbed a staple gun and, ok, you guessed it, stapled Maximo's crown jewels through his shorts. The BoneCrushers Manny & Sway entered the ring and cornered Tyger in the buckle. Manny gave him a crushing belly-to-belly suplex and told Maximo to pin Tyger. Tyger was able to kick out but Bacardi Kid entered the ring to protect his UWC (UnderWorld Cartel) brother. The fight turned into a 3-on-2 with The BoneCrushers and Maximo facing off with Tyger and Bacardi. A few seconds later, Gabe Saint came to their aid wearing a UWC shirt as well. Horace White saw an opportunity and snuck in the ring to nut shot Tyger Smith from behind. Maximo went for a pinfall attempt but Tyger kicked out.


Titus Smith came to the ring, pushed Tyger to the mat,shook Maximo's hand, took off his shirt that read "UWC", then forearmed Maximo and threw him Tyger's way. Tyger then gave Suave his finisher to get the win.

Winner - "The Legend" 2 Sic Tyger Smith

AFTER THE MATCH: Horace White was on the phone with former OSPW Commissioner Mr. Perez. Tyger grabbed the mic and said he and The UnderWorld Cartel would get back together and take on anyone in Mr. Perez's stable. Horace White (while still on the phone) stated, "Mr. Perez just said that's not gonna happen because you're all fired."

Match 9 

Tornado Tag Match (for the #1 Contendership for the OSPW Tag-Team Championship)

Trip & Eric Emanon (Accompanied by Manager Frankie Villa) VS Kwan Chang & Mike McGee (Accompanied by Manager Jaz Miles) VS Diablos Horde (Damien Lucas & Big Vito) VS Mikey Everynight & SuperBeast (Accompanied by Manager Reverend Dave)

The two biggest boys, SuperBeast and Big Vito started the match with a lot of pushing and shoving. Vito, Chang, Emanon, McGee, and Trip went after SuperBeast but kept getting knocked down. Especially when Beast used Everynight as a weapon by putting him on his shoulders and using Mikey's legs and feet as battering rams. Everyone stayed on Beast until Emanon & Trip were double suplexed by him. Before you could blink, all men were either giving power moves or were being put into a power move. Kwan Chang looked like he was going to conquer all until bad timing allowed SuperBeast to spear him. Almost every participant ended up fighting outside the ring. Eric suicide dived onto all of them. Inside the ring, Trip gave Everynight a superkick but let Damien Lucas take advantage of it when he gave Mikey a spinning neckbreaker to get the win.

Winners and New #1 Contenders for the OSPW Tag-Team Championship - Diablos Horde


Match 10 

OSPW New York Title

Jeremiah Bradley (c) accompanied by Manager Horace White and Gabriel Soul VS "Mr.Wrestling" Chris West

Both of these big boys went for a test-of-strength right away but Jeremiah ended up kneeing West in the gut. Bradley sent West to the buckle, charged him, but West came out with a dropkick. The action was about evenly matched throughout the course of the fight. West was able to give Bradley a german suplex then Bradley returned the favor twice. Soul jumped onto the ring apron to yell at the ref but West knocked him down. While the ref and West had their head turned, Bradley hit West with a loaded fist (unknown to the ref) to get the victory.

Winner and still OSPW NY Champion - Jeremiah Bradley



OSPW Heavyweight Championship

NO Disqualification, Must Be A Winner Match

Brian Emanon (c) accompanied by Manager Frankie Villa VS The Unholy Ryot

Emanon came to the ring looking very determined. Ryot started the match by tossing Emanon off the ropes a few times to inflict pain. Emanon managed to get Ryot out of the ring so he could punish him on the floor. Ryot then bashed Emanon's head on the steel ring steps. Weapons were pulled out and weapons were used. Ryot gained momentum by giving Emanon an earth-shattering spinebuster. Emanon hit Ryot with an inseguri before springboarding over the top rope onto Ryot's chest. Brian charged Ryot in the buckle, Ryot stopped him and took him to the top rope for a gut-wrench suplex. Both men were winded. Frankie Villa (still wearing a neck brace from an injury at the hands of Ryot) jumped on the apron and hit Ryot with a full water bottle while his back was turned. Ryot pulled Villa into the ring, ripped off the neck brace, and choke slammed him. Emanon rolled Villa out of the ring, then jumped on Ryot's back applying a rear naked choke and while tazing him! Ryot was able to get the tazer out of Emanon's hands. Ryot then proceeded to taze Emanon in, well, let's just say the lower back region. Twice. It look like Ryot had the match in the bag when the ref was counting to ten but Brian used every ounce of energy he had to get up at the count of 9. Emanon fought back with all his might and gave Ryot his Emanon Bomb (spinning powerbomb) finisher but instead of going for a pin he went outside the ring to remove the ringside mats. Emanon went to the top buckle, Ryot stopped his plan with some fists. Brian kept fighting. Ryot chokeslammed Emanon from the ring apron to the hard floor. The ref started the 10-count and Ryot made it back into the ring on the count of 9 to declare victory.

Winner and New OSPW Heavyweight Champion - The Unholy Ryot

AFTER THE MATCH: Brian Emanon flew into the ring and grabbed the belt out of Ryot's hands. Emanon grabbed the mic and said to Ryot, "I've thrown everything I have at you, me, my Emanon Army, and you kept coming back. Here, you deserve it brother." Eric Emanon then flew into the ring and grabbed the mic and said, "This is not what the Army is about." Brian stated, "There's no glory in what we've been doing." Then Trip grabbed the mic and stated, "Where's your glory? You just lost." Brian then said, "Where's this going?" Trip stated, "Just consider this your resignation and my payback." to which himself and Eric started beating on Brian. Ryot took note and came to Brian's aid by clearing the ring.

Horace White came out and stated since he was on a firing spree everyone in the ring was fired. Then he took Ryot's belt and stated to the audience that the new OSPW Champion was him. The OSPW fans were not pleased. Ryot then chokeslammed Horace. Fans requested Ryot to do it "one more time", so he did just that. Brian Emanon got in on it as well by applying his submission on White.

Bishop of The Sons of Thunder entered the ring with a microphone and stated, "First, I would like to tell everyone that as of right now, I am the appointed OSPW Commissioner, and Horace is not. Everyone that was fired tonight, is now resigned without loss of pay." He then presented Ryot with the new OSPW Heavyweight Title.  


New OSPW Commissioner Bishop asked Ryot if there was anything he wanted to say after becoming the new champ. Ryot grabbed the mic and told the fans, "10 years ago you people didn't like me very much, and to be honest, I didn't like you much either. But if you can change, and I can change, everyone can change. Thank you!"

It seemed anything could have happened at Wrestlefest 10 this year and it did! Can't wait for the next one and I'll see you at Aftermath 8!

Until Next Time&ldots;

T. Raige